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No warning received creating duplicate Person documents in Domino

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При установке Lotus Notes Client Full(Adm+Desig+Client) 8.5 постоянно вываливается ошибка
"File C:\Program Files\lotus\notes\framework\.provisioning_rc not found. Provisioning process failed to launch or was terminated before status could be determined."
WinXP x64
Рядом на WinXP x32 все отлично ставится... немогу понять что я делаю не так.
на ibm.com кое-что нашел, но оно не помагает.
Может кто сталкивался ? Подскажите плиз

Покачто пришел ко мнению что проблема в sametime но непонятно то именно sad.gif

Кстати при этом 8.01 ставится, но только бейсик, полный не ствится с той же ошибкой.
Есть два установленных клиента - на рабочем компе и на ноуте, на обоих id пользователя лежит в Data. Теперь такая ситуация: на рабочем компе был сменен пароль на вход в Лотус и запрошено продление сертификата, сертификат был подписан и отправлен назад. Пользователь установил себе сертификат на рабочем компе. Что теперь будет на ноуте? Я так понимаю что пароль будет старый, а потом что? Сертификат будет продлен автоматом и поменяется ли пароль на тот, который пользователь вбил на рабочем компе или нужно проделать те же самые операции, а ещё лучше скопировать id с рабочего на ноут?
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Anthony Holmes lists five scenarios where the Notes Shared Login can be used with both Windows and Sametime logins and how to make them work.

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Tap here to learn more about this set of 73 administrative utilities for Lotus Notes & Domino.

Darren Duke provides the list of fixes included in Fix Pack 1 (FP and a link to help you get updated.

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In this 6-minute podcast, IBMers Andrew Freed, Mike Gering, and Stephen Schmidt, talk about virtual appliances, the Open Virtualization Standard, and the Eclipse-based OVF Tookit.

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The school I went to in Mansfield made the front page of BBC News the other day for all the wrong reasons - "Pupil murder bid" teacher held. That's right, a teacher (allegedly) tried to kill a pupil in a classroom in front of all the other kids. The shock I guess is that it wasn't the other way round. Pupil trying to kill teacher? Nah, no news there.

It was a good school when I (and Karen) were there back in the late eighties and early nineties, but, apparently, has gone downhill recently. When I was there I remember living in fear of the teachers, as it should be. Although I never thought they actually would kill me.

When we have friends round for dinner and I've had a few drinks I like to throw in a controversial statement or too, of which I have many to hand. One being that, since having kids, I've started to see what drives some parents to the point where they completely lose it with their kids. Obviously that doesn't mean I ever would (I never would!) but that's not the point. The point is you start to see what it is that might make somebody reach the point where they snap.

Being the son of a teacher who married a teacher who therefore socialises with a lot of teachers I get to hear a lot of first-hand stories about the way kids are in schools now and it sounds like a sad state of affairs whereby the kids rule and teachers live in fear of them. It doesn't surprise me one bit that it's reached the point where a teacher has completely lost it with a child.

When we first moved to Nottingham Karen worked in an "inner city" school. She'd come home crying every day. It got to the point where, despite not having another job to go to and it meaning we'd be stretched to our financial limits, Karen left - for her own safety if nothing else - and has never looked back.

It strikes me that something needs to be done to redress the balance of teacher/pupil power in schools. It's all gone wrong.

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OpenNTF Alliance Steering Committee Meeting Minutes: July 2nd, 2009 Conference Call Members: Vince Schuurman (Chairman), Bruce Elgort (absent), Nathan Freeman, Ludwig Nastansky, Justin Hill, John Head, Rob Novack, Brent Peters, Scott Johnsen ...
Author: John Turnbow
Tags: Ajax Suggest ftsearch
Would be nice to set up an Ajax Suggest to work off of Full Text and to set the return as one, two, or three "collective" words/sentence to be returned. This type of suggest (in google) would be nice to have as a "suggest" drop down option when searching or selecting and suggesting input data.

Author: Andy Donaldson
Tags: sametime installshield tuner
In the past, I've been able to control the integrated Sametime awareness status for people using the basic clients by adding the following lines to the Notes client's notes.ini with InstallShield Tuner:
The Standard R8.x client does not recognize those settings and therefore, the user is responsable for having to go in and change those settings.  I would like to see either a desktop policy that will allow for admins to control those settings or give admins some control to at least put those setting in place during the install/upgrade.
I feel that this is an overlooked setting and would like to see some more control given to it.

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You do not receive a warning in Domino if you create duplicate Person documents with the same name.
Domino server crashes with the error "PANIC: HandleToPointer: bad handle, out of map range".
When a user sends a plaintext message from the client, and the client is set to do the conversion to MIME (html/text), the body and html tags are not included as a part of the message.
Pierre Carlson has created an informative post, DeveloperTalk for Lotus Notes Plug-in Development, in the Lotus Expeditor wiki containing both conceptual and task-based information about creating Ecl
In Lotus Notes, you notice that your calendar entries are appearing an hour later than expected. The issue occurs after you adjust the window pane for the Day-At-A-Glance view, but may start to occur after you switch to other windows in your mail file. For example, it has been observed when you open a Group Calendar view and then close it. You only notice the issue when using the One Week view.
Notes 8.0.2 Interim Feature Release 1 is an optional update delivering additional Sametime Entry features for Lotus Notes 8.0.2. This technote provides an answer to frequently asked questions and known issues with Lotus Notes 8.0.2 Interim Feature Release 1.
This document provides an explanation of the differences between Lotus Notes and Domino Maintenance Releases, Fix Packs, and Cumulative Client Hotfixes. It is important to note that client Fix Packs are NEW in 8.0.2 and will help address the most pressing customer issues in a well tested public deliverable.
You attempt to open an email in Notes that was sent from outside your company (SMTP) and your client crashes. This only occurs when you open SMTP messages.
You can push custom or supplied notes.ini and/or Eclipse managed settings to Notes users using the Custom Settings tab on Domino desktop policy page.
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