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Английский для начинающих и продолжающих The Ransom of Red Chief - 3

Английский для начинающих и продолжающих

The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry (2)

О. Генри. Вождь краснокожих

"Red Chief," says I to the kid [kId] (малыш), "would you like to go home?"

"Aw, what for?" (Зачем?) says he. "I don't have any fun at home. I hate to go to school. I like to camp out (ночевать в палатках, на открытом воздухе). You won't take me back home again, Snake-eye, will you?"

"Not right away," (не сейчас) says I. "We'll stay here in the cave [keIv] (пещера) a while."

"All right!" says he. "That'll be fine. I never had such fun in all my life."

We went to bed about eleven o'clock. We spread down some wide blankets ['blxNkIts] (шерстяные одеяла) and quilts [kwIlts] (стеганые одеяла) and put Red Chief between us. We weren't afraid he'd run away. He kept us awake for three hours, jumping up and reaching for his rifle ['raIfl] (ружьё) and screeching ['skri:CIN] (крича дурным голосом): "Hist ! pard ," in mine and Bill's ears, as the fancied (почудившийся) crackle ['krxkl] (хруст) of a twig [twIg] (веточки) or the rustle ['rAsl] (шуршание) of a leaf revealed  [rI'vi:ld] (выдавали) to his young imagination the stealthy ['stelTI] (тайное) approach [q'prquC] (приближение) of the outlaw ['autlL] (разбойников) band. At last, I fell into a troubled ['trAbld] (беспокойный) dreamed [drI:md] (сон) that I had been kidnapped ['kIdnxpt] (похищен) and chained [CeInd] (прикован) to a tree by a ferocious [fq'rquSqs] (жестоким) pirate ['paIqrIt] (пиратом) with red hair. 

Just at daybreak ['deIbreIk] (рассвете), I was awakened [q'weIkqnd] (разбужен) by a series ['sIqrJz] of awful ['Lful] (ужасных) screams [skri:mz] (криков) from Bill. They weren't yells [jelz] (пронзительный крик), or howls [haulz] (стон), or shouts, or whoops [hu:ps] (возгласы), or yalps [] (визги), such as you'd expect from a manly ['mxnlI] (мужских) set of vocal ['vqukql] (голосовых) organs -- they were simply ['sImplI] (просто) indecent [In'dJsnt] (неприличный), terrifying ['terIfaIIN] (вселяющие ужас), humiliating [hjH'mIlIeItIN] (унизательные) screams [skri:mz] (вопли), such as women emit [I'mIt] (испускают) when they see ghosts [gqusts] (привидения) or caterpillars ['kxtqpIlqz] (гусеницы). It's an awful ['Lful] (ужасная) thing to hear a strong, desperate ['despqrIt] (отъявленный), fat man scream [skrJm] (вопит) incontinently [In'kPntInqntlI] (непристойно) in a cave [keIv] (пещера) at daybreak ['deIbreIk] (рассвете).

I jumped up to see what the matter was. Red Chief was sitting on Bill's chest, with one hand twined [twaInd] (вцепившейся) in Bill's hair. In the other he had the sharp [SRp] (острый) case-knife we used for slicing ['slaIsIN] (нарезания) bacon ['beIkqn] (бекона); and he was industriously [In'dAstrIqslI] (старательно) and realistically [rIq'lIstIkli] (реально) trying to take Bill's scalp [skxlp] (скальп), according to the sentence that had been pronounced upon [q'pPn] him (в соответствии с вынесенным ему приговором) the evening before.

I got the knife away from the kid [kId] (ребёнок) and made him lie down again. But, from that moment, Bill's spirit was broken. He laid down on his side of the bed, but he never closed an eye again in sleep as long as (покуда) that boy was with us. I dozed [dquzd] off (дремал) for a while, but along toward [tq'wO:d] (ближе к) sun-up I remembered that Red Chief had said I was to be burned at the stake [steIk] (столбе) at the rising of the sun. I wasn't nervous or afraid; but I sat up and lit [lIt] (зажёг) my pipe and leaned against a rock.

 To be continued...

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