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The Marvelous Land of Ozt

by L. Frank Baum

Chapter 4. Tip Makes an Experiment [Iks'perImqnt] in Magic

The boy, small and rather delicate ['delIkIt] (хрупкий) in appearance seemed somewhat (немного) embarrassed [Im'bxrqst] (смущен) at being called "father" by the tall, awkward, pumpkinheaded ['pAmpkIn'hedId] (тыквоголовым) man, but to deny [dI'naI] (отрицать) the relationship [rI'leISqnSIp] (родство) would involve [In'vPlv] (вызвало бы) another long and tedious ['tJdjqs] (скучное) explanation ["eksplq'neISqn] (объяснение); so he changed [CeInGd] (сменил) the subject ['sAbGIkt] (тему) by asking, abruptly [q'brAptli] (вдруг):

"Are you tired?"

"Of course not!" replied the other. "But," he continued, after a pause, "it is quite certain I shall wear out (изношу) my wooden joints if I keep on walking."

Tip reflected [rI'flektId] (подумал), as they journeyed ['GE:nId] on (продолжали идти), that this was true. He began to regret [rI'gret] (сожалеть) that he had not constructed [kqn'strAktId] (не сконструировал) the wooden limbs [lImz] (конечности) more carefully and substantially [sqb'stxnSqlI] (основательно). Yet how could he ever have guessed [gest] (мог догадаться) that the man he had made merely to scare [skeq] (напугать) old Mombi with would be brought to life by means of a magical powder contained [kqn'teInd] (содержащегося) in an old pepper-box?

So he ceased [si:st] (перестал) to reproach [rI'prquC] (укорять) himself, and began to think how he might yet remedy ['remIdI] (исправить) the deficiencies [dI'fIS(q)nsiz] (недостатки) of Jack's weak [wJk] (слабых) joints.

While thus engaged [In'geIGd] (занятые) they came to the edge [eG] (опушке) of a wood, and the boy sat down to rest upon an old sawhorse (козлы для пилки) that some woodcutter ['wud"kAtq] (пильщик) had left there.

"Why don't you sit down?" he asked the Pumpkinhead.

"Won't it strain [streIn] (перенапряжет) my joints?" inquired the other.

"Of course not. It'll rest them," declared the boy.

So Jack tried to sit down; but as soon as he bent his joints farther than usual they gave way (прогнулись) altogether [Lltq'geDq] (до конца), and he came clattering ['klxtqrIN] (со стуком) to the ground with such a crash [krxS] (грохотом) that Tip feared he was entirely ruined.

He rushed to the man, lifted him to his feet, straightened ['streItnd] (выпрямил) his arms and legs, and felt of his head to see if by chance [CRns] (случайно) it had become cracked [krxkt] (треснутая). But Jack seemed to be in pretty good shape [SeIp] (форме), after all, and Tip said to him:

"I guess [ges] (полагаю) you'd better remain standing, hereafter [hIqr'Rftq] (впредь). It seems the safest way."

"Very well, dear father." just as you say, replied the smiling Jack, who had been in no wise (никоим образом не) confused [kqn'fjHzd] (смущен) by his tumble ['tAmbl] (падением).

Tip sat down again. Presently the Pumpkinhead asked:

"What is that thing you are sitting on?"

"Oh, this is a horse," replied the boy, carelessly ['keqlIsli] (небрежно).

"What is a horse?" demanded Jack.

"A horse? Why, there are two kinds [kaIndz] (вида) of horses," returned Tip, slightly puzzled how to explain. "One kind of horse is alive, and has four legs and a head and a tail. And people ride upon its back."

"I understand," said Jack, cheerfully "That's the kind of horse you are now sitting on."

"No, it isn't," answered Tip, promptly ['prPmtli] (быстро).

