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The Marvelous Land of Ozt

by L. Frank Baum

Chapter 6. Jack Pumpkinhead's Ride to the Emerald City

At daybreak ['deIbreIk] (рассвете) Tip was awakened [q'weIkqnd] (разбужен) by the Pumpkinhead. He rubbed [rAbd] (протер) the sleep from his eyes, bathed ['beIDd] (искупался) in a little brook [bruk] (ручейке), and then ate [et ] (съел) a portion ['pLS(q)n] (порцию) of his bread [bred] (хлеба) and cheese [Ci:z] (сыра). Having thus prepared [prI'peqd] (приготовившись) for a new day the boy said:

"Let us start at once. Nine [naIn] (девять) miles [maIlz] (миль) is quite a distance, but we ought to reach the Emerald City by noon [nHn] (полдню) if no accidents ['xksId(q)nts] (происшествия) happen." So the Pumpkinhead was again perched [pE:Ct] (уселся) upon the back of the Saw-Horse and the journey was resumed.

Tip noticed that the purple tint [tInt] (оттенок) of the grass and trees had now faded ['feIdId] (потускнел) to a dull [dAl] (тусклый) lavender ['lxvIndq] (бледно-лиловый цвет), and before long this lavender appeared [q'pIqd] (казалось) to take on a greenish ['gri:nIS] (зеленоватый) tinge [tInG] (оттенок) that gradually ['grxGuqli] (постепенно) brightened ['braItnd] (становилась ярче) as they drew nearer ['nIqrq] (приближались) to the great City where the Scarecrow ruled.

The little party had traveled ['trxv(q)ld] (прошел) but a short two miles [maIlz] (мили) upon their way when the road of yellow brick was parted ['pRtId] (разделена) by a broad [brLd] (широкой) and swift [swIft] (быстрой) river. Tip was puzzled how to cross over; but after a time he discovered a man in a ferry-boat ['ferI-'bqut] (пароме) approaching [q'prquCIN] (приближавшегося) from the other side of the stream [strJm] (реки).

When the man reached the bank Tip asked:

"Will you row [rqu] (перевезете) us to the other side?"

"Yes, if you have money," returned the ferryman ['ferImqn] (паромщик), whose face looked cross (сердитым) and disagreeable [dIsq'grIqbl] (неприятным).

"But I have no money," said Tip.

"None at all?" inquired the man.

"None at all," answered the boy.

"Then I'll not break [breIk] (буду ломать) my back rowing ['rquIN] (перевозя) you over," said the ferryman ['ferImqn] (паромщик), decidedly [dI'saIdIdli] (решительно).

"What a nice [naIs] (хороший) man!" remarked the Pumpkinhead, smilingly ['smaIlINli] (улыбаясь).

The ferryman stared [steqd] (пристально посмотрел) at him, but made no reply. Tip was trying to think, for it was a great disappointment ["dIsq'pOIntmqnt] (разочарование) to him to find his journey so suddenly brought to an end.

"I must certainly get to the Emerald City," he said to the boatman ['bqutmqn] (лодочнику); "but how can I cross the river if you do not take me?"

The man laughed [lRft] (рассмеялся), and it was not a nice [naIs] (добрый) laugh [lRf] (смех).

"That wooden horse will float [flqut] (не утонет)," said he; "and you can ride him across. As for the pumpkinheaded ['pAmpkIn'hedId] (тыквоголовый) loon [lu:n] (парень) who accompanies [q'kAmpqniz] (сопровождает) you, let him sink [sINk] (утонет) or swim [swIm] (плывет) it won't matter greatly which."

"Don't worry ['wArI] (беспокойся) about me," said Jack, smiling pleasantly upon the crabbed [krxbd] (раздражительного) ferryman; "I'm sure I ought to float [flqut] (должен держаться на поверхности воды) beautifully ['bjHtqf(q)li] (превосходно)."

Tip thought the experiment [Iks'perImqnt] was worth [wE:T] (стоящий) making, and the Saw-Horse, who did not know what danger meant [ment] (означала), offered ['Pfqd] no objections [qb'GekS(q)nz] (не возражала) whatever. So the boy led it down into the water and climbed upon its back. Jack also waded [weIdId] in (зашел в воду) up to his knees [nJz] (колен) and grasped [grRspt] (схватился за) the tail of the horse so that he might keep his pumpkin head above the water.

"Now," said Tip, instructing [In'strAktIN] (инструктировал) the Saw-Horse, "if you wiggle ['wIgl] (будешь дрыгать) your legs you will probably swim [swIm] (поплывешь); and if you swim [swIm] (поплывешь) we shall probably reach the other side."

