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USA: May Day marchers in Oakland demand better rights

USA: May Day marchers in Oakland demand better rights
2018-05-02 05:16
C/U Protesters M/S Protesters moving M/S Woman with drum M/S General of the protest C/U Protester with sign M/S Protesters and the city C/U Protesters M/S Protesters and dummy head M/S Union representatives M/S People shout in Spanish: “Working class has no barriers” M/S Protesters M/S May 1 poster C/U Anti Trump shirt M/S Anti war banner C/U Protester putting bandana on M/S Protesters with flags Hundreds of marchers participated in a May Day protest in Oakland on Tuesday to advocate for workers and immigrants rights and to denounce the current administration's migrant policies. Waving flags and chanting slogans, protesters marched through the streets in a carnival atmosphere. Protester Ellen Murrys, said, “We are here because this is the international working class holiday of the world, and we don’t get a chance very often to be united with workers everywhere around the world, around our common needs, mainly our common need of getting more capital.

Argentina: Rousseff shows support for jailed Lula at book launch
2018-05-02 05:29
Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff expressed her support for jailed Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva during a book launch in Buenos Aires on Tuesday. Rousseff thanked organisers for the invitation and said «Lula would be very happy to be in Argentina» celebrating Workers' Day. She reiterated «Lula is innocent, they are condemning a person for political reasons.» Lula was sentenced to a 12-year jail term for corruption and money laundering in a case known as Operation Car Wash.

Ученые: ледник может поднять уровень океана на метр
2018-05-02 05:32
Совместный исследовательский проект американских и британских ученых призван изучить ледник, который в обозримом будущем способен заметно изменить прибрежную линию по всему миру

Почему Кыргызстан сносит дома на границе с Узбекистаном
2018-05-02 06:15
Власти Кыргызстана снесли около 30 домов на границе с Узбекистаном. Для того, чтобы выселить жителей с приграничной зоны, властям Кыргзыстана потребовалось около трех лет. И даже после сноса строений, сельчане приходят на развалины, чтобы собрать то, что осталось от их домов

Argentina: World Cup fever ignites with card swap nights for adults
2018-05-02 06:59
A bar in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires has launched a World Cup card trading night for adults to swap their favourite players away from children. Every Tuesday, El Textil bar allows collectors to enjoy a beer, talk about football and most importantly: exchange trading cards, or figus as they are commonly known in Argentina. People of all backgrounds go to the bar to exchange trading cards which was once only seen in the school playground.

Авария бензовоза в Массачусетсе
2018-05-02 08:22
В результате этой аварии в штате Массачучсетс, к счастью, никто не пострадал. 62-летний водитель бензовоза, перевозившего более 370 тонн бензина, потерял управление и снес несколько столбов электропередач. Полиция оштрафовала водителя за нарушение рядности движения и опасное вождение.

Что ждет гостей фестиваля Московская весна a capella
2018-05-02 09:15
Помимо выступлений певцов, запланированы мастер-классы, в том числе, по джазовому вокалу

На северо-востоке Москвы легковушка врезалась в столб
2018-05-02 09:15
Водитель погиб на месте, пассажира доставили в больницу

Syria: SAA gains more ground in al-Hajar al-Aswad’s western farms
2018-05-02 09:18
The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reportedly made significant gains in farmland to the west of al-Hajar al-Aswad, as it continued its plight against the remaining members of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) to the south of Damascus on Tuesday. Footage shows SAA foot soldiers opening fire on designated targets as smoke billowed from buildings hit by tank-launched shells. The offensive has been ongoing since the Syrian military announced the full recapture of Eastern Ghouta from militants late March.

«Тройная корона»
2018-05-02 09:27
Что значит термин «Тройная корона» в скачках на лошадях?

Хулиган в Москве пристал к переодетому женщиной мужчине
2018-05-02 09:30
За несколько дней видеозапись с потасовкой набрала почти 100 тысяч просмотров

Московские пенсионеры начали активно пользоваться мессенджерами
2018-05-02 09:30
Современным средствам общения их научили на курсах по программе «Московское долголетие»

В Париже Первомайская демонстрация перетекла в массовые беспорядки
2018-05-02 09:45
Сотни молодых людей в черном начали бросать в толпу дымовые шашки

Более 1,5 млн человек поучаствовали в первомайских гуляниях в Москве
2018-05-02 09:45
Для горожан на Празднике весны и труда организовали мастер-классы, шоу-программы и концерты

Canada: Five arrested as Montreal May Day demo sparks violence
2018-05-02 10:14
Clashes broke out between police and protesters during May Day marches in Montreal on Tuesday, with at least five people arrested as a result. The scuffles happened briefly at the corner of Dorchester Square Street and Metcalfe Street when around 200 anti-capitalist protesters set off fireworks and the police fired a volley of tear gas at them, local media reports. There were three different events organised in the city as part of the annual anti-capitalist demonstrations for workers' rights.

В Западное Приангарье пришли сезонные пожары. Село Барлук
2018-05-02 10:43
Западное Приангарье сообщает о начале таежных пожаров. В отдельных местах огонь подобрался к границам жилых поселков и деревень Народные корреспонденты «ЭкоГрада» делятся видеозаписями с мест ЧП Малышкина Елена: Горим. Куйтунский район, село Барлук. Огонь подошел вплотную. Местные «окарауливают», лесоохрана и пожарные организовали защитную полосу, дежурят. Здание, что в огне — санаторий, заброшенный, к счастью. До жилых домов пожар пока не добрался. Спустя несколько часов: Отстояли, но продолжают дежурить. Сегодня жители Барлука рассказали, что этот пожар в тайге начался 30 апреля. Но не придали значения. Думали, пронесет

USA: Patriot Response faces off with Antifa on Seattle's May Day
2018-05-02 10:58
Right-wing protesters gathered to voice opposition to Antifa demonstrators at the annual May Day protests in Seattle on Tuesday. Footage shows the protesters as they marched with American flags while escorted by police, and gave speeches praising the efforts of law enforcement. Several Antifa counter protesters faced off with the right-wing demonstrators, trading verbal barbs. The rally was hosted by Washington State Patriot Response, a group which describe themselves, according to their Facebook page, as 'patriots who stand up for what is right and against the indoctrination, misinformation, the hate, and destruction of the Left in Washington State.'