"Why not? That one has four legs, and a head, and a tail." Tip looked at the saw-horse (козлы для пилки) more carefully, and found that the Pumpkinhead was right. The body had been formed [fLmd] (сделано) from a tree-trunk [trANk] (ствола), and a branch [brRnC] (ветка) had been left sticking ['stIkIN] (торчащая) up at one end that looked very much like a tail. In the other end were two big knots [nPts] (сучки) that resembled [rI'zembld] (были похожи на) eyes, and a place had been chopped [CPpt] away (было вырублено) that might easily be mistaken [mIs'teIk(q)n] (ошибочно принято) for the horse's mouth. As for the legs, they were four straight limbs [lImz] (конечности) cut from trees and stuck [stAk] (вставленные) fast into the body, being spread [spred] (расставлены) wide apart [q'pRt] (врозь) so that the saw-horse would stand firmly when a log [lPg] (бревно) was laid [leId] (положено) across it to be sawed ['sLd] (чтобы пилить).

"This thing resembles [rI'zemb(q)lz] (похожа на) a real horse more than I imagined [I'mxGInd] (себе представлял)," said Tip, trying to explain. "But a real horse is alive, and trots [trPts] (идет рысью) and prances ['prRnsIz] (гарцует) and eats [Jts] (ест) oats [quts] (овес), while this is nothing more than a dead horse, made of wood, and used to saw logs [lPgz] (бревна) upon."

"If it were alive, wouldn't it trot [trPt] (идти рысью), and prance [prRns] (гарцевать), and eat oats [quts] (овес)?" inquired the Pumpkinhead.

"It would trot and prance, perhaps; but it wouldn't eat oats," replied the boy, laughing at the idea." And of course it can't ever be alive, because it is made of wood."

"So am I," answered the man.

Tip looked at him in surprise.

"Why, so you are!" he exclaimed. "And the magic powder that brought you to life is here in my pocket."

He brought out the pepper box, and eyed [aId] (стал рассматривать) it curiously.

"I wonder," said he, musingly ['mjHzINli] (задумчиво), "if it would bring the saw-horse to life."

"If it would," returned Jack, calmly for nothing seemed to surprise him, "I could ride on its back, and that would save my joints from wearing ['weqrIN] out (износа)."

"I'll try it!" cried the boy, jumping up. "But I wonder if I can remember the words old Mombi said, and the way she held her hands up."

He thought it over for a minute ['mInIt], and as he had watched [wPCt] (наблюдал) carefully from the hedge [heG] (изгороди) every motion ['mquSqn] (движение) of the old witch, and listened to her words, he believed [bI'li:vd] (полагал) he could repeat [rI'pi:t] (повторить) exactly what she had said and done.

So he began by sprinkling ['sprINklIN] (посыпав) some of the magic Powder of Life from the pepperbox ['pepqbPks] (перечницы) upon the body of the saw-horse. Then he lifted his left hand, with the little finger pointing upward (вверх), and said: "Weaugh!"

"What does that mean, dear father?" asked Jack, curiously.

"I don't know," answered Tip. Then he lifted his right hand, with the thumb [TAm] (большим пальцем) pointing upward (вверх) and said: "Teaugh!"

"What's that, dear father?" inquired Jack.

"It means you must keep quiet!" replied the boy, provoked [prq'vqukt] (раздраженный) at being interrupted ["Intq'rAptId] (тем, что его прерывают) at so important [Im'pLtqnt] (важный) a moment.

"How fast I am learning ['lE:nIN] (учусь)!" remarked the Pumpkinhead, with his eternal [i:'tE:nl] (вечной) smile.

Tip now lifted both hands above his head, with all the fingers ['fINgqz] (пальцами) and thumbs [TAmz] (большими пальцами) spread [spred] out (растопыренными), and cried in a loud voice: "Peaugh!"

Immediately the saw-horse moved, stretched [streCt] (вытянул) its legs, yawned [jLnd] (зевнул) with its chopped [CPpt] -out (вырубленным) mouth, and shook a few grains [greInz] (крупиц) of the powder off its back. The rest of the powder seemed to have vanished ['vxnISt] (исчез) into the body of the horse.

"Good!" called Jack, while the boy looked on in astonishment [qs'tPnISmqnt] (изумлении). "You are a very clever sorcerer ['sLsqrq] (волшебник), dear father!"

To be continued...


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