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Poland changes its mind to buy US F-35s and Patriot systems for $12 billion

Despite the fact that Washington agreed to sell the fifth-generation F-35 fighter aircraft and the Patriot air defense/missile defense system to Poland, the Polish side was seriously thinking about refusing such a deal, the amount of which is $12 billion, reports usanewstoday.live.

The cause for concern was the incredibly high cost, while if Washington sells fighters for $85 million to its allies, then Warsaw will have to fork out for $203 million for one combat aircraft.

Poland also has no fewer doubts about the purchase of the Patriot air defense system, which is due to the rather low efficiency of this system, which, in fact, failed its tasks in Saudi Arabia.

Specialists suggest Poland pay attention to European fighters, which in fact are not much inferior in combat potential to the American F-35s. At the same time, as a replacement for the American Patriot, Warsaw may well conclude a profitable deal with Beijing, which has quite good air defense and missile defense systems in its arsenal.

“Under certain conditions, Poland could well acquire the Russian S-300 and S-400, but rather complicated relations between the two countries, as well as pressure from the United States, are unlikely to provide Warsaw with such an opportunity,” the expert notes.

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