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A Few Minutes Of English. Несколько Минут Английского # 22. Have you ever used Present Perfect?

A Few Minutes Of English
Выпуск #22 / 26 января 2018

Начни думать по-английски,
и тебе больше никогда не нужен будет репетитор

Have you ever used Present Perfect?

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We keep talking (продолжаем разговор) о Present Perfect. Напомню, что это действие, которое уже произошло в прошлом, но при этом имеет связь с настоящим.  Эта связь с настоящим может быть выражена либо результатом, либо временем совершения действия.

Present Perfect просто незаменим, когда мы говорим об опыте! Поэтому часто можно услышать такие предложения.

I have never been to Paris. – Я никогда не была в Париже (нет такого опыта).

We have never seen this film. – Мы никогда не смотрели этот фильм.

Its the most delicious dish I have ever tried. – Это самое вкусное блюдо, которое я когда-либо пробовала!

Its the most beautiful view I have ever seen! – Это самый красивый вид, который я когда-либо видела!

Its the most inspiring speech I have ever heard! – Это самая вдохновляющая речь, которую я когда-либо слышала!

I have never said that! – Я такого никогда не говорил! 

А как у вас? Дополните предложения своими идеями:

I have never_____________.

It’s the most beautiful _____, I have ever _____.

It’s the most delicious ______, I have ever tried.

It’s the most interesting ________, I have ever ________.

It’s the best ______, I have ever _______.


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ND: Our last big holiday was our honeymoon in Dominican Republic.

JZ: Alright! That sounds exciting!

ND: It was very exciting.

JZ: So, what did you do? Tell me all about it.

ND: Well, it was our honeymoon, and we also got married there again and had photos on the beach.

JZ: Again? What do you mean? Did you divorce the first time?

ND: No, no, we had a small wedding in England with some family and close friends.

JZ: Yeah.

ND: And we decided to have symbolic wedding, where she got to wear her dress again.

JZ: Oh, that’s so nice, that’s very important for a woman, isn’t it?

ND: Yes, it was her idea. I couldn’t say no.

JZ: Aw, you sound like a very nice person.

ND: Sometimes.

JZ: So, what’s your next destination then, if you like travelling?

ND: We have a weekend away for my wife’s birthday.

JZ: Okay.

ND: She doesn’t know where she’s going yet.

JZ: Okay, so we’ll keep it a secret then.

ND: Keep it a secret.

JZ: Yeah.

ND: Then we have a trip to Lithuania, where my wife is from.

JZ: Okay.

ND: Erm, and after that we are going to the Maldives.

JZ: Okay, so have you been to the country your wife is from before?

ND: Lithuania, yes, I’ve been a few times now.

JZ: You say you like travelling, how did you like Lithuania from a tourist point of view?

ND: It’s nice, it’s very pretty country, seems very quiet, not a lot to do, but I think in the summertime it would be nice. I’ve never been in the summer yet.

JZ: Oh, tell her she must take you.

ND: She keeps promising me. She’s never taken me the in the summer. We’re going in September, so still…

JZ: You might have a chance of warm weather.

ND: Yeah.

JZ: Alright then. I would like to thank you for answering my questions. Thank you very much.

ND: No problem, thank you.

JZ: And have a good day.

ND: You too, bye!

JZ: Bye!

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