2018-05-02 11:00
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Armenia: Citizens block Yerevan roads after Pashinyan's failed PM bid
2018-05-02 11:21
Protesters blocked main roads across the Armenian capital of Yerevan on Wednesday as opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan called for nationwide strikes following parliament’s decision to reject him as Prime Minister. Due to the roadblocks, dozens of people have been left unable to access the city’s airport and railway station, and have been forced to walk hundreds of metres on foot. Reportedly some employees from the airport have also joined the nationwide strike. In some parts of Yerevan, the protests have turned into celebrations with the people performing traditional dances. Massive protests have engulfed the Armenian capital since April 13, when the ruling party appointed former president Serzh Sargsyan as PM. On April 23, the newly elected Prime Minister Sargsyan left his post, which sparked celebrations from opposition supporters.

Armenia: Zvartnots Airport employees go on strike over PM debacle
2018-05-02 11:31
Workers at Zvartnots International Airport near Yerevan staged a symbolic, hour-long strike on Wednesday following parliament's rejection of opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as Prime Minister after Serzh Sargsyan's resignation. Tigran Movsisyan, a passenger at the airport, stated: «I haven't seen such joy in 39 years, the people are rejoicing, it is the will of the people. No one bribed anyone, it is not possible to bribe a million people.» Massive protests have engulfed the Armenian capital of Yerevan since April 13, when the ruling party appointed former president Sargsyan as PM. On April 23, Sargsyan left his post, which sparked celebrations from opposition supporters.

2018-05-02 12:00
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Trading Signals
2018-05-02 12:05
Find out how the interbank compares with the technicals at 8 AM GMT by watching the Dukascopy Daily Trading Signals report. Euro/Dollar’s daily models are mostly pointing North. Mid term outlook is neutral and daily range brings 6 sell signals, which are backed up by the 28% short interbank sentiment. Pound/Dollar has 4 neutrals in the hourly scale. Mid and long term models are mostly red, but the 13% short interbank stance is neutral. Dollar/Yen has 4 neutral signals in the short term. Mid and long term technicals are mostly bullish. Interbank exposure is neutral, just like the short term models. Pound/Yen has 5 neutral indicators in the hourly chart. Mid term studies show mixed results and 6 studies point South in the long term. Interbank sentiment is neutral at less than 15% long. Euro/Yen has 5 green signals in the hourly scale. Mid term models are mostly neutral and 6 studies are bearish in the long term. Interbank stance is close to 39% long, just like the hourly models. You've been watching the Daily Trading Signals for Wednesday with me, Kiays Khalil.

Забастовка в Армении. Начало
2018-05-02 12:23
По призыву лидера протестов Никола Пашиняна в стране перекрывают дороги и траспортные узлы. Накануне правящая Республиканская партия в парламенте заблокировала выборы премьер-министра, на которых Пашинян был единственным кандидатом

Экологические войны Подмосковья. Новый эпизод. Ногинск. С участием полиции в пока не совсем понятном качестве
2018-05-02 12:41
Экологи Подмосковья поделились видео встречи с полицией вблизи полигона Тимохово, Ногинского района Подмосковья. На видео видно, что полицию вызвал охранник полигона, который, по мнению экологов, превысил свои должностные полномочия. Как комментирует ситуацию участник событий, эколог-активист Александр Гаврилин, радует, что сам начальник Электроуглинского отдела полиции Сухов Иван Владимирович по звонку/заявлению представителей свалки (ОАО Полигон «Тимохово») достаточно оперативно, чуть медленнее, чем скорая помощь, приезжает для разбора ситуации с теми людьми, которые якобы, вероломно вторглись на чужую территорию, и ,обидно, что он не видит, те нарушения, которые видны невооруженным глазом. Полная версия сообщения о рейде http://ekogradmoscow.ru/eko/eko-disput/ekologicheskie-vojny-podmoskovya-novyj-epizod-noginsk-s-uchastiem-politsii-v-poka-ne-sovsem-ponyatnom-kachestve

Armenia: Yerevan central station vacant as strikers blockade roads
2018-05-02 12:43
Protesters blocked off Yerevan's central railway station during a new wave of unrest due to parliament’s rejection of opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as Prime Minister on Wednesday. The main cause for the outcry has been Pashinyan’s demand on strikers to cause 'total civil disobedience.' «At the moment it looks like there's no trains going, just like there's no metro going within the city,» explained Justus, a German tourist. «We're just waiting here and looking at how the situation's going to end up.» Massive protests have engulfed the Armenian capital since April 13, when the ruling party appointed former president Serzh Sargsyan as Prime Minister. On April 23, the newly elected Prime Minister Sargsyan left his post, which sparked celebrations from opposition supporters.

Dino Bigioni: All Over The World
2018-05-02 12:59
Dino Bigioni have been making beautiful shoes since the 1960's and they continue to innovate and grow, spreading their message across the world.

2018-05-02 13:00
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ФСБ запретила блогеру выкладывать видео. Leon Kremer #2
2018-05-02 13:01
Следователь ФСБ запретил блогеру заниматься своей работой, выкладывать ролики на ютуб. На известного Пензенского блогера Станислава Морозова возбуждено уголовное дело по ст. 280 ч.2. В Петербурге из-за акций Навального проводится тестирование школьников на экстремизм и отношение к религиям. Борьба Павла Дурова и Роскомнадзора. Террористы снова пользуются только телеграммом.

Israel: Guatemalan Embassy flies flag in Jerusalem ahead of opening
2018-05-02 13:46
The Guatemalan Embassy raised its flag at the site of their new building in Jerusalem on Tuesday, as shown in footage filmed the following day near the Malha Technology Park. One local responded positively to the move, stating: «I think it's good news. I am glad to hear that more countries are recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It has been our capital for 3000 years.» The official opening ceremony of the new Guatemalan Embassy will take place on May 14, two days after the opening of the new US Embassy in Jerusalem. US President Donald Trump's decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv sparked protests and fury around the world, particularly among Arabs who view it as a provocation against the Palestinian people.