The Saw-Horse at once began to wiggle ['wIgl] (дрыгать) its legs, which acted ['xktId] (служили) as oars [Lz] (веслами) and moved the adventurers slowly across the river to the opposite ['PpqzIt] (противоположной) side. So successful [sqk'sesf(q)l] (удачной) was the trip [trIp] (переправа) that presently they were climbing [klaImIN] (взбирались), wet [wet] (мокрые) and dripping ['drIpIN] (промокшие), up the grassy ['grQ:sI] (поросший травой) bank.

Tip's trouser ['trauzq]-legs (штанины) and shoes were thoroughly soaked [squkt] (промокшие насквозь); but the Saw-Horse had floated ['flqutId] (держалась на поверхности) so perfectly ['pE:fIktlI] (отлично) that from his knees [nJz] (колен) up the boy was entirely dry. As for the Pumpkinhead, every stitch [stIC] (шов) of his gorgeous ['gLGqs] (великолепного) clothing dripped [drIpt] (капал) water.

"The sun will soon dry us," said Tip "and, anyhow ['enIhau] (так или иначе), we are now safely ['seIfli] (благополучно) across, in spite [spaIt] (несмотря) of the ferryman ['ferImqn] (паромщика), and can continue our journey.

"I didn't mind swimming ['swImIN] (я не прочь был поплавать), at all," remarked the horse.

"Nor did I," added Jack.

They soon regained [rI'geInd] (вернулись на) the road of yellow brick, which proved to be a continuation [kqn"tInju'eISqn] (продолжение) of the road they had left on the other side, and then Tip once more mounted ['mauntId] (усадил) the Pumpkinhead upon the back of the Saw-Horse.

"If you ride fast," said he, "the wind will help to dry your clothing. I will hold on to the horse's tail and run after you. In this way we all will become dry in a very short time."

"Then the horse must step [step] (шагать) lively ['laIvlI] (быстро)," said Jack.

"I'll do my best," returned the Saw-Horse, cheerfully.

Tip grasped [grRspt] (схватился за) the end of the branch [brRnC] (ветки) that served ['sE:vd] (служила) as tail to the Saw-Horse, and called loudly ['laudli] (громко): "Get-up!"

The horse started at a good pace [peIs] (темпом), and Tip followed behind. Then he decided they could go faster ['fRstq] (быстрее), so he shouted: "Trot [trPt] (рысью!)!"

Now, the Saw-Horse remembered [rI'membqd] (вспомнил) that this word was the command to go as fast as he could; so he began rocking ['rPkIN] (скакать) along the road at a tremendous [trI'mendqs] (страшной) pace [peIs] (скоростью), and Tip had hard work -- running faster ['fRstq] (быстрее) than he ever had before in his life -- to keep his feet.

Soon he was out of breath (запыхался), and although he wanted ['wPntId] (хотел) to call "Whoa!" to the horse, he found he could not get the word out of his throat [Trqut] (горла). Then the end of the tail he was clutching ['klACIN] (сжимал), being nothing more than a dead branch [brRnC] (ветка), suddenly broke [brquk] away (отломился), and the next minute ['mInIt] the boy was rolling ['rqulIN] (катился) in the dust [dAst] (пыли) of the road, while the horse and its pumpkin-headed rider ['raIdq] (всадник) dashed [dxSt] (мчались) on and quickly disappeared in the distance.

By the time Tip had picked [pIkt] himself up (поднялся на ноги) and cleared [klIqd] (очистил) the dust [dAst] (пыль) from his throat [Trqut] (горла) so he could say "Whoa!" there was no further ['fE:Dq] (дальнейшая) need of saying it, for the horse was long since out of sight.

So he did the only sensible ['sensqbl] (разумную) thing he could do. He sat down and took a good rest, and afterward began walking along the road.

"Some time I will surely overtake ['quvq'teIk] (обгоню) them," he reflected [rI'flektId] (размышлял); "for the road will end at the gates of the Emerald City, and they can go no further ['fE:Dq] (дальше) than that."

Meantime ['mJntaIm] (тем временем) Jack was holding ['hquldIN] (держался) fast to the post and the Saw-Horse was tearing ['teqrIN] (мчался) along the road like a racer ['reIsq] (беговая лошадь). Neither ['naIDq] (никто) of them knew Tip was left behind, for the Pumpkinhead did not look around and the Saw-Horse couldn't.

As he rode, Jack noticed that the grass and trees had become a bright emerald-green in color, so he guessed [gest] (догадался) they were nearing ['nIqrIN] (приближались к) the Emerald City even before the tall spires [spaIqz] (шпили) and domes ['dqumz] (купола) came into sight.

