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The Marvelous Land of Ozt

by L. Frank Baum

Chapter 5. The Awakening [q'weIknIN ] (пробуждение) of the Saw-horse

The Saw-Horse, finding himself alive, seemed even more astonished [q'stPnISt] (изумленным) than Tip. He rolled his knotty ['nPtI] (сучковатые) eyes from side to side, taking a first wondering view of the world in which he had now so important [Im'pLtqnt] (важное) an existence. Then he tried to look at himself; but he had, indeed, no neck to turn; so that in the endeavor [In'devq] (попытке) to see his body he kept circling ['sE:klIN] (кружиться) around and around, without catching ['kxCIN] (не поймав) even a glimpse [glImps] (мимолетный взгляд) of it. His legs were stiff [stIf] (жесткие) and awkward, for there were no knee [nJ] (коленных) -joints in them; so that presently he bumped [bAmpt] (врезался) against Jack Pumpkinhead and sent that personage tumbling ['tAmblIN] (опрокинул) upon the moss [mPs] (мох) that lined [laInd] (окаймлял) the roadside ['rqudsaId] (обочину).

Tip became alarmed [q'lRmd] (встревожился) at this accident ['xksId(q)nt] (несчастного случая), as well as (так же как и) at the persistence [pq'sIstqns] (постоянства) of the Saw-Horse in prancing ['prRnsIN] (скакания) around in a circle [sE:kl] (по кругу); so he called out:

"Whoa! (тпру) Whoa, there!"

The Saw-Horse paid no attention (не обращал внимания) whatever to this command, and the next instant (мгновение) brought one of his wooden legs down upon Tip's foot so forcibly ['fLsIbli] (сильно) that the boy danced ['dRnst] (затанцевал) away in pain to a safer distance, from where he again yelled [jeld] (закричал):

"Whoa! Whoa, I say!"

Jack had now managed to raise [reIz] himself (подняться) to a sitting ['sItIN] (сидячее) position, and he looked at the Saw-Horse with much interest.

"I don't believe the animal can hear [hIq(r)] (слышать) you," he remarked.

"I shout [Saut] (кричу) loud enough, don't I?" answered Tip, angrily ['xNgrIli] (сердито).

"Yes; but the horse has no ears," said the smiling Pumpkinhead.

"Sure enough! (Точно!) " exclaimed Tip, noting ['nqutIN] (заметив) the fact for the first time. "How, then, am I going to stop him?"

But at that instant the Saw-Horse stopped himself, having concluded [kqn'klHdId] (придя к выводу) it was impossible to see his own body. He saw Tip, however, and came close to the boy to observe [qb'zE:v] (рассмотреть) him more fully.

It was really comical ['kPmIk(q)l] to see the creature walk; for it moved the legs on its right side together, and those on its left side together, as a pacing ['peIsIN] (идущая иноходью) horse does; and that made its body rock sidewise ['saIdwaIz] (качаться из стороны в сторону), like a cradle ['kreIdl] (колыбель).

Tip patted ['pxtId] (похлопал) it upon the head, and said "Good boy! Good Boy!" in a coaxing ['kquksIN] (успокаивающим) tone; and the Saw-Horse pranced [prRnst] (поскакала) away to examine [Ig'zxmIn] (изучить) with its bulging ['bAlGIN] (на выкате) eyes the form of Jack Pumpkinhead.

"I must find a halter ['hLltq] (повод) for him," said Tip; and having made a search in his pocket he produced [prq'djHst] (достал) a roll [rqul] (моток) of strong cord [kLd] (веревки). Unwinding ['An'waIndIN] (размотав) this, he approached [q'prquCt] (подошел к) the Saw-Horse and tied [taId] (привязал) the cord [kLd] (веревку) around its neck, afterward fastening [fRsnIN] (прикрепив) the other end to a large tree. The Saw-Horse, not understanding ["Andq'stxndIN] (понимая) the action ['xkS(q)n] (действие), stepped backward ['bxkwqd] (назад) and snapped [snxpt] (оторвал) the string [strIN] (веревку) easily; but it made no attempt [q'tempt] (попытки) to run away.

"He's stronger than I thought," said the boy, " and rather obstinate ['PbstInIt] (упрямый), too."

"Why don't you make him some ears?" asked Jack. "Then you can tell him what to do."

"That's a splendid ['splendId] (прекрасная) idea!" said Tip. "How did you happen to think of it?"

"Why, I didn't think of it," answered the Pumpkinhead; "I didn't need to, for it's the simplest and easiest thing to do."

So Tip got out his knife and fashioned ['fxS(q)nd] (вырезал) some ears out of the bark (коры) of a small tree.

"I mustn't make them too big," he said, as he whittled ['wItld] (строгал), "or our horse would become a donkey ['dPNkI] (ослом)."