Spike Controller
2018-05-02 13:52
The Dukascopy TV team is here with another Spike Controller for Wednesday, the 2nd of May. Spreads have averaged slightly above the point 3 pip mark in all three time scales for the Euro/Dollar. Peak separation of 1.4 pips took place less than 4 hours ago. Euro slipped below the 1 20 level against the Buck yesterday as it declined by point 47% or 57 pips. Spreads have been mostly calm and maximum separation of 1.4 pips took place today at 7:26 in the morning. Next up is the Cable, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 88 and 2.8 pips respectively. Daily high and low difference of 121 pips was posted as the pair declined by point 88%, but it has rebounded from the low of 1 3580. Spreads were slightly bumpy yesterday at 2 PM GMT during the US data run, but 2.8 pips is the line that shouldn’t have been crossed. And last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has a daily average spread of point 38 pips. Peak separation has been 1.9 pips. The pair moved towards the 110 level as it gained point 37% or 40 pips. US data run sent the spreads slightly higher yesterday at 2 PM GMT, but 1.9 pips is the most you should have been charged. You've been watching the Spike Controller for Wednesday with me Jack Everitt. Bye for now.

Из-за нестабильного курса российские туристы дважды оплачивают покупки за рубежом
2018-05-02 14:40
О конвертацию валют, комиссии за услуги и выгодных картах смотрите в сюжете.

Желтый уровень погодной опасности объявили в Москве
2018-05-02 14:43
Погода заметно поменяется во второй половине дня.

China: Beijing aims for first DPRK visit by FM since 2007
2018-05-02 14:50
China's Foreign Ministry (MOFA) spokesperson Hua Chunying commented on the establishment of ties with the Dominican Republic and on Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to North Korea, during a press conference in Beijing on Wednesday. The 'One China' principle states that Beijing alone represents China and that Taiwan is part of China. The aim of Wang’s two-day visit to North Korea would be “to follow through on the consensus reached by the two leaders and to set up the strategic communication and coordination,” Chunying said, referring to the North's leader Kim Jong-un and his southern counterpart Moon Jae-in's historic summit last week. Wang's trip to North Korea marks the first by a Chinese foreign minister since 2007. On Tuesday, the foreign ministers of China and the Dominican Republic signed an agreement establishing diplomatic links after the Caribbean country had moved to sever ties with Taiwan. «We haven’t intimidated anyone or made deals and there’s no need to do so. The establishment of diplomatic ties required only one promise, that the Dominicans would abide by the 'One China' principle,» ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.

Метро, железная дорога, аэропорт: оппозиция парализовала Ереван
2018-05-02 14:52
Во время шествия в Ереване лидер протестного движения Армении, руководитель оппозиционной парламентской фракции «Елк» Никол Пашинян заявил, что его сторонники парализовали работу метро и железной дороги, заблокировали дорогу в аэропорт Звартноц, а также автомагистрали Юг — Север и Арарат — Ереван.

Armenia: Main airport blockade by opposition demo strands passengers
2018-05-02 14:52
Protesters spearheaded by opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan blocked roads leading to Yerevan's Zvartnots Airport on Wednesday, forcing some passengers to walk to the airport in order to catch their flights. The move comes after the Armenian Parliament appointing Pashinyan as the interim prime minister on Tuesday. He then urged his supporters to stage a nationwide strike by blocking roads, railways and the country's main airport. Massive protests have engulfed the Armenian capital of Yerevan since April 13, when the ruling party appointed former President Serzh Sargsyan as PM. On April 23, Sargsyan left his post, which sparked celebrations from opposition supporters.

Новые выделенные полосы открывают в Москве с 3 мая
2018-05-02 14:54
Выделенные полосы появятся на улицах Конюшковская, Большая Серпуховская и Дмитрия Ульянова.

США дали еще месяц на продажу активов «РусАла», En+ и ГАЗа
2018-05-02 14:57
Министерство финансов США перенесло на месяц срок, в течение которого инвесторы должны отказаться от своих долей в трех российских компаниях, связанных с Олегом Дерипаской. Это позволило бы им в конечном итоге избежать американских санкций. Вечером 1 мая Вашингтон продлил сроки для энергетической компании En +, производителя алюминия «РусАл» и автомобильного завода ГАЗ для вывода инвестиций по сокращению доли Олега Дерипаски в каждой из этих компаний до 6 июня. Все три компании были включены в санкционные списки против близких к Кремлю олигархам. Санкции введены в связи с обвинениями о вмешательстве России в выборы президента США в 2016 году. En+ объявила на прошлой неделе, что Дерипаска откажется от части акций компании и уйдет в отставку с поста председателя ее совета директоров.

2018-05-02 15:00
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Пашиняна не избрали премьером: лидер оппозиции призвал к забастовке
2018-05-02 15:02
Парламент Армении большинством голосов отклонил кандидатуру Никола Пашиняна, который баллотировался на пост премьер-министра. Поддержали его лишь 45 из 105 законодателей. Для избрания необходимо 53 голоса. За ходом голосования наблюдали десятки тысяч сторонников лидера оппозиции. Они собрались на площади в центре Еревана. Результаты людей явно разочаровали.

«Дороги Победы»: Польша снова не пропустила «Ночных волков»
2018-05-02 15:03
Мотопробегом «Дороги Победы» исторические события 1945-го уже по традиции решили отметить байкеры, но на границе с Польшей им пришлось изменить маршрут. Группе запретили проезд по территории страны — пропустили только граждан Польши. Почему?

Триполи: смертник взорвался в здании Высшей избирательной комиссии
2018-05-02 15:04
В ливийском Триполи террорист-смертник ворвался в штаб-квартиру Высшей избирательной комиссии.

Одесские рассказы: как живет город спустя четыре года после бойни в Доме профсоюзов
2018-05-02 15:05
Как живет Одесса через четыре года после трагических событий 2 мая, когда погибли 48 человек? Изменился ли город? Сохранил ли свою легендарную атмосферу юмора и радушия? Документальный фильм Алисы Романовой «Одесские рассказы» с гостями студии обсудил Алексей Казаков.

