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Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-21 01:59
NETFILED...what the hell...

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-16 09:33
Pyo, Interesting discussion... Thinking about it I would hypothesize that there might actually be more "privacy" in using the keygen version than purchasing it... that way they'd have to read your private info to learning anything about you , as opposed to us just handing it over when buying TT. Interestingly they have a reasonable published privacy policy. They mention that even though your tax data is retained for two years (when using their on line version) not even they can recover your information without your password .. If they specifically mention that for a self web hosted app ( to which they would have raw access) , one would think they would apply the same restriction(s) to a a netfile that merely has to traverse through their network. Food for thought. I'm not worried , my account does my taxes :-) SB7

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-15 19:40
SB7, ... and I am no encryption expert ... but since the netfile is encrypted by Intwit's TurboTax, would not Intwit know the keys to do the decryption? Or does the encryption method ensure end to end encapsulation, namely you and the CCRA? Or could they use CCRA keys to encrypt the netfile data, then add a text file, your info, (keys and personal info) encrypt the complete package and transmit it, then at Intuits end decrypt 'their' file, extract your info and forward the still encrypted netfile to the CCRA? Something like a .rar file containing a text file and the netfile. Anyway ... endless possibilities. Wondering about 'personal data'. If you buy something online with a credit card, how much of your 'personal data' is shared with the vendor? Certainly, your name, address, phone number, credit card number, name on card, and card security code ... The only potential difference that might be missing in this transaction, that Intwit could potentially access, is your SIN. Anyway, I do netfile. ... and as you have said, "That could hold true for using any software that you haven't paid for". :)

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-15 04:44
A yes, the dreaded backslash removal tool that operates on this forum :-) Lets' try that again. C: ProgramData Intuit Canada tt2016 TTConfig.ini

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-15 04:40
Pyo, Yes I did read your opinion on the safety of using Netfile as it relates to "sharing " your info with Intwit. You make the same excellent points that were brought up in the past. There are many things that Intwit could do , and we know precious little about the transaction details , other than it goes directly to Intwit's servers, before it goes to CCRA's. It makes perfect sense that CCRA would want to limit it's "front facing" netfile server access risks and off load that to the software vendors. How secure do we think Intwit servers are ? I'm no network expert but from what I saw it was encrypted traffic so I couldn't tell you if it had keys in it or not. It would not make sense that Intwit would have access to your private information , as , that is well private and none of their business. I can't see the CCRA forcing people to use a service that removes your privacy. ( all cynicism aside) All information entered into your tax forms is private. While the Gov can do anything they like with it , I doubt the same applies to Intwit. Logically they ( Intwit) would have access to the keys and your IP Logically they log all IP traffic using the netfile system. So if someone wants to use netfile, they should do it behind a firewall + proxy/vpn at a minimum. It is ( and always has been) up to the end user to print or netfile . If you chose to dance with the bull you might the horns. That could hold true for using any software that you haven't paid for. Unilok To "unregister" you have to delete the TTcong.ini file ( that holds your install and activation keys) "C:ProgramDataIntuit Canadatt2016TTconfig.ini" You can edit it to remove the keys if you like or just delete it. SB7

Re: * Cast-soft Wysiwyg R36 cracked *
2017-04-15 01:43
Crack pls

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-14 18:53
New update: April 12, 2017 ...

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-14 11:17
If I wanted to uninstall turbotax and unactivate it, how would I go about doing that? Tried looking for the dll it's calling using process explorer, and tried cleaning registry after uninstall with CCleaner. But, if I re-install it, it remains activated. What am I missing?

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-13 19:17
On page 12 I rambled on about the possibilities regarding Intwits possible methods of validating your netfile upload and whether you might be safe (or not). You obviously haven't taken the time to read these other pages ... gets a bit annoying after a few of these posts. So I recommend for the paranoid, download the program and any updates, disconnect from the Internet before installing the program (remove your Ethernet cable from your PC), then after completing your taxes, print and mail your forms with your receipts ... Cracked or Keygened ... to add to this ... Intwit knows exactly what keys have been released AND IF they wanted, they could attach the key and activation code you used along with your personal info inside your netfile data, then stripping the key out while extracting your name, address, phone number, and SIN before transmitting the file to the CRA. (hmmm ... I think I hear them knocking on your door ...)

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2016
2017-04-13 09:59
It's not a "cracked" version, it's keygenned... big difference. Yes taxes have been sent using netfile.