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      UPLIFT SPICE was created with Chiori on vocals, YOOKEY on guitar, Moriyasu Atsushi on bass and tovita on drums. The band's activities started pretty slowly with the young unit introducing themselves to the scene and building a solid fan base.

      The first mini-album, Shateki, was long in the making and was available in stores in June 2006. Fans, however, had to wait even longer for the next release, Hanabi no iro, released in February the next year. In 2008, UPLIFT SPICE worked on its first full album scheduled for July and also continued its stage performances, opening for ELLEGARDEN andBRAHMAN.

      The second album Omega Rhythm was released in August 2009 and it opened the door to success. A tour throughout Japan followed, with a final and numerous events that were sold out. 

      In January 2010, the band played as the opening act for western band SAOSIN and THE USED. They also played at many festivals such as SUMMER SONIC 2010, gaining popularity. from outside the scene On September 1st, the third album Memento was released parallel to a national tour with 42 shows. Though the band was doing well, Moriyasu Atsushi decided to leave the band on December 18th, after the tour final at Shibuya O-Crest. 

      The band continued with their activities, however, and it was in May 2011 that Kenjitovita's brother, joined the band as a bassist. UPLIFT SPICE, with a full line up again, released a new album in July went on an European tour from October to November. 


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