"How is that?" inquired Jack, from the roadside ['rqudsaId] (обочины).

"Why, a horse has bigger ears than a man; and a donkey ['dPNkI] (осел) has bigger ears than a horse," explained Tip.

"Then, if my ears were longer, would I be a horse?" asked Jack.

"My friend," said Tip, gravely ['greIvli] (серьезно), "you'll never be anything but a Pumpkinhead, no matter how big your ears are."

"Oh," returned Jack, nodding; "I think I understand."

"If you do, you're a wonder," remarked the boy "but there's no harm [hRm] (вреда) in thinking ['TINkIN] (думать, что) you understand. I guess [ges] (полагаю) these ears are ready now. Will you hold the horse while I stick them on?"

"Certainly, if you'll help me up (поможешь мне встать)," said Jack.

So Tip raised [reIzd] (поднял) him to his feet, and the Pumpkinhead went to the horse and held its head while the boy bored [bLd] (проделал) two holes [hqulz] (дырки) in it with his knife-blade [bleId] (лезвием) and inserted [In'sE:tId] (вставил) the ears.

"They make him look very handsome ['hxns(q)m] (красивым)," said Jack, admiringly [qd'maIqrINli] (любуясь).

But those words, spoken ['spqukqn] (произнесенный) close to the Saw-Horse, and being the first sounds [saundz] (звуки) he had ever heard, so startled (напугали) the animal that he made a bound (прыжок) forward and tumbled ['tAmb(q)ld] (опрокинул) Tip on one side and Jack on the other. Then he continued to rush [rAS] (нестись) forward as if frightened by the clatter ['klxtq] (стуком) of his own foot-steps.

"Whoa!" shouted Tip, picking ['pIkIN] himself up (вставая); "whoa! you idiot ['IdIqt] whoa!" The SawHorse would probably have paid no attention (не обратил бы внимания) to this, but just then it stepped a leg into a gopher ['gqufq] (сусличью) -hole and stumbled ['stAmb(q)ld] (споткнулся и упал) head-over-heels [hJlz] (кубарем) to the ground, where it lay upon its back, frantically ['frxntIkli] (яростно) waving its four legs in the air.

Tip ran up to it.

"You're a nice [naIs] (хороший) sort of a horse, I must say!" he exclaimed. "Why didn't you stop when I yelled [jeld] (закричал) 'whoa?'"

"Does 'whoa' mean to stop?" asked the Saw-Horse, in a surprised voice, as it rolled its eyes upward to look at the boy.

"Of course it does," answered Tip.

"And a hole in the ground means to stop, also, doesn't it?" continued the horse.

"To be sure; unless you step [step] (перешагнешь) over it," said Tip.

"What a strange place this is," the creature exclaimed, as if amazed [q'meIzd] (удивленный). "What am I doing here, anyway ['enIweI] (вообще)?"

"Why, I've brought you to life," answered the boy "but it won't hurt you any, if you mind me (если будешь меня слушаться) and do as I tell you."

"Then I will do as you tell me," replied the Saw-Horse, humbly ['hAmblI] (покорно). "But what happened to me, a moment ago [q'gqu] (назад)? I don't seem to be just right, someway ['sAmweI] (немного)."

"You're upside ['ApsaId] down (лежишь на спине)," explained Tip. "But just keep those legs still a minute ['mInIt] and I'll set you right side up again."

"How many sides [saIdz] (сторон) have I?" asked the creature, wonderingly ['wAndqrINli] (с интересом).

"Several," said Tip, briefly ['brJfli] (коротко). "But do keep those legs still."

The Saw-Horse now became quiet, and held its legs rigid ['rIGId] (неподвижными); so that Tip, after several efforts ['efqts] (попыток), was able to roll [rqul] him over (перевернуть его) and set him upright.

"Ah, I seem all right now," said the queer animal, with a sigh.

"One of your ears is broken," Tip announced, after a careful examination [Ig"zxmI'neISqn] (осмотра). "I'll have to make a new one."

Then he led the Saw-Horse back to where Jack was vainly ['veInlI] (тщетно) struggling ['strAglIN] (was ~ - пытался) to regain [rI'geIn] (вновь встать на) his feet, and after assisting [q'sIstIN] (оказав помощь) the Pumpkinhead to stand upright Tip whittled ['wItld] out (выстрогал) a new ear [Iq] (ухо) and fastened it to the horse's head.

"Now," said he, addressing [q'dresIN] (обращаясь к) his steed [sti:d] (коню), "pay attention to what I'm going to tell you. 'Whoa!' means to stop; 'Get-Up!' means to walk forward; 'Trot!' means to go as fast as you can. Understand?"

"I believe I do," returned the horse.