At length (наконец) a high wall of green stone [stqun] (камня), studded ['stAdId] (усыпанная) thick [TIk] (обильно) with emeralds ['em(q)rqld] (изумрудами), loomed [lHmd] (появилась) up before them; and fearing ['fIqrIN] (опасаясь, что) the Saw-Horse would not know enough to stop and so might smash [smxS] (разбить) them both against this wall, Jack ventured ['venCqd] (решился) to cry "Whoa!" as loud as he could.

So suddenly did the horse obey [qu'beI] (послушалась) that had it not been for his post Jack would have been pitched [pICt] (сброшен) off head foremost ['fLmqust] (вперед), and his beautiful face ruined ['rHInd] (разбитое).

"That was a fast ride, dear father!" he exclaimed; and then, hearing ['hIqrIN] (услышав) no reply, he turned around and discovered for the first time that Tip was not there.

This apparent [q'pxrqnt] (видимое) desertion [dI'zE:Sqn] (оставление) puzzled the Pumpkinhead, and made him uneasy. And while he was wondering what had become of the boy, and what he ought to do next under such trying circumstances ['sE:kqmstqnsIz] (тяжелых обстоятельствах), the gateway in the green wall opened and a man came out.

This man was short and round, with a fat [fxt] (пухлым) face that seemed remarkably [rI'mRkqbli] (удивительно) goodnatured ['gud'neICqd] (добродушным). He was clothed [klquDd] (одет) all in green and wore a high, peaked [pi:kt] (остроконечную) green hat upon his head and green spectacles over his eyes. Bowing ['bauIN] (кланяясь) before the Pumpkinhead he said:

"I am the Guardian of the Gates of the Emerald City. May I inquire [In'kwaIq] (узнать) who you are, and what is your business?"

"My name is Jack Pumpkinhead," returned the other, smilingly ['smaIlINli] (улыбаясь); "but as to my business, I haven't the least idea in the world what it is."

The Guardian of the Gates looked surprised, and shook his head as if dissatisfied ['dIs'sxtIsfaId] (неудовлетворенный) with the reply.

"What are you, a man or a pumpkin?" he asked, politely.

"Both, if you please," answered Jack.

"And this wooden horse -- is it alive?" questioned ['kwesC(q)nd] (спросил) the Guardian.

The horse rolled one knotty ['nPtI] (сучковатый) eye [aI] (глаз) upward and winked [wINkt] (подмигнул) at Jack. Then it gave a prance [prRns] (скачок) and brought one leg down on the Guardian's toes [tquz] (палец ноги).

"Ouch [auC] (ай)!" cried the man; "I'm sorry ['sPrI] (прошу прощения, что) I asked that question. But the answer is most convincing [kqn'vInsIN] (убедительный). Have you any errand ['erqnd] (поручение), sir [sE:] (сэр), in the Emerald City?"

"It seems to me that I have," replied the Pumpkinhead, seriously ['sI(q)riqsli] (серьезно); "but I cannot think what it is. My father knows [nquz] (знает) all about it, but he is not here."

"This is a strange affair [q'feq] (дело) very strange!" declared the Guardian. "But you seem harmless ['hRmlIs] (безобидные). Folks [fquks] (люди) do not smile so delightfully [dI'laItfqli] (приятно) when they mean mischief ['mIsCIf] (задумали недоброе)."

"As for that," said Jack, "I cannot help my smile, for it is carved on my face with a jack-knife."

"Well, come with me into my room," resumed the Guardian, "and I will see what can be done for you."

So Jack rode the Saw-Horse through the gateway into a little room built into the wall. The Guardian pulled [puld] (вынул) a bell-cord [kLd] (шнур колокольчика), and presently a very tall soldier -- clothed [klquDd] (одетый) in a green uniform ['jHnIfLm] -- entered ['entqd] (вошел) from the opposite ['PpqzIt] (противоположной) door. This soldier carried a long green gun [gAn] (ружье) over his shoulder ['Squldq] (плечо) and had lovely green whiskers that fell quite to his knees [nJz] (колени). The Guardian at once addressed [q'drest] (обратился к) him, saying:

"Here is a strange gentleman ['Gentlmqn] who doesn't know why he has come to the Emerald City, or what he wants [wPnts] (хочет). Tell me, what shall we do with him?"

The Soldier with the Green Whiskers looked at Jack with much care and curiosity [kjuqrI'Ps(I)tI] (любопытством). Finally he shook his head so positively ['pPzqtIvlI] (уверенно) that little waves [weIvz] (волны) rippled ['rIp(q)ld] (прошли рябью) down his whiskers, and then he said:

"I must take him to His Majesty, the Scarecrow."

But what will His Majesty, the Scarecrow, do with him?" asked the Guardian of the Gates.

