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For newlyweds

Это интересно

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Thanks Olga,  It was a gift to a friends son who just got married.  I added a diamond ring and a band of gold.