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“Act of war”: in Riyadh commented on Iran's involvement in attacks on oil facilities


In the case of evidence of Iran’s full participation in the attack on Saudi Aramco’s enterprises, Riyadh will regard this as a military action. This was stated by Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adele al-Jubair, reports usanewstoday.live.

“We blamed Iran because the drones and missiles launched in Saudi Arabia were Iranian-made. But the attack from your (Iran) territory, if this is really the case, puts us in a different position. This will be regarded as an act of war.” — said the diplomat.

We previously reported that Saudi Aramco’s national oil company was attacked by ten drones. The responsibility was borne by the Yemeni rebels from the Ansar Allah movement (Hussites). In particular, the largest oil refinery complex in the world near the city of Abkaik, where many Western specialists live, as well as an oil refinery in the Khurais region, in which the kingdom's second-largest oil field is located, was attacked. As a result of what happened, Saudi Arabia reduced oil production by 5.7 million barrels per day from almost 10 million barrels.

Recall earlier, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo accused the Iranian authorities of involvement in attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

In turn, US President Donald Trump said that, in case of need, he ordered oil to be allocated from the country's reserves to stabilize the situation in the oil market after attacks on Saudi Arabia's facilities.

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