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A Few Minutes Of English. Несколько Минут Английского #16. Так будущее или настоящее?

A Few Minutes Of English
Выпуск 16 / 15 декабря 2017

Начни думать по-английски,
и тебе больше никогда не нужен будет репетитор.

Так будущее или настоящее?

Hello, dear friends!

We continue talking about (мы продолжаем разговор о) Present Continuous. В прошлом выпуске we found out (выяснили), что мы употребляем его, когда говорим о том, что происходит сейчас, в данный момент времени. Например:
Call me back later, please. Im working. (Перезвони мне, пожалуйста, позже, я сейчас работаю).
Но у Present Continuous есть еще одно шикарное asset (преимущество). Мы можем его использовать в отношении будущего, особенно с глаголами «путешествия»: go, arrive, travel, leave, etc.
I’m leaving tonight. (Я уезжаю сегодня).
- I'm working on Saturday (Я работаю в эту субботу).
- I’m going to Paris next weekend. (Я еду в Париж на следующих выходных).

Или же еще один распространенный вариант: Im seeing my friends tonight. (Сегодня вечером я встречаюсь с друзьями).
Таким образом, мы можем использовать Present Continuous, когда говорим о том, что происходит в данный момент, о каком-то нетипичном для нас действии (Im staying at the hotel – я остановился в гостинице, т.е. не живу в ней пожизненно, а временно, пока отдыхаю) или же о договоренности в будущем (Im seeing my friends tonight – я встречаюсь с друзьями сегодня вечером, т.е. мы все созвонились, определились, договорились и точно встречаемся).

Всего лишь одна грамматическая конструкция (am, is, are + глагол с ing), а столько opportunities (возможностей) рассказать о том, что происходит в Вашей жизни.


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JZ: Another thing I wanted to ask you. I think, was it last year you mentioned you did the charity walk, was it?

LB: Yeah.

JZ: Tell me about that.

LB: That was good. So, I… It was a charity walk in high heels for a charity in Bournemouth called “Over the rainbow”, so it’s specialising in helping gay people - homosexuals - to go there and they can get any sort of… hepatitis B injections, or free condoms. Do you know what I mean? The stuff that can prevent sexual diseases and stuff like that.

JZ: Yeah.

LB: Or if you’re coming out and you’ve got questions about your sexuality, you can go there and it’s all confidential, and they can help you. Because a lot of people do commit suicide from coming out or feeling the pressures of just being gay in a normal society, which is a lot more open now, understandably, but there’s still a lot of issues. So they are trying to just give them like a warm hug into society if that makes sense.

JZ: Yeah.

LB: So, and obviously when I moved down to Bournemouth when I came out, that’s where I first went and spoke to them, and they helped me.

JZ: So now you help them.

LB: Yeah, so then obviously if there is any way... and there’re a lot of people around me with my Pilates and I raised over £760.

JZ: Really?

LB: For it. Just for a walk. I mean everyone wanted to see me in high heels, that’s why.

JZ: You need to make it fun, don’t you?

LB: Exactly. But it was good, I mean, me and my partner went out to Marks and Spenser’s and I was trying on high heels. And everyone was looking at me.

JZ: How was that?

LB: But I just thought “Do you know what, it’s 2017”.

JZ: Did you keep your shoes?

LB: Yeah, they’re in the cupboard, I haven’t worn them since, but they are there just in case I ever try and pull another one off I suppose. But that was good! No blisters, no rubbing.

JZ: Really?

LB: No.

JZ: That’s Marks and Spencer’s isn’t it?

LB: Marks and Spencer’s!

JZ: Do you a lot of things like that?

LB: I try and help out charities as much as I possibly can; normally with events rather than just giving. I try and put… I try and put my body through it for them, for people who can’t. Say, like British Heart Foundation, I do a lot for Diabetes, cause my partner has got a diabetes, a lot of cancer research. I’ve done and eight hours spin. That was horrific… But we raised a lot of money.

JZ: Could you walk after that?

LB: No!

 Дорогие друзья! Dear friends!

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