"Very good. We are all going on a journey to the Emerald City, to see His Majesty, the Scarecrow; and Jack Pumpkinhead is going to ride on your back, so he won't wear out his joints."

"I don't mind," said the Saw-Horse. "Anything that suits [sjHts] (подходит, устраивает) you suits me."

Then Tip assisted [q'sIstId] (помог) Jack to get upon the horse.

"Hold on tight [taIt] (крепко)," he cautioned ['kLS(q)nd] (предостерег), "or you may fall off and crack [krxk] (расколоть) your pumpkin head."

"That would be horrible ['hPrqbl] (ужасно)!" said Jack, with a shudder ['SAdq] (содроганием). "What shall I hold on to?"

"Why, hold on to his ears," replied Tip, after a moment's hesitation ["hezI'teISn] (колебания).

"Don't do that!" remonstrated [rI'mPnstreItId] (возразил) the Saw-Horse; "for then I can't hear [hIq(r)] (слышать)."

That seemed reasonable ['ri:znqbl] (разумным), so Tip tried to think of something else.

"I'll fix [fIks] (исправлю) it!" said he, at length (наконец). He went into the wood and cut a short length of limb [lIm] (ветку) from a young, stout [staut] (крепкого) tree. One end of this he sharpened ['SRp(q)nd] to a point [pOInt] (заострил), and then he dug [dAg] (проделал) a hole in the back of the Saw-Horse, just behind its head. Next he brought a piece of rock from the road and hammered ['hxmqd] (забил) the post firmly into the animal's back.

"Stop! Stop!" shouted the horse; "you're jarring ['GRrIN] (трясешь) me terribly ['terqb(q)li] (ужасно)."

"Does it hurt?" asked the boy.

"Not exactly hurt," answered the animal; "but it makes me quite nervous ['nE:vqs] (нервным) to be jarred [GRd] (когда меня трясут)."

"Well, it's all over now" said Tip, encouragingly [In'kArIGINli] (ободряюще). "Now, Jack, be sure to hold fast to this post and then you can't fall off and get smashed [smxSt] (разбиться)."

So Jack held on tight [taIt] (крепко), and Tip said to the horse:

"Get up."

The obedient [q'bi:djqnt] (послушное) creature at once walked forward, rocking ['rPkIN] (раскачиваясь) from side to side as he raised [reIzd] (поднимал) his feet from the ground.

Tip walked beside the Saw-Horse, quite content [kqn'tent] (довольный) with this addition [q'dIS(q)n] (прибавление, пополнение) to their party. Presently he began to whistle ['wIsl] (свистеть).

"What does that sound [saund] (звук) mean?" asked the horse.

"Don't pay any attention to it," said Tip. "I'm just whistling ['wIslIN] (am ~ - свищу), and that only means I'm pretty well satisfied ['sxtIsfaId] (доволен)."

"I'd whistle ['wIsl] (бы свистел) myself, if I could push [puS] (сжать) my lips [lIps] (губы) together," remarked Jack. "I fear, dear father, that in some respects [rIs'pekts] (отношениях) I am sadly ['sxdli] (к сожалению) lacking ['lxkIN] (неполноценный)."

After journeying ['GE:nIIN] (пройдя) on for some distance the narrow ['nxrqu] (узкая) path [pRT] (тропинка) they were following ['fPlquIN] (шли) turned into a broad [brLd] (широкую) roadway ['rqudweI] (дорогу), paved [peIvd] (вымощенную) with yellow brick. By the side of the road Tip noticed a sign [saIn] (вывеску) -post that read:


But it was now growing ['grquIN] (становилось) dark, so he decided to camp [kxmp] (расположиться лагерем) for the night by the roadside ['rqudsaId] (края дороги) and to resume [rI'zju:m] (возобновить) the journey next morning by daybreak ['deIbreIk] (рассвете). He led the SawHorse to a grassy ['grQ:sI] (покрытому травой) mound [maund] (холму) upon which grew several bushy ['buSi] (ветвистых) trees, and carefully assisted [q'sIstId] (помог) the Pumpkinhead to alight [q'laIt ] (спешиться).

"I think I'll lay you upon the ground, overnight ['quvq'naIt] (на ночь)," said the boy. "You will be safer ['seIfq] (безопаснее) that way."

"How about me?" asked the Saw-Horse.

"It won't hurt you to stand," replied Tip; "and, as you can't sleep, you may as well watch [wPC] out (сторожить) and see that no one comes near to disturb [dIs'tE:b] (беспокоить) us."

Then the boy stretched [streCt] himself (растянулся) upon the grass beside the Pumpkinhead, and being greatly wearied ['wIqrId] (изнуренным) by the journey was soon fast asleep [q'sli:p] (заснул).


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