"That is His Majesty's business," returned the soldier. "I have troubles ['trAb(q)lz] (проблемы) enough of my own. All outside troubles ['trAb(q)lz] (проблемы) must be turned over to His Majesty. So put the spectacles on this fellow ['felqu] (парня), and I'll take him to the royal palace."

So the Guardian opened a big box of spectacles and tried to fit a pair [peq] (пару) to Jack's great round eyes.

"I haven't a pair [peq] (пары) in stock [stPk] (запасе) that will really cover ['kAvq] (закроет) those eyes up," said the little man, with a sigh; "and your head is so big that I shall be obliged [q'blaIGd] (вынужден) to tie [taI] (привязать) the spectacles on."

"But why need I wear spectacles?" asked Jack.

"It's the fashion ['fxS(q)n] (мода) here," said the Soldier, "and they will keep you from being blinded ['blaIndId] (ослепленным) by the glitter ['glItq] (блеском) and glare [gleq] (блеском) of the gorgeous ['gLGqs] (прекрасного) Emerald City."

"Oh!" exclaimed Jack. "Tie [taI] (привяжите) them on, by all means. I don't wish to be blinded ['blaIndId] (ослепленным)."

"Nor I!" broke [brquk] in (вмешался) the Saw-Horse; so a pair [peq] (пара) of green spectacles was quickly fastened over the bulging ['bAlGIN] (навыкате) knots [nPts] (сучки) that served ['sE:vd] (служили) it for eyes.

Then the Soldier with the Green Whiskers led them through the inner ['Inq] (внутренние) gate and they at once found themselves in the main [meIn] (главной) street [stri:t] (улице) of the magnificent [mxg'nIfIsnt] (величественного) Emerald City.

Sparkling green gems [Gemz] (драгоценные камни) ornamented ['O:nqmqntId] (украшали) the fronts [frAnts] (фасады) of the beautiful houses and the towers ['tauqz] (башни) and turrets ['tArqts] (башенки) were all faced [feIst] (украшены) with emeralds ['em(q)rqld] (изумрудами). Even the green marble pavement ['peIvmqnt] (мостовая) glittered ['glItqd] (сверкала) with precious stones [stqunz] (камнями), and it was indeed a grand [grxnd] (величественный) and marvelous sight to one who beheld [bI'held] (лицезрел) it for the first time.

However, the Pumpkinhead and the Saw-Horse, knowing ['nquIN] (не зная) nothing of wealth [welT] (богатстве) and beauty ['bjHtI] (красоте), paid little attention to the wonderful sights they saw through their green spectacles. They calmly followed after the green soldier and scarcely ['skeqsli] (едва) noticed the crowds [kraudz] (толпы) of green people who stared [steqd] (уставились) at them in surprise. When a green dog ran out and barked at them the SawHorse promptly ['prPmtli] (быстро) kicked [kIks] (пнул) at it with its wooden leg and sent the little animal howling ['haulIN] (воющую) into one of the houses; but nothing more serious ['sIqrIqs] (серьезное) than this happened to interrupt ["Intq'rApt] (прервать) their progress ['prqugrqs] (движение) to the royal palace.

The Pumpkinhead wanted ['wPntId] (хотел) to ride up the green marble steps and straight into the Scarecrow's presence ['prezns] (присутствие); but the soldier would not permit [pq'mIt] (не разрешил) that. So Jack dismounted ['dIs'mauntId] (спешился), with much difficulty ['dIfIkqltI] (трудом), and a servant ['sE:vqnt] (слуга) led the Saw-Horse around to the rear [rIq] (задний двор) while the Soldier with the Green Whiskers escorted [Is'kLtId] (сопроводили) the Pumpkinhead into the palace, by the front entrance ['entrqns] (вход).

The stranger ['streInGq(r)] (незнакомец) was left in a handsomely ['hxnsqmli] (красиво) furnished ['fE:nISt] (обставленном) waiting room while the soldier went to announce [q'nauns ] (доложить о) him. It so happened that at this hour His Majesty was at leisure ['leZq] (отдыхе) and greatly bored [bLd] (скучающий) for want (из-за недостатка) of something to do, so he ordered ['Ldqd] (приказал) his visitor ['vIzItq] (посетителя) to be shown [Squn] (пригласили) at once into his throne room.

Jack felt no fear or embarrassment [Im'bxrqsmqnt] (смущения) at meeting ['mJtIN] (встретив) the ruler of this magnificent [mxg'nIfIsnt] (великолепного) city, for he was entirely ignorant ['Ignqrqnt] (несведущий) of all worldly ['wE:ldlI] (светских) customs ['kAstqmz] (обычаях). But when he entered ['entqd] (вошел в) the room and saw for the first time His Majesty the Scarecrow seated ['sJtId] (сидящего) upon his glittering ['glItqrIN] (сверкающем) throne, he stopped short in amazement.

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