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Leaders and Outsiders of the candidate democrats identified


The primaries in New Hampshire ended. They went perfectly well, especially in comparison with the chaos that was happening in Iowa. But here, there were some surprises.

Bernie Sanders, who was hoping to win a landslide victory, ended up bypassing Pete Buttigic with only a small margin. And this despite the fact that Sanders had a gigantic political machine of volunteers and supporters throughout the state. But due to the low turnout — especially among young people, Sanders' key electorate, he could not even come close to the desired barrier of 30% of the vote, reports usatodaynews.live.

Sanders managed to get only about half of the result that he had in 2016. Of course, then he had only one strong competitor, and not eight, as now. Nevertheless, Sander's headquarters needs to change their strategy for mobilizing voters, otherwise, the victory will again slip away from them.

As for the two obvious losers — Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, they are in the balance of recognition of defeat and exit the race. It is likely that Warren and Biden will somehow reach the Super Tuesday on March 3rd, but in any case, they will be much behind the leading candidates.

Amy Klobuchar showed a good result, taking third place. However, she does not shine much in the next in line Nevada and South Carolina. She plays the role of a serious spoiler for Buttigic, delaying the voices of moderate Democrats and facilitating the task of victory for Sanders.

In turn, Donald Trump easily secured the record support of his party's supporters among all US presidents who have ever participated in the primaries of New Hampshire. With 120 thousand votes and 86%, he surpassed the indicators of Obama in 2012, Bush Jr. in 2004, Clinton in 1996 and Reagan in 1984.

The main surprise from Trump came from the White House itself. Directly the night of the primaries, Attorney General William Barr announced the dismissal of five federal prosecutors investigating Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. This could be a great reason for discussion if it was not held on election day.

After New Hampshire, Buttijic continues to hold first place in the number of delegates, he has 23 of them, followed by Sanders from 21st. Warren, Klobuchar, and Biden have 8, 7 and 6, respectively. The situation at the primaries of the democrats is becoming increasingly polarized: there is a high risk that for the party congress, none of the candidates will simply get the majority of the delegates' votes.

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