Вести. Эфир от 02.05.2018 (14:00)
2018-05-02 15:08
Ереван в транспортной блокаде. Центр перекрыт. После неудачной попытки избрать Пашиняна премьером началась всеобщая забастовка. 4-я годовщина трагедии в Доме профсоюзов. Украинские националисты пройдут по Одессе маршем и предлагают сделать 2 мая государственным праздником. Окольцевали. В столице стартовала международная веломногодневка.

Russia: Peter Schmeichel enjoys delights of Russian Riviera in Sochi
2018-05-02 15:48
The Great Dane Peter Schmeichel continues to tour 2018 FIFA World Cup host cities. In the fifth episode of his show broadcasted on Wednesday, Schmeichel travels to Sochi, known as the Russian Riviera. The coastal resort offers great opportunities for outdoor sports, including great diving, sailing and skiing conditions. Sochi’s Fisht Stadium will host four group games at the World Cup, a round of 16 matches and a quarter-final. 'The Peter Schmeichel Show', hosted by the former Manchester United and Denmark national team goalkeeping legend covers Russia's preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup with an in-depth look at 11 host cities while providing insights into the hottest topics in the world of football as the World Cup approaches. Peter Schmeichel is Denmark's most capped player, having made 129 appearances for the national team. During an illustrious career he won five English Premier League titles, three FA Cups, one Champions League title, and a UEFA European Championship. A veteran of the France '98 World Cup, Schmeichel will be bringing his one-of-a-kind football expertise exclusively to RT.

Новые условия от MasterCard
2018-05-02 15:51
Мастеркард перестает обрабатывать транзакции нелегальных брокеров и ICO. Рекордное падение спроса в российской промышленности за 9 лет. Мальта — объявлена рекордсменом по объему торгов криптовалютами.

В центре Сан-Паулу обрушилось горящее 26-этажное здание
2018-05-02 15:52
В Сан-Паулу обрушилось горящее 26-этажное здание. Оно находилось в центре бразильского мегаполиса. Формально офисная высотка была выведена из эксплуатации семь лет назад, однако там неофициально проживало около 150 человек. Как сообщают бразильские СМИ, один человек погиб — упал с высоты. Ещё трое числятся пропавшими без вести. Пострадавших нет.

Midday Snapshot
2018-05-02 16:04
The morning session is over on this Wednesday, so let's see how things are shaping up for the market players. Euro/Dollar has been calmer than usual, the pair has walked in a total range of 45 pips. Traded volume is average and sentiment of the traders is neutral, short positions are up by 11%. Both sides have seen some chances, but the narrow price movement range is the limiting factor. Pound/Dollar rose by 87 pips after 6 AM and a gain of point 23% was posted at noon. The Cable has attracted 27% less than typical funds and most of them have been driven by bearish expectations. A rise that lasted for hours after 6 AM makes losses more likely for investors. Dollar/Yen has had a slow session, rate movement is flat and the pair sees just half of the monthly average funds. Most of the traders have been forecasting the pair to head higher, but the passive trading along the narrow price movement range suggest no significant moves in funds are likely. Pound/Yen shot up by almost 100 pips, but a correction has canceled out some of the gains. Turnover is low and neutral sentiment of the traders is close to an even balance. Rise puts bullish market players in better positions so far. Euro/Yen spiked hours into the session, but it has been mostly calm. Traded volume is extremely low at 59% down from the monthly average. Traders have been forecasting the pair to head higher, sentiment is strongly bullish. No significant moves in trading accounts are likely due to the flat rate movement and passive trading approach. I'm Kiays Khalil and this was the Midday Snapshot for Wednesday.

Караван мигрантов ждет на границе с США: пропустили 25 человек
2018-05-02 16:14
Мексиканский город Тихуана. У контрольно-пропускного пункта на границе с США вырос временный лагерь мигрантов. Об этих людях заговорили задолго до того, как они добрались до КПП. Дональд Трамп раскритиковал подобные караваны людей из Центральной Америки, которые пытаются попасть в США, и призвал ужесточить американские законы. С тех пор СМИ следили за передвижением этой группы. Более месяца назад она вошла на территорию Мексики с юга. Затем преодолела более 3200 километров до границы с Калифорнией.

Энтузиасты поддерживают работу заброшенной железной дороги в Аргентине
2018-05-02 16:16
Эту необычную дрезину сделали аргентинские энтузиасты. Собирали из старых автомобилей и автобусов. И всё для того, чтобы по выходным выезжать на рельсы заброшенной железной дороги Бельграно. Поезда здесь не ходят уже четверть века, но добровольцы стараются сохранить дорогу в рабочем состоянии.

В Эстонии начались международные военные учения
2018-05-02 16:25
В Эстонии начались международные военные учения с участием 13 000 военнослужащих из 16 стран. Маневры, получившее название «Силь» (Ёжик), должны продлиться до 14 мая и станут самым крупными подобными учениями, которые состоятся в Эстонии с момента обретения ее независимости от Советского Союза в 1991 году. Часть учений будет проходить в соседней Латвии. Помимо эстонских военных, около 2000 военнослужащих из 15 стран — США, Великобритании, Германии, Франции, Канады, Польши, Украины, Финляндии, Швеции, Дании, Бельгии, Ирландии, Латвии, Литвы и Грузии — должны принять участие в учениях. Помимо кадровых военных, эстонские резервисты, полиция и спасательные службы также участвуют в учениях, которые будут отрабатывать защиту территории и пройдут в три отдельных этапа.

Почему Доминиканская Республика больше не дружит с Тайванем?
2018-05-02 16:49
Китай и Доминиканская Республика установили дипломатические отношения. Во вторник в Пекине прошла церемония подписания совместного коммюнике. При этом последние 77 лет Доминиканская Республика поддерживала тесные связи с Тайванем. Установив отношения с Пекином, она автоматически поставила крест на дружбе с островным государством.

