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A Few Minutes Of English. Несколько Минут Английского #14. Things to do in Britain

A Few Minutes of English
Выпуск #14 / 1 декабря 2017

Начни думать по-английски,
и тебе больше никогда не нужен будет репетитор.

Things to do in Britain

Hello dear friends!

Итак, после того, как я learnt about local food (разузнала о местной пище), got myself a car and started driving (приобрела машину и начала водить), мне захотелось разузнать побольше о local sights and attractions (местных достопримечательностях и развлечениях). И вот в местном tourist information centre (информационный центр для туристов), я нашла The Map of Special Places (Карта особенных мест), выпущенную National Trust (Национальным Трестом). Я открыла буклет, а там...

А вот информацию, приведённую в буклете, мы предлагаем вам самостоятельно перевести на русский язык! :)

Things to do in Britain


Volunteering gives you the chance to become part of the story. You can repair a drystone wall, greet visitors at an estate or look after a historic collection.


Our places have acres of space with activities suitable for your children plus family-friendly eating places. We can give you support anywhere you go.


Colourful flowers, secret gardens and children’s play areas, all of the gardens have something special. Choose one and discover why people come back here.

Cafés and tea-rooms

Our cafés, restaurants and tea rooms serve tasty homemade food. Every cake you buy helps us look after special places.


Part 2
See Part 1 here: A Few Minutes Of English #11

JZ: Ok, so if you do sports, you should kind of implement some extra calorie intake.

LB: Yeah, yeah, definitely. An average half marathon or a marathon runner can easily sit there and eat two whole chickens.

JZ: Oh gosh!

LB: As a food. Because obviously they need so much energy to take them through that endurance.

JZ: Yeah.

LB: I eat about 3500 calories a day.

JZ: But you work out a lot.

LB: Cause I’m working out six times a week. And doing the odd bit of the classes and maybe riding my pushbike. So you need to… and if you’re constantly using your muscles you need the food there to repair, so you need the protein for the protein synthesis of the muscles, so if they’re breaking down, if you’re not feeding your muscles, they’re going to be eating themselves, so then obviously you’re not going to grow, you’re not going to repaid and get stronger, so you need that food. And a lot of people make the mistake of not eating, cause they want to “lose weight” in inverted brackets, but you need food to sustain you, so you’re never... if you just stop eating, say like if we today just stopped eating, you would put on weight.

JZ: Yeah, cause your body starts…

LB: Cause it stores everything. Then it’s like “whoa, am not getting any more food, I need to hold this back”.

JZ: Yeah.

LB: If you keep eating, like five times a day, small, little portions, your body will be like “oh, it’s fine, am going to get food in two hours, so oh, let’s get rid of that, let’s get rid of that”.

JZ: Yeah.

LB: But then you’re only inputting good stuff, so it helps.

JZ: Ok. So what kind… you said you’ve got … you know lots activities that you’re teaching, what sort of clients have you got?

LB: Mixed. I’ve got … Yeah, in personal training I’ve got someone as low as 14, just starting.

JZ: Can you start that early?

LB: Yeah, with PT, with personal training you can because you can just use body weight and just kind of get a bit more activity in their life rather than kind of strengthening, endurance and stuff like that until they’re fully grown.

JZ: Okay.

LB: So, it’s only going to be light stuff, and again, just getting them moving, cause I think she’s slightly overweight and I think she’s been an element of bullying and stuff like that. So it’s just to get her confidence back up and try and make her have fun with exercises, it shouldn’t be boring, it shouldn’t be dull.

JZ: I think you’re good at that!

LB: I think if people don’t laugh, then you failed in my eyes as an instructor. So that’s the youngest in my personal training. I’ve got someone who’s 70 in personal training. So a customer I train at her house. She’s actually going for a gold medal in barre dancing.

JZ: Oh really?

To be continued...

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