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I'm Brant Cary, I am from the Canada, I am concentrated on the sales and manufacturing of concrete and also building and construction equipment, I know with the real estate task advancement process, building legislation as well as relevant building and construction market policies and also acceptance requirements, master the building and construction procedure of civil engineering, a specific engineering plan review capability, good building website organization and control, project management capacities. Rich experience in building management as well as practical experience in handling a group, strong capacity to resist pressure as well as aggressive work. Diligent and also committed, honest, favorable, positive, with a strong sense of obligation. Unbiased, receptive, with strong abstract thought capacity, very easy to approve new knowledge promptly. Presently, our company creates the following equipments: laser screed, power screed, power trowel, truss screed, concrete finishing machine as well as concrete planer, welcome good friends from all walks of life to buy and also get in touch with.