Libya: At least 12 dead after attack on Tripoli election HQ
2018-05-02 16:57

Who Will Fill The Oil Void?
2018-05-02 17:08
Will possible sanctions from the US on Iran impact the oil prices? Why did Russia switch it's crude oil direction to the East? Spencer Welch, Director, Oil Markets, IHS Markit

Россия впервые за 20 лет снизила расходы на оборону
2018-05-02 17:22
Военные расходы России в 2017 г. снизились на 20% до $66,3 млрд. Это первое ежегодное снижение с 1998 года, сообщается в докладе Стокгольмского международного института исследования проблем мира (SIPRI). «Военная модернизация остается приоритетом в России, но военный бюджет ограничен экономическими проблемами, с которыми страна столкнулась с 2014 г.», — заявил Симон Везман (Siemon Wezeman), старший научный сотрудник программы SIPRI AMEX по изучению военных расходов в мире.

Имамы и капелланы
2018-05-02 17:32
Три религии боснийской армии.

Iran: Earthquake shakes southwestern Iran, over 100 injured
2018-05-02 17:42
*WRONG ASPECT RATIO AT SOURCE* *BUG AT SOURCE* A 5.2-magnitude earthquake struck the southwestern Iranian provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad on Wednesday, injuring over 100 according to the IRNA news agency. The epicentre of the earthquake was the city of Sisakht. Several buildings were reportedly damaged in the provincial capital Yasuj. «The house suddenly shook and everything that we owned fell down,» said one Yasuj local. According to head of Iran’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Pir Hossein Kolivand, the earthquake struck at 08:38 (GMT+4:30) on Wednesday morning and has injured at least 76 people. A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck the northern border region between Iran and Iraq in November, leaving more than 500 people dead and injuring thousands more.

Романтика под баобабом: где зародилась любовь Гарри и Меган
2018-05-02 17:44
Бегемоты мирно плещутся в озере Дельты Окаванго в Ботсване. Слоны, зебры и антилопы свободно разгуливают по саванне. Этот эксклюзивный сафари-парк – излюбленное место знаменитостей и состоятельных людей. И именно сюда принц Гарри пригласил американку Меган Маркл в их первое совместное путешествие. Пара приехала в июле 2016 года вскоре после того, как они начали встречаться. В интервью Гарри описал эту поездку как «очень важный» период для того, чтобы узнать друг друга ближе.

Webinar by “FXPassion” 02.05.2018
2018-05-02 17:54
To join our LIVE daily webinars, follow the link below and hit «Click to join» button: https://www.dukascopy.com/tv/Live You can view this video and the full video archive on the Dukascopy TV page: https://www.dukascopy.com/tv/en

2018-05-02 17:57
Ребенком Патрик Хаггерти жил на молочной ферме в штате Вашингтон, это было в 1950-х. Именно тогда он начал осознавать, что он — гей.

2018-05-02 18:00
Выпуск видеоновостей Радио Свобода

Research & US Empl. change 02.05.18
2018-05-02 18:02
The Dukascopy Research Team covers the fundamentals and technicals of the economic data release. Research Team members discuss the historical data for the particular news release, talk through the potential positive and negative surprise trading strategy and try to project the possible market reaction. To join our LIVE daily webinars, follow the link below and hit «Click to join» button: https://www.dukascopy.com/tv/Live You can view this video and the full video archive on the Dukascopy TV page: https://www.dukascopy.com/tv/en

Syria: Feline lucky! Volunteers install tubes to feed stray cats in Damascus
2018-05-02 18:04
Syrian volunteers set up tubes across Damascus to feed stray cats, as footage filmed on Sunday reveals. The feeding tubes are filled with cat food and are attached to the bottoms of trees so that any stray cat can easily eat from there. According to the initiative organiser Maher Dakhakhni, the action was inspired by a similar one in Aleppo. He explained, «We started it around three weeks ago after I saw an initiative starting in Aleppo, where a team of young men distributed such tubes there. I saw that idea and I liked the matter of feeding cats on the streets.» Dakhakhni went on to say that the initiative started «on a small scale» but then expanded to a network of 1,200 volunteers», who he said are «buying tubes at their own expense, placing them next to their shops or houses and taking care of them by [supplying] food and water to stray cats living on streets, where there is no water or food.»

February 2018 Article Contest: 1st
2018-05-02 18:12
February 2018 Article Contest 1st Place Winner «FXNOAD» presents his winning article and explains his trading logic. To join our LIVE daily webinars, follow the link below and hit «Click to join» button: https://www.dukascopy.com/tv/Live You can view this video and the full video archive on the Dukascopy TV page: https://www.dukascopy.com/tv/en

Россия сократила военные расходы на 20% в 2017 году — SIPRI
2018-05-02 18:30
Стокгольмский международный институт исследований мира (SIPRI) обнаружил, что Россия еще в 2017 году сократила военные расходы на 20% (или на $13,9 млрд) до $66,3 млрд. И это сокращение произошло впервые с 1998 года

«Ветерано Кэб»: в Украине заработало такси, где водители — ветераны Донбасса
2018-05-02 18:31
В Украине начало работать такси, в котором работают ветераны боевых действий в Донбассе. Основатель «Ветерано Кэб» Леонид Остальцев уверен, что обеспечит работой трем тысячам человек

В Эстонии проходят крупнейшие в истории страны военные учения
2018-05-02 18:32
В Эстонии начались крупнейшие в истории страны военные учения «Еж». В них задействованы 15 тысяч военнослужащих, в том числе около двух тысяч военных из 15 государств. Маневры будут проходить почти 2 недели на всей территории Эстонии и на севере Латвии

Russia: Muscovites remember victims of Odessa massacre
2018-05-02 18:38
Victims of the Odessa massacre were honoured in Moscow on Wednesday as dozens of people brought flowers and candles to Odessa's memorial at the Alley of Heroic Cities. Mourners also brought black balloons with inscriptions «Remember Odessa» and sang Soviet military songs dating back to the Great Patriotic War. The group then marched along the Aleksandrovsky Garden to the Kremlevskaya Waterfront and released the balloons. Earlier on Wednesday the partakers laid flowers and notes reading «We won't forget you. Let God be their judge» next to the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow. On May 2, 2014 the Odessa fire resulted in the deaths of 48 people after clashes between anti and pro Kiev groups broke out on the streets of Odessa, culminating in the burning of the Trade Unions Building.

