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Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2015
2016-04-26 03:15
Jetprint, "wink wink"... yes that was me. It was a subtle,very subtle jab at your post. onerous .. such a strong word to describe some of the weariness that can occur when asked the same questions year after year. ( especially for those of us that have been at this since ... '99 (at least that far back). As a teacher, spoon feeding is out. A little effort should always be required to get the answer, some have enjoyed the challenge some have not. Some are lazy , some are not. Again, "coy" implies a somewhat misleading answer, as if intended to steer someone in the wrong direction... Really ? Seriously ? Fro those that have shown even the tiniest spark, the help has always been there. For those not interested in learning , not interested in putting forth any effort at all, they have your comprehensive instructions.. To each his own. SB7

import expert
2016-04-24 16:37
RTSK-B5BB-8KS7-P4GC ce code ne fonctionne plus

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2015
2016-04-23 03:18
Filed my tax. Thank you everyone for all your works

Re: UFile 2015
2016-04-22 07:15
And this one: RTSK-B5BB-8KS7-P4GC

Re: UFile 2015
2016-04-22 07:14
Here is another: RTSK-B5BB-8KS7-P4GU

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2015
2016-04-19 22:35
And a quick note for XP users that appeared when I e-filed just now. FYI. TurboTax will not support Windows XP after this year. Since Microsoft no longer provides security updates or patches for Windows XP, you'll need to upgrade your operating system before installing or downloading TurboTax next year. Or you can switch to TurboTax Online. TurboTax works best with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Re: rumm 2020
2016-04-18 16:10
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Re: maxsea viewer v.10.4.1 crack/hardlock
2016-04-18 15:28
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HackForums Proxies - The only way to unblock
2016-04-17 17:04
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Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2015
2016-04-11 00:45
If there are still newbies out there reading this thread trying to figure out how this all works, I posted simple step-by-step instructions in last year's thread and it can be read on this page: I take no credit for it, except for my ability to summarize info in one place, which anyone can do; the real credit goes to all of those who did the hard work on figuring out how to do it in previous years (you guys know who you are). People can ignore the rest of this post. Completely unnecessary and you can live without it. In the first paragraph of those instructions, I briefly mentioned that people over the years have loathed to give complete step-by-step instructions for newbies. Later, someone made a "wink wink" comment that was probably meant as a subtle jab at what I had said. Just to clarify, I wasn't implying that people have been generally unhelpful over the years, because that has never been the case. The point was, whenever a newbie has asked for help on how to do all of this, the tendency has been to offer help in a piecemeal fashion and most have refrained, especially in recent years, from posting simple start-to-finish, step-by-step instructions. Instead, some of the replies have been deliberately coy, such as giving partial hints and tips on how it's done and leaving it up to the newbie to figure the rest out, or stating something like, "Read this entire thread and/or past threads and learn." It could simply be that some find it too onerous to post complete instructions, or maybe there's weariness in repeating the same old things to the same old questions, or perhaps there's the belief that at least a modicum of effort should be made and no one deserves to be completely led by the hand. Personally, I think the most helpful thing to do is to state the full instructions and be done with it. Having said all of that, I don't think there has been a single post yet in this thread from a newbie asking for such help. So if you've completed reading this self-indulgent crap, congratulations on wasting your time. I did warn you, eh.

Re: TurboTax for Canadians 2015
2016-04-10 15:58
would anyone know if the keygen will work for TurboTax Business Incorporated Thanks