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What should I do after I submitted my Form N-565, application for certificate replacement?

After you gathered the necessary documentation, paid the filing fee, and mailed all the documents with application to USCIS, you need to wait for several notifications. Here are they: Notice of receipt us-immigrationhelp com. You will be notified by USCIS that they are processing your application. You will have one or two letters from USCIS: the receipt notice itself and, sometimes, the letter with instructions how to use a USCIS account, which was automatically created for you. Biometrics interview If USCIS considers that your application is incomplete, they will appoint an interview to get your fingerprints, signature, and photographs. You will have to pay an additional fee besides the filing fee ($555). The biometrics fee is $85, and you must pay this exact amount. Instructions how to pay will be mailed to your address. Note that you do not need to pay the biometrics fee beforehand: only pay for the biometrics services when USCIS explicitly asks you to do so.

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