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A Few Minutes Of English. Несколько Минут Английского #6. Leaflet или листовка

A Few Minutes of English
Выпуск #6 / 6 октября 2017

Начни думать по-английски,
и тебе больше никогда не нужен будет репетитор.

 Leaflet или листовка

Hello, our dear subscribers!

Сегодня мы решили разобрать с вами то, что можно часто встретить в Англии и не только, а именно любого рода листовки. They all look almost the same (все они выглядят практически одинаково). So, let’s get it started! (Итак, начнём!)

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Здесь нас интересует слово free, которое в данном контексте переводится, как бесплатный.

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До 6 напитков на ваш выбор.

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Предложение действительно до 1 ноября. Слово valid еще очень часто встречается в сочетаниях valid passport (действующий паспорт), still valid (в силе).

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Очень интересное и распространенное в разговорном языке выражение pop in – заскочить, зайти куда-либо. Offer – обычно переводится, как предложение, но еще часто встречается в значении скидка.

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Resist – устоять перед чем-то. Т.е. здесь нам прозрачно намекают, что все настолько притягательно, что устоять невозможно. И опять же free hot drink of your choice – бесплатный горячий напиток на выбор.

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Соберите 6 печатей и claim (получите) 50 дополнительных баллов. Хотя слово claim имеет огромный список значений. Claim – претензия, требование, иск, заявлять, утверждать, требовать.

To sum up (подводя итоги), сегодня мы с вами узнали несколько слов и выражений, которые вам for sure (однозначно) встретятся как в разговорном английском, так и в разного рода листовках, предложениях и буклетов. Давайте повторим.

Free – бесплатный

The guest of the hotel may use the swimming pool for free.Гости отеля могут пользоваться бассейном бесплатно.

Offer – предложение, скидка

Our special offer today is – наше особое предложение сегодня...

Pop in – заскочить, заглянуть

I might pop in to get takeaway. – Я, возможно, заскочу забрать еду на вынос.

Resist – устоять, сопротивляться

I couldnt resist – я не смог устоять.

Claim – требовать, заявлять, утверждать

Claim extra 50 points – требуйте 50 дополнительных баллов.


Part 2
See Part 1 here: A Few Minutes Of English #5

JZ: Alright, so people graduate with kind of profession.

NH: They graduate with an access programme which is equivalent to A-levels.

JZ: Yeah.

NH: Which will give them generally, as long as they do well, because obviously you come out with a ‘passed’, ‘merit’ or ‘distinction’. And you will acquire enough points to get to university. And obviously the better you do, the better university you can get to, because obviously the more points you achieve. So those programmes, I’ve mentioned University of London, which is a higher… it’s a higher IELTS to get on the programme, but also we would be looking that their… high school diploma that they were presenting to us suggested that student were high performing, you know the words. Probably about 85% as an average as… of outcomes, because the students need to be particularly, you know, able to be able to do it.

JZ: What is your personal role in all this?

NH: Ok, so I’m the director of international and teacher training, so my role is… I oversee both the international operations department of the college, which basically means I have a role where I go out to different parts of the world to encourage students to come. So I attend conferences and fairs as I like.

JZ: Alright.

NH: So I’m about to go to China in October.

JZ: So is China the most popular one or do you keep exploring it?

NH: At the moment the China market is very buoyant, is growing, they are very competitive. Some of the other markets, like the Middle Eastern market is subdued because of the financial issues out there. We do do work in South America, Central America and Asia, but they are not such big numbers as what we do from China. So I have that role. So I oversee a team that work with everything to do with obviously visa compliance, accommodation we have here, cause we have an accommodation team, cause we organise home stay and things for students. I also oversee our international centre, which is where… which is the other courses we do, where we run EFL courses, and you could come to do a whole year of EFL to improve your IELTS or you could come just for a very short spell, and obviously we have a mixture of Europeans and international students who do that. And we are quite successful at that, though the EFL market has quietened a little bit.

JZ: Really? It’s surprising!

NH: Yes, it’s interesting. Well, the summer school market is very buoyant.

JZ: Yeah, you can see them all in Bournemouth town centre!

NH: Well, you’re an EFL teacher, aren’t you?

JZ: Yes. I don’t teach here though, I teach in Russia over Skype.

NH: So, the summer school market in terms of youngsters I would say… cause some youngsters aare only or tend to be over 12, and then 16 and above. That’s quite buoyant. And I think that’s probably down to the strength, well, the lack of strength of the pound.

JZ: Yes, I suppose, yeah.

NH: Whereas if you like EFL from outside of Europe, I think probably, particularly, if someone wants to come for a longer period of time, they’re changing the visa regulations whereby they can no longer work, it’s quite difficult for some students from some countries to be able to come to the UK. So if they want to come for six months to the UK to actually learn English, they can’t work at all as you know.

JZ: Yeah.

NH: So obviously that’s quite restrictive and that has changed, that has reduced the amount of students coming on our courses. But, we run them all year, the EFL programmes, so we still run them, they’re not as big as the classes that we used to have, but one hopes that maybe with everything that’s happening with Brexit, who knows what could change.

JZ: Yeah, I was going to say.

To be continued…

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