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Английский для начинающих и продолжающих

The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry (2)

О. Генри. Вождь краснокожих

Bill was pasting ['peIstIN] (заклеивал) court-plaster ['kLt-'plRstq] (липкий пластырь) over the scratches ['skrxCIz] (царапины) and bruises ['brHzIz] (синяки) on his features ['fJCqz] (физиономия). There was a burning behind the big rock at the entrance of the cave [keIv] (пещера), and the boy was watching a pot of boiling coffee, with two buzzard ['bAzqd] (канюк) tailfeathers [] (перья) stuck in his red hair. He points a stick at me when I come up, and says:

"Ha [hR] (ха)! cursed paleface ['peIlfeIs] (проклятый бледнолицый), do you dare to enter the camp of Red Chief, the terror of the plains (равнины)?

"He's all right now," says Bill, rolling up his trousers ['trauzqz] (брюки) and examining some bruises ['brHzIz] (синяки) on his shins [Sinz] (голенях). "We're playing Indian ['Indjqn] (индейцы). We're making Buffalo ['bAfqlqu] Bill's show look like magic-lantern ['lxntqn] (волшебный фонарь) views of Palestine in the town hall. I'm Old Hank, the Trapper ['trxpq] (охотник, ставящий капканы), Red Chief's captive ['kxptIv] (пленный), and I'm to be scalped [skxlpt] (с меня должны снять скальп) at daybreak ['deIbreIk] (рассвет). By Geronimo! that kid [kId] (ребёнок) can kick hard."

Yes, sir, that boy seemed to be having the time of his life. The fun of camping out (разбитие лагеря) in a cave [keIv] (пещера) had made him forget that he was a captive ['kxptIv] (пленник), himself. He immediately [I'mJdjqtlI] (сразу) christened ['krIsnd] (окрестил) me Snake-eye, the Spy [spaI] (шпион), and announced that, when his braves [breIvz] (индейский воины) returned from the warpath ['wLpRT] (тропа войны), I was to be broiled [brOIld] (поджаренный) at the stake [steIk] (костёр) at the rising of the sun.

Then we had supper; and he filled his mouth full of bacon ['beIkqn] (бекон) and bread and gravy ['greIvI] (подливка), and began to talk. He made a during-dinner speech something like this:

"I like this fine. I never camped out (ночевал на открытом воздухе) before; but I had a pet 'possum once, and I was nine last birthday. I hate to go to school. Rats ate up sixteen of Jimmy Talbot's aunt's speckled ['spekld] (покрытые пятнами) hen's eggs. Are there any real Indians ['Indjqnz] in these woods? I want some more gravy ['greIvI] (подливка). Does the trees moving make the wind blow? We had five puppies ['pApiz] (щенков). What makes your nose so red, Hank? My father has lots of money. Are the stars hot? I whipped Ed Walker twice, Saturday. I don't like girls. You dassent catch toads [tqudz] (жабы) unless [qn'les] (разве только) with a string [strIN] (верёвка). Do oxen ['Pksqn] (быки) make any noise? Why are oranges round? Have you got beds to sleep on in this cave [keIv] (пещера)? Amos Murray has got Six toes. A parrot ['pxrqt] (попугай) can talk, but a monkey or a fish can't. How many does it take to make twelve?"

Every few minutes he would remember that he was a pesky ['peskI] (надоедливый) redskin ['redskIn] (краснокожий), and pick up his stick rifle ['raIfl] (ружьё) and tiptoe ['tIptqu] (ходить на цыпочках) to the mouth of the cave [keIv] (пещера) to rubber (выслеживать) for the scouts [skauts] (разведчики) of the hated paleface ['peIlfeIs] (бледнолицый). Now and then he would let out a war-whoop ['wL-hHp] (боевой клич) that made Old Hank the Trapper shiver ['SIvq] (дрожать). That boy had Bill terrorized ['terqraIzd] (терроризированным) from the start.

 To be continued...

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