Сражение за последний район Дамаска. Эксклюзив Евгения Поддубного
2018-05-02 18:56
В Сирии не прекращается операция по освобождению от боевиков бывшего лагеря палестинских беженцев Ярмук. По огневым точкам боевиков наносят удары самолеты объединенных сил сирийско-российской авиации. На месте событий работает съемочная группа военного корреспондента ВГТРК Евгения Поддубного.

Наноспутники — новая технология, которая произведет революцию
2018-05-02 18:59
Этот набор электроники в скором времени полетит на орбиту Земли. Он станет частью наноспутника, который по размеру будет не больше буханки хлеба. Такие делают в шотландском Глазго. На создание обычного спутника размером с автобус уходит до 15 лет. Этих малюток — делают за неделю.

Israel: Alibaba founder makes first visit to 'innovation nation'
2018-05-02 19:11
SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Thank you so much for having me.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «And congratulations for your honorary degree.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Thank you.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «And congratulations for what you're doing in Israel, the investments.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Thank you. Yes, we will do more things here.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «Is there something we can't buy on Alibaba?» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Definitely, definitely.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «I've been trying to order.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Yes.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «It's good to see you and welcome.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Yes. Thank you.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «Thank you and welcome. Please sit down.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Thank you.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «Here's something you can't buy on Alibaba. This is an ancient arrowhead from the Romans. They conquered our lands 200 years ago. That's the original arrowhead from there.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «That's the original one?» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «Yes.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Wow.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «And this is our arrow. Interceptor. I cannot buy an Israeli Arrow interceptor missile in, through Alibaba, right?» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «No.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «Not yet, but so.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Yes, yes, we in the past days very inspirational. It's my first trip to Israel and I had a lot of expectations and coming here, this is a trip of learning. I brought 28 young presidents of Alibaba Group and I send a message back to Alibaba that what we see, what we, who we talk to, a lot young people in the company say why are we not, we should all come here. So, yes.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «You can come back as often as you want, in fact you can stay here. SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Thank you.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «So it's a wonderful, wonderful seeing you here. I remember our meeting in Davos.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Yes, in Beijing.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «In Beijing too.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Yes.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «We had two and now we have in Jerusalem, which is great, and in Israel and I think there is tremendous opportunity here.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «Yes.» SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «Tremendous opportunity.» SOT, Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and chief executive: «It is.» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel: «Well, you're very kind and I hope you'll pass the word, but the most important thing is we think is that there is a marriage here of your great business acumen, your technology with our technology. Innovation. Innovatio

В Армении возобновились протесты
2018-05-02 19:16
В Армении возобновились акции гражданского неповиновения. Их проводят сторонники лидера протестного движения Никола Пашиняна. Парламент во время голосования за премьер-министра провалил кандидатуру Пашиняна

Остров из мусора перекрыл течение реки в Барнауле
2018-05-02 19:25
Барнаульцы обнаружили целый остров из мусора на реке Пивоварке. Он состоит в основном из тысяч пластиковых бутылок, которые покрывают всю поверхность реки и полностью парализуют течение. Жители Барнаула выразили желание самостоятельно убрать мусор, пока он не попал в Обь. Экологическая акция планируется на следующих выходных.

Болельщик ЧМ-2018 едет на велосипеде из Египта в Россию
2018-05-02 19:26
Футбольный фанат из Египта решил доехать на чемпионат мира на велосипеде. 24-летний Мохамед Нуфал хочет поддержать национальную сборную, которая не выступала на чемпионате 28 лет. Путешествие в Россию должно занять 65 дней. Маршрут длиной в 5 тысяч километров проходит через такие страны как Болгария, Румыния, Молдова и Украина. Сейчас мужчина находится на территории Болгарии. Его поездку поддерживает Министерство молодежи и спорта Египта.

Маленький жираф из Далласа
2018-05-02 19:34
В зоопарке техасского Далласа на свет появился детеныш жирафа. Это уже второй детеныш самки жирафа по имени Кристалл, которая практически стала знаменитостью. У маленького жирафа пока нет имени, и руководство зоопарка обещало объявить его пол в конце недели

USA: Newly sworn-in Sec. of State Pompeo pledges to dismantle NK nuclear program 'without delay'
2018-05-02 19:46
Mike Pompeo claimed that the USA is committed to the dismantling of North Korea's nuclear program «without delay» as he was sworn as the new US Secretary of State on Wednesday in Washington. *FULL SCRIPT TO FOLLOW*

South Africa: Fire and destruction as police intervene in settlement clashes
2018-05-02 19:59
A service delivery protest in Cape Town’s Mitchells Plain turned violent on Wednesday as police intervened in clashes which had broken out between Siqalo informal settlement residents and Mitchells Plain residents over blocked roads. Clashes began when the two sides started exchanging stones. A vehicle along with a fruit stall and an ATM were set ablaze and police reportedly arrested several protesters. Siqalo informal settlement residents were protesting over lack of electricity and sanitation services when clashes started to unfold.

Israel: 'Tremendous' partnership — Abe and Netanyahu talk trade
2018-05-02 20:32
Israel: Abe meets with Netanyahu for closer bilateral relations Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to make the partnership between Israel and Japan better, during a meeting with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Netanyahu said there has been «a tremendous growth in Japanese investments in Israel» and «Israeli investments in Japan.» «We have to make sure that we can fly directly,» he added. Abe in return invited his Israeli counterpart to Japan in the near future, saying he hopes to «see further investment development between the two sides.» Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Wednesday. Trade was top of the agenda, with Netanyahu praising «a tremendous growth in Japanese investments in Israel [and] Israeli investments in Japan.» «This is a good partnership and we'll make it even better in this visit,» he added. Abe has since invited the Israeli PM to Japan, in an effort to strengthen what he termed: «further investment development between the two sides.»

