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Home Remedies For Stasis Dermatitis

Here are 10 home remedies and natural treatment for stasis dermatitis (venous eczema):

# 1 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used in the traditional Indian medicine for skin diseases, constipation, infections, worm infestation, and as a home remedy for colic. Minerals found in aloe vera are copper, sodium, iron, calcium, zinc, chromium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. In addition, it contains vitamins like A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 (folate), B12, C, and E. All these nutrients have remarkable health benefits.

You can use aloe vera gel on the affected skin area and let it soak into the skin for a few hours. Also, you can mix aloe vera gel with a few drops of vitamin E oil for better results.

# 2 Apple Cide Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is produced from apple cider which has an in-gine fermentation to form health-promoting enzymes and probiotics. In addition, ACV contains vitamin C which includes stress, inflammation and contributes to a healthy immune system.

Dilute the vinegar with water and use it to reduce irritation and itching, relieve inflammation, and encourage a faster healing.

# 3 Horse Chestnut

It is a tree to the Balkan Peninsula. The extract of horse, which derives from its leaves, seeds, bark, and blossoms is commonly added to a variety of herbal cosmetics and medicines.

Furthermore, it is able to reduce inflammation in swollen veins due to its active natural anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it can tone capillaries and blood vessels to prevent edema and other circulatory disorders due to its high content of aesculin and aescin.

# 4 Bromelain

It is an enzyme found in pineapple which helps to reduce irritation and swelling of the skin. These potent anti-inflammatory effects come from E2 and thromboxane A2, hormone-like compounds that are associated with constriction of blood vessels, blood clotting, and the modulation of inflammation.

Additionally, according to recent research, this enzyme has been found to have natural anti-cancer attributes, including tumor growth and promoting apoptotic cell death.

# 5 Baking Soda

Baking soda, also referred to as sodium bicarbonate , is an alkaline substance that is useful in administering healthy pH levels. Baking soda also exfoliates the skin to remove the excess dead cells and moisture on the skin surface. In addition, it has natural skin cleansing and antiseptic qualities.soda, also referred as

Use a cup of sodium bicarbonate in a cool bath and soak for about 30 minutes for optimal relief.

# 6 Soak In An Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is a humectant, meaning that it helps moisturize the skin. The multiple benefits of oatmeal are due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, called avenanthramides. To treat itchy skin inflammation, it is recommended to soak in a colloidal oatmeal bath, available in preparations, like - Aveeno.

# 7 Calendula

Calendula is an annual flower that is native to the northern Mediterranean countries. Calendula was used in making teas for soothing the stomach, however, it is currently used in small quantities to produce creams for skin care.

This medicinal herb can increase oxygen, blood, and blood flow to the area around a wound, helping the human body grow new tissue, therefore, it helps to speed up the healing process, according to research from the University of Maryland.

Note - do not use calendula if you are allergic to plants in the Asteraceae / Compositae family, such as - chamomile, ragweed, and echinacea.

# 8 Frankincense Essential Oil

It is typically used in topical formulations and is considered one of the best essential oils to promote healing, reduce swelling, and even improve skin tenderness.

Frankincense is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, hence, it is excellent for reducing redness. To use this essential oil, you just need to apply small amounts on the affected skin area.

# 9 Honey

It is another great anti-inflammatory properties. To use it, you just need to rinse the affected skin with warm water, then apply a thin layer of honey. After half an hour, rinse with water. Another method to use honey as a home remedy is to combine 2 tbps of honey and 1 tbs of cinnamon powder and use topically on the affect skin area.

# 10 Cool Compresses

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, cool compresses ease the symptoms by reducing skin inflammation temporarily. You can use a cool three times a day for instant relief.

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