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English: The Woman in White

by Wilkie Collins

Дорогие друзья! Мы с Вами продолжаем совмещать приятное с полезным: изучать английский язык, читая роман Уилки Коллинза «Женщина в белом» в оригинале. Сегодня мы продолжаем читать восьмую главу романа. Напоминаю, что повествование ведет Уолтер Хартрайт, учитель рисования. «Ваш словарик» - «Your vocabulary» познакомит Вас со словами, которые могут вызвать затруднения в понимании сегодняшнего фрагмента текста. Перевод всех слов находится ЗДЕСЬ.  Профессиональный перевод Т.Л.Лещенко-Сухомлиной Вы можете прочитать в разделе  «The translation». Сам текст в оригинале представлен в рубрике «Thе woman in white». «The pronunciation» снимет возможные трудности в произношении. «What we have read about»- краткое содержание прочитанного.

 What we have read about

«The woman in white»

I entered the room again immediately. The piano stood about half- way down along the inner wall. On the side of the instrument farthest from the terrace Miss Halcombe was sitting with the letters scattered on her lap, and with one in her hand selected from them, and held close to the candle. On the side nearest to the terrace there stood a low ottoman, on which I took my place. In this position I was not far from the glass doors, and I could see Miss Fairlie plainly, as she passed and repassed the opening on to the terrace, walking slowly from end to end of it in the full radiance of the moon.

"I want you to listen while I read the concluding passages in this letter," said Miss Halcombe. "Tell me if you think they throw any light upon your strange adventure on the road to London. The letter is addressed by my mother to her second husband, Mr. Fairlie, and the date refers to a period of between eleven and twelve years since. At that time Mr. and Mrs. Fairlie, and my half-sister Laura, had been living for years in this house; and I was away from them completing my education at a school in Paris."


Your vocabulary

The pronunciation

The translation



Good fortune be with you.

Пусть удача сопутствует тебе.


На сегодня все!

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