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A Few Minutes Of English. Несколько Минут Английского #7. Does the matter really matter?

A Few Minutes of English
Выпуск #7 / 13 октября

Начни думать по-английски,
и тебе больше никогда не нужен будет репетитор.

Does the matter really matter?

Hello, dear friends!

Today is Friday, 13th (сегодня пятница 13ое), but we do hope (но мы искренне надеемся; в данном случае do ставится для усиления) that this day will go smoothly (гладко) and well (хорошо)!

И не удивительно, что именно в этот день нам на ум пришла dark matter (тёмная материя). Matter – вопрос, дело, проблема, предмет, суть, причина. Matter – одно из тех самых слов, которое имеет множество разных значений, и каждый раз это самое значение зависит от контекста! С одной стороны – ну очень запутанно: как это matter употреблять-то? С другой стороны – ну очень удобно: переводи, как хочешь, как по смыслу подойдёт! Действительно, дело тёмное...

Но смысл устойчивых выражений – its quite a different matter (совсем другое дело).

Например, мы пришли на совещание to discuss an important matter. (обсудить важное дело).
Our boss (наш босс) wanted to clarify the matter of the current project (прояснить вопрос по текущему проекту).
Мы не успеваем закончить в срок, и это стало a matter of great concern (проблемой, вызывающей большую озабоченность).
Its a matter of money (это вопрос денег).
Начальник спрашивает:
Whats the matter? (В чем дело/что случилось?).
А мы ему хором:
Its a matter of time (Это вопрос времени). We promise we will do our best (сделаем, все от нас зависящее).
И делаем. Потому что, если не сделать в срок, законченный проект уже wont matter at all (не будет иметь никакого значения).


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JZ: So, you still don’t know what’s coming.

NH: Oh, none of do. I think most of us are just looking and keeping all our options open. Obviously at the moment we have a mixture of both the UK based students and European students that come to us who are entitled to be educated and funded.

JZ: Yeah, because I think for EU it’s easier, isn’t it, to get in than for the rest of the world.

NH: If you are an EU student, you don’t need a visa. If you are under the age of 19 you are entitled to education funded as if you were you know UK national. So, we don’t have that many EU students at some colleges, but yeah, and of course, who knows what’s going to happen. But I often have… I had two guys who run a company in the Czech Republic come to see me only the other day wanting to if you like encourage more Czech students to come to the UK. Because of course as they are in the EU and… none of us know what’s happening, but all of us are still making sure that we keep the doors open.

JZ: Of course.

NH: Because until we know… I mean, I don’t think it’s going to make any changes to people from outside the EU coming into the UK, in fact it could.

JZ: Really?

NH: I think it could actually make it easier, because if they decide in terms of the country and in terms of the income that  can be generated from students coming to the UK to learn, it could be that they decide, actually, we will make it easier, and maybe allow them to work again, I don’t know. One hopes anyway, I mean obviously, I am not a politician. But at the moment I can’t see if they going to make it any more difficult for the students to come, international students. I can only think moving forward. There might be a little bit more receptive to the opportunities that that can do. So, we’re carrying on what we’re doing, we’re quite, you know, a niche part, a lovely part of the country, Bournemouth.

JZ: It is, yes!

NH: A lot of people like to come to Bournemouth because of its location, it obviously has the feel of a holiday resort, it’s quite a vibrant town; we have a large student population because of the universities here.

JZ: Does that help you as a college, the fact that the universities are here or…?

NH: That’s a difficult one, that’s a difficult one, because, in some cases what it means is, that you’ve got a nice atmosphere for students to come down to. I don’t know if students necessary would come to us because there’s universities close by, because what we’ve noted is, a lot of the students that do their access courses with us, tend to go to other universities. Some go to Bournemouth, but there’s not… we don’t have, you know, a large amount of students who actually go to Bournemouth University or the Arts University that’s here. They tend to once they’ve been here, they tend to look at, shall we say, the top ten universities in the UK.

JZ: Yeah.

NH: And because obviously a lot of them are here to gain a qualification to take back to their own country, they tend to try and make sure that the degree they’re going to get has got the highest value in terms of where they do it. So, they’re quite discerning in that way. I suppose, you know, if you had a year living in Bournemouth, it could be that you then want to live in a city, London or Manchester. And of course because of the nature of the UK, you know, we’re only two hours from London here. Erm, obviously, it’s a bit longer to go to the North, so they tend to do that.

JZ: While you’re here, I suppose, you can go and explore.

NH: Yeah, we do a lot of things like that, because we hold our own international progression fair for our international students who want to go to universities, so we have, probably about 30 universities who we’ve worked with now for some years, who will come and meet all our international students, because we’ve had a good relationship and students from here have gone to them. And obviously if they feel it’s worth investing in coming down, we just do it over a day. And all the students can go and talk face to face with a university, test out, you know, what their chances are of getting into one of the universities, what they will have to achieve. And they get a little bit of insight into, sort of, what the university is like; they show them where it is, explain a little bit about it. And a lot of students do go up and visit, as would be the norm anywhere. So, they will go up and visit and we organize visits to universities. 

To be continued... 

Please, find translation for the following words/phrases in the text:

Проницательный -
Каковы шансы -
Понимание/ощущение/интуиция -
Динамичный -
Готовы к любому повороту событий -
У них есть право -
Двигаться дальше - 

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