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A Few Minutes Of English. Несколько Минут Английского #3. Джонская собака или details matter

A Few Minutes of English

Выпуск #3 / 15 сентября 2017

Начни думать по-английски,

и тебе больше никогда не нужен будет репетитор.

Джонская собака или details matter


 Hello, dear friends!

Сегодня we are determined to (мы намерены) обсудить с вами тему притяжательного падежа, поскольку иногда нам совсем без него не обойтись.

Long time ago (когда-то давно) на занятии we came across the text (нам попался текст/мы столкнулись) с названием Johns dog. And even though (и хотя) перевод seemed to be easy (казался легким), студент перевел это сочетание как джонская собака. Вполне логично, но звучит несколько ругательно. Поэтому lets remember (давайте запомним), что такие обороты мы переводим крест-накрест. И вот уже ругательная джонская собака становится собакой Джона.

Imagine (представьте) прогулку по магазинам in case (в случае) вы хотите запастись продуктами. You will go to the butcher’s (мясная лавка), fishmonger’s (рыбная лавка) or grocer’s (овощная лавка). Если вам понадобятся цветы on a special occasion (на особый случай), then you will head to (вы направитесь) florist’s. И, конечно же, нам не обойтись без hairdresser’s (женский парикмахер) and  barber’s (мужской парикмахер; цирюльник).

Еще крайне часто мы можем услышать такой диалог:

 - Where are you? (Ты где?)

 - Im at Toms (т.е. Я сейчас у Тома в гостях)

P.S. Мы добавляем -‘s к последнему существительному в группе. Например, Paul and Peter’s business. Т.е. бизнес Пола и Питера (совместный).

НО: -‘s к каждому существительному из группы, когда у каждого свое.

Pauls and Peters wives (жены Пола и Питера; у каждого своя жена)


Part 3

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 JZ: That’s good. So do you think, erm…I’m just going to come back, cause we moved a little bit from career. The job that you are doing at the moment, has it always been your dream job? Or like you said you wanted to work in tourism? Do you manage to put them two together in any way?

EC: I think deep in my mind that’s what I always wanted to do. Not necessarily being a beautician, I was more interested in what we call it in Lithuania “cosmetologist”; they are only dealing with skin problems. But maybe I just took the wrong course. It’s just the way it works in the UK, you have to do level 1, level 2, and then you become a beautician. You have to learn all the beauty treatments. And I think then you can do other separate courses about skin treatments. Erm, that’s what I always wanted to do, but I’m not sure how it happened, that I ended up studying tourism in Lithuania. Maybe there was a little bit of pressure from my parents. They said “you have to study in a college, you have to become a manager, and you have to be this and that”. But then in the end I went back to what I really liked doing, here in the UK.

JZ: Good.

EC: There are a lot of courses in college, they are not expensive.

JZ: So you did college here to get your qualification.

EC: Yeah, Bournemouth and Poole college.

JZ: Did you find it useful? Or is there something that you wish you wouldn’t have done?

EC: I found it really useful, actually. Of course there were some…you know, some teachers you like, some teachers you don’t like. But at the end of the day, you get your diploma; you have your qualification, you will never end up without a job.

JZ: So, was it easy to find a job then?

EC: Yes, it was easy. I was surprised; I thought that they weren’t going to employ me, I didn’t have much experience in beauty industry, I only did the course, and my English, you know, I still struggle with my English sometimes. But I found a job in few weeks.

JZ: Alright, that was quite quick. Do you continue to do courses, or not at the moment, not anymore?

EC: I do always. You have to in this kind of job. Every year some new technologies are coming out.

JZ: Do you do them through work or do you have to fund them yourself?

EC: For some of them I pay myself, but now my company provides some of the courses, they are paying for me to attend them, so am happy about it. I don’t need to pay!

JZ: That’s good, isn’t it?

EC: Yeah.


To be continued…


Please, complete exercises below.

Find equivalents in Englishin the text (in no particular order):

В конце концов (в тексте есть два варианта)

Получается ли у тебя совмещать...?

Иногда я все еще прилагаю очень много усилий...

Я думала, что мне не дадут работу...

Просто так заведено в Великобритании...

Мои родители немного давили на меня

Я не уверена, как так случилось, что...

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