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A Few Minutes Of English. Несколько Минут Английского #9. Shall we cook the Shepherd's pie?

A Few Minutes Of English
Выпуск #9 / 27 октября 2017

Дорогие наши читатели!
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Для этого мы создали небольшую анкету для Вас (всего-то три вопроса!), которая поможет нам сделать нашу рассылку ещё интереснее и полезнее для Вас!

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Начни думать по-английски,
и тебе больше никогда не нужен будет репетитор.

Shall we cook the Shepherd’s pie? (П
риготовим пастуший пирог?)

Hello, dear subscribers! Long time no see! (давно не виделись; эта фраза всегда имеет дружеский оттенок.)

И сегодня хотелось бы начать с заголовка нашего выпуска: Shall we cook…? Он может показаться немного confusing (сбивающим с толку). As a matter of fact (дело в том, что) раньше в английском языке были две формы для простого будущего времени will and shall. И в классической литературе мы можем встретить I shall или we shall. В современном английском для всех лиц употребляется will. Nevertheless (тем не менее) глагол shall остался, но теперь, мы его используем в вопросе-предложении. Т.е. есть у нас какая-то мысль/идея и мы хотим предложить своему собеседнику ее осуществить, и начинаем свой вопрос-предложение с глагола shall.

Shall we eat out tonight? – Может, поужинаем в ресторане сегодня вечером?

Shall I help you with the dishes?Хочешь помогу тебе с посудой?

Вот и мы вам сегодня предлагаем идею: Shall we cook the Shepherds pie? Давайте приготовим пастуший пирог? Last time (в прошлый раз) мы found out/learnt (узнали) some words about cooking (некоторые слова по теме приготовление пищи). So its time to use them (итак сейчас время ими воспользоваться).

In traditional recipe (в традиционном рецепте) lamb (молодой ягненок) or mutton (или баранина) are used (используются). Но вы можете также использовать beef (говядину). So (итак):
Ingredients (ингредиенты):
1 tbsp sunflower oil (tbsp - table spoon) - столовая ложка подсолнечного масла
1 large onion, chopped - 1 большая луковица, измельченная
2-3 medium carrots, chopped - 2-3 средние морковки, измельченные
500g pack lamb mince - фарш из баранины
2 tbsp tomato pur
ée - 2 столовые ложки томатной пасты
500ml beef stock - 500мл говяжьего бульона
900g potato, cut into chunks - картофель, порезанный на кусочки
85g butter - 85гр стивочного масла
3 tbsp milk - 3 столовых ложки молока

Heat the oil (нагрейте масло) in a medium saucepan, then soften (размягчите) the onion and carrots for a few mins. When soft, turn up the heat (увеличьте огонь), and put mince lamb (положите фарш). Add the tomato purée (добавьте томатную пасту), fry for a few mins (и обжаривайте несколько минут). Pour over the stock (залейте бульоном), bring to a simmer (варите на медленном огне), then cover (накройте) and cook for 40 mins (готовьте 40 минут).

Meanwhile (тем временем), heat the oven (разогрейте духовку) to 180C/ fan 160C/ gas 4, then make the mash (и приготовьте пюре). Boil (варите) the potatoes in salted water (подсоленной воде) for 10-15 mins until tender (до мягкости). Drain (слейте воду), then mash with the butter and milk (растолките с маслом и молоком)

Put the mince (положите фарш) into an ovenproof dish (в жаропрочную форму), top with the mash (сверху выложите пюре). Bake (выпекайте) for 20-25 mins until the top is starting to colour (до золотистой корочки). Leave to stand for 5 mins before serving (перед подачей оставить на 5 минут). Bon appetite! (Приятного аппетита!)


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H: And as I said majority will attend. But it can be one that comes along and maybe, you know, thinks that they’re in a nice environment and away from home. First time away from home without mum and dad, you know, it does take some self-discipline and some maturity as well. I always say to students when they first arrive, you know, if they are 16-17 and they are in a new country, you know, it is about actually starting to think for yourself and making sure that you are making the right decisions.

JZ: So, it’s not only studying independently, it’s also living independently.

NH: Yeah, it’s living independently. I mean we’re very fortunate that we have home stay, host families that obviously we check very rigorously, but, they are very supportive. So, if a student, shall we say, it has happened, if a student is really studying too much, you know, they said, a bit worried, you know, she is studying in her room, she just stop working at all, you know. Two o’clock at night, and she’s still reading, still doing this. So we have to make sure they’re okay and they’re not panicking to see how they’re doing. Likewise the other way, you know, you get someone whose host family will ring and say: “How’s the student doing at school? Because they actually seem want to play games on computers until the very late in the mornings, and we’re just a bit concerned.” And we’ll go: “Yes, actually, we’ve already mentioned to student about them looking very tired.” So then we work in collaboration with them, …, you know, you are only 17, and I think most parents would appreciate that we have that sort of guidance.

JZ: So, do you deal with their parents back home?

NH: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we do. So we would, obviously if they are under the age of 18, we would always have a dialogue with them about, you know, for instance, if the student, they wanted to go to London for a weekend, we would check with parents: “Are you okay with this?” So there’s quite a bit of checking. You know if a student says they want to move home they stay, maybe because they’ve got friend that lives in a different part of Bournemouth and they want to be close to them, again, if they’re under 18 we would always go to parents, because, ultimately, they are still their parents and we try and work hard. And some parents we speak to a lot. And some parents we speak to very little. Depends really on, you know, how the student is doing with their relationship with the parents. We sometimes get some anxious parents. Which we understand, sometimes we obviously have to reassure them and stuff like that. So, yes, we do so. I don’t very often personally speak to parents; my accommodation team speaks to parents or my operations team if and when necessary.

JZ: How big is your team?

NH: Okay, so in my accommodation department I’ve got three, one of which also plays student monitoring role for my Chinese students because there’s quite a lot of them. And have someone who has a direct sort of monitoring role of them, and then my operations, my compliance office; I have three other what you would call operational reception admin support. They support the compliance officer. And then I have what you would probably call sort of an events’ coordinator, who, while students are here, we try and organise activities for them for weekends and during the week the like. So they integrate into British society, so we organise trips, we organise days out and stuff like that for international students. For instance, we would do a trip to Oxford for a weekend. So, students are subsidised, so our compliance officer will go: “Look, how many want to go and, they want to go to Oxford for a day.” And we would normally do and the like. We would go to London, so we try and make sure this stuff… for the students who probably don’t have confidence to go on the train and go somewhere else, we’ll try and facilitate that. So that’s my team if you like. I also have…one of the members of staff I have is someone who works with agents of the institutions in other countries that we work with. So they’re responsible for the communication.

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