Протесты в Армении
2018-05-02 20:32
В Армении продолжаются протесты против правящей Республиканской партии

Американцы и Холокост
2018-05-02 20:46
Новая выставка в Мемориальном музее Холокоста демонстрирует: изоляционистские принципы могут привести к катастрофе

Помпео принял присягу
2018-05-02 20:57
В присутствии президента Трампа и вице-президента Пенса, новый госсекретарь США Майк Помпео был приведен к присяге. В своем выступлении на церемонии он упомянул о текущих внешнеполитических задачах США

Новости США за 60 секунд — 02 мая 2018 года
2018-05-02 22:13
Помпео принял присягу // Нобель для Трампа // Российское расследование // Книга Маккейна // Крушение самолета

Жара с грозой в начале мая. Москва испытала все прелести тропического климата
2018-05-02 22:15
После почти июльского зноя на город обрушился ливень со шквалистым ветром − Москва 24

Горожане опасаются новой грозы в столице
2018-05-02 22:15
Чего ждать от погоды в первый рабочий день на этой неделе?

Последний бой − он трудный самый
2018-05-02 22:20
Госдеп: американский спецназ в Сирии начал финальную фазу по нейтрализации ИГИЛ

Конфликт судебных вердиктов
2018-05-02 22:20
Техас и еще 6 штатов подали иск с требованием ликвидировать программу, защищающую детей нелегальных иммигрантов

США: военный самолет разбился в штате Джорджия
2018-05-02 22:20
Грузовой самолет С-130 Национальной гвардии США разбился вблизи аэропорта города Саванна, штат Джорджия. Командование военной авиации США сообщило о гибели по меньшей мере пяти человек

Село Барлук в Западном Приангарьи — пережило ночь пожаров
2018-05-02 22:37
Сообщают народные корреспонденты «ЭкоГрада» из Барлука. За день потушили 16 очагов. 4 действуют. 5 локализовано. Организованы ночное дежурство и оповещение

Germany: Rhineland-Palatinate to facilitate age assessments of refugee minors
2018-05-02 22:37
Rhineland-Palatinate plans to make the age assessment of young refugees more efficient, according to the state officials in a meeting in Mainz on Wednesday. Integration State Secretary Christiane Rohleder said that the state will deal more consistently with cases with doubts about the age of an unaccompanied minor refugee. «A standardised method» will be established. Medical examinations must be carried out, if there are still doubts about the age after the inspection on identification papers and a visual examination, State Director of Social Affairs, Youth and Provision Detlef Placzek stated.

Armenia: 'We are calling for immediate handling of unacceptable situation' — Republican party leader
2018-05-02 22:39
Vagram Bagdasaryan, leader of the Republican Party, called on Wednesday for the situation in the streets across the country to come to an end, whilst speaking in Parliament in Yerevan. «We insist on returning to the constitutional way of acting,» he said. The rally is being held on the Republican Square in Yerevan for the second day. People gathered at the main square of Yerevan holding banners and candles and also performing on stage. The protests began when Pashinyan's candidacy as the PM was rejected by the parliament on Tuesday, with 55 deputies voting against him and 45 in favor. On May 8th, the Armenian parliament is due to hold the second vote to elect the country's prime minister. Under Armenian law, in case the parliament fails to elect the head of the government for a second time, the parliament is to be dissolved.

Познакомиться в Facebook
2018-05-02 22:40
Facebook собирается добавить новый «романтический» сервис — соцсеть объявила о запуске службы знакомств

Канье Уэст назвал рабство выбором темнокожих
2018-05-02 22:46
Lantern Capital купила обанкротившуюся компанию Харви Вайнштейна // Джейк Джилленхол сыграет дирижера Леонарда Бернстайна // На Джонни Деппа подали в суд собственные охранники

Turkmenistan: World’s largest port below sea level opens in Turkmenbashi
2018-05-02 22:49
Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony of a new international cargo and passenger seaport on the Caspian Sea, in Turkmenbashi on Wednesday. «Probably it's time to carefully consider the importance of the Great Silk Road revival in this century,» he noted. According to the former Dutch Transport Minister Roelf de Boer, «it is the port with everything on it: passengers, cargoes, containers — even up to 400,000 TUs a year.» During the opening ceremony the port received two Guinness world record diplomas. It was recognised as the largest harbor port below sea level with the largest artificial island below sea level. The $1.5 billion (€1.25bn) seaport spreads over 1.3 square kilometers, and according to the Turkmenistan's state it will triple Turkmenistan's cargo handling capacity. The cargo terminal includes a common cargo terminal, a bulk cargo terminal, a container terminal and a polypropylene terminal.

Armenia: Opposition supporters hold concert in support of Pashinyan
2018-05-02 22:56
A mass strike took place in the Republican Square in Yerevan where opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan, who spearheads the protest, is expected to speak, Wednesday. People gathered at the main square of Yerevan holding banners and candles and performed on the stage. The protests began when Pashinyan's candidacy for PM was rejected by the parliament on Tuesday, with 55 deputies voting against him and 45 in favor. On May 8th, the Armenian parliament is due to hold the second vote to elect the country’s prime minister. Under the Armenian law, in case the parliament fails to elect the head of the government for the second time, the parliament is to be dissolved.

Трамп и доктор
2018-05-02 23:00
Бывший личный доктор Дональда Трампа пожаловался на то, что стал жертвой помощников президента США и сообщил, что во время избирательной кампании 2016 года Трамп лично продиктовал справку о состоянии своего здоровья.

Заграничная оппозиция
2018-05-02 23:00
Армяне, живущие за пределами исторической родины, помогают своим митингующим соотечественникам

Блокировка Telegram и «Цифровое сопротивление»
2018-05-02 23:00
Роскомнадзор продолжает бороться с мессенджером

Belgium: European Parliament debates 'wolf pack' rape case
2018-05-02 23:10
The European Parliament debated whether member states are complying with internationally agreed definitions of rape, in the wake of the ‘wolf pack’ case currently engulfing Spain. Spanish Member of Parliament Tania Gonzalez called the session to demand countries adopt measures ratified under the Istanbul Convention, including the criminalisation of all non-consensual sexual acts. «Only yes means yes,» she told MEPs. Colleagues of Gonzalez lined up to denounce a legal system which seeks to differentiate between non-consensual sex that is violent or non-violent. MEP Iratxe Garcia pointed out that only nine European countries define rape as non-consensual sex regardless of whether violence or intimidation occurred. The 'wolf pack' case led to national outcry in Spain. Five men were accused of gang raping an 18-year-old woman during the San Fermin 'running of the bulls' festival on July 7, 2016. They were convicted for sexual abuse, instead of the more serious charge of rape. Judges ruled there was no violence or intimidation used in the act.

USA: At least 5 killed as military planes crashes in Savannah
2018-05-02 23:16
Emergency services and police arrived at the crash site of a military plane in Savannah, Georgia, where at least five people were killed in the incident, on Wednesday. The Lockheed C-130 Hercules military plane, according to reports, was seen flying dangerously low before it crashed approximately 10 miles (16km) from Hunter Army Airfield. The aircraft was involved in a training mission, according to the National Guard statement.

Майк Помпео официально стал госсекретарем
2018-05-02 23:30
Дональд Трамп приехал в Госдепартамент, чтобы привести к присяге нового государственного секретаря.

Настоящее Время. Америка — 2 мая 2018
2018-05-02 23:39
Юридическая команда Трампа готовится к возможному вызову в суд по российскому делу. Американские армяне вышли на митинги в поддержку земляков. Ненасильственное и виртуальное. В сети набирает оборот «цифровое сопротивление»

Turkey: There’s a new Erdogan in town! Man with identical name runs for office
2018-05-03 00:16
A 20-year-old man who has the identical name as Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced his candidacy for parliament in the Turkish Black Sea region in Samsun on Wednesday. The student in Political Science and Public Administration at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, who is no relation to the country`s president, said he admired his leader. He told the press conference «Dear precious citizens, I’d like to share with you that, I, as your brother raised in the high school organisation of AK Party, which is operating as a factory among AK Party organisations, am devoted to my ideals and admiring my leader. This is the first step of us, the youth, in politics. I announced that I’m a candidate for nomination from Samsun, the city I was born and raised in, for the election of the president of the Republic on June 24.»

Switzerland: IOC executive board briefs on DPRK, medal reallocation
2018-05-03 00:23
(IOC) Executive Board meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board briefed journalists on several issues ranging from the selection of new chair IOC Coordination Commission for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, DPRK Olympic participation in light of Korean Peninsula peace talks, and medal reallocation plans in a press conference in Lausanne on Wednesday. Speaking at a press briefing in Lausanne following the first day of the IOC Executive Board meeting, IOC Spokesperson Mark Adams noted that Spain's Juan Antonio Samaranch, who had become interim chair of the Commission for the term of Alexander Zhukov's suspension of membership in the IOC over the Russian doping scandal, would remain in his interim position until May 29, when election of the new Head of the Russian Olympic Committee takes place. The IOC board is meeting at the Lausanne Palace Hotel on May 2 and 3, 2018. Members of the EB are scheduled to listen to a number of reports from the Organising Committees of the upcoming Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games, various IOC commissions, as well as updates on the activities of the IOC administration. On Thursday the IOC EB is expected to listen to an anti-doping report. Later on the day IOC President Thomas Bach is due to give a press conference on the results of a two-day convention.

USA: Puerto Rico C-130 crashes in Georgia killing five on board
2018-05-03 01:30
M/S Smoking wreckage W/S Scene M/S Smoking wreckage M/S Press M/S Emergency vehicles Police and military brief the media after a military plane crashed in Savannah, Georgia on Wednesday killing at least five people. The Lockheed C-130 Hercules military plane on a training mission was seen flying dangerously low before it crashed approximately 10 miles (16km) from Hunter Army Airfield. Footage shows fire crews continuing to extinguish the blaze at the crash site. Senior Master Sgt. Roger Parsons, U.S Air National Guard, said, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters at the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. This is never a fun incident, and we’re with him, we are here to support them and we will be with the entire time to support them.”

Italy: Tense scenes as Liverpool fans face off with police in Rome
2018-05-03 01:38
Tight security measures in Rome avoided violent clashes ahead of the second leg of the Champions League's semi-final between Rome and Liverpool on Wednesday. Around 3000 British supporters were guided to Villa Borghese Park in the city centre before hopping on special buses to the stadium. In the park, there were chants and smoke bombs amid tense scenes but no major clashes between the supporters and the police. Despite a ban, several Liverpool supporters were found drinking alcohol in glass bottles. Before the first leg of the semi-final there were severe clashes between Liverpool and Rome supporters, with one Liverpool fan stabbed and left in critical condition. The match ended 4-2 for Roma, but Liverpool advanced to the final, winning 6-7 on aggregate.

Economic Calendar
2018-05-03 09:00
Thursday is a busy day with plenty of news releases, so let's take a closer look with the Economic Calendar. UK Services PMI for April opens this agenda at 8:30 in the morning. Heavy snow hit the services sector in March as the index dropped to the lowest level since the Brexit vote. Flash Euro Zone CPI update for April follows at 9 o’clock. Inflation in the euro area accelerated in the year to March from February’s downwardly revised level of 1.1%. Then it’s busy with North American publications at a half past noon GMT and that includes the US jobless claims. Initial claims were down by 24 thousand in the week that ended April the 21st. US Data run continues with Preliminary Productivity and Costs for the first quarter. Productivity was unchanged in the final quarter of last year, but unit labor costs jumped by 2 and a half percent. US trade stats for March will also be available at this time. Deficit continued widening in February and this was the sixth monthly increase in a row. Canadian trade figures for March wrap up the data run at a half past noon GMT. Deficit widened once again in February from January’s level of 1.9 billion Canadian Dollars. Then there’s a high importance release of US ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI for April at 2 PM. Economic activity in the non-manufacturing sector grew in March for the 98th consecutive month. Swiss Franc traders will be watching closely the speech by the Swiss National Bank Chairman Thomas Jordan in Zurich at 4 PM. Then there’s another high importance event at 1:30 AM as Reserve Bank of Australia announces their monetary policy. China Services PMI for April wraps up this report fifteen minutes later. Services sector growth disappointed in March and the index dropped to a 4 month low of 52.3. You've been watching the Economic Calendar for Thursday, the 3rd of May. I'm ________ and Friday brings the latest US labour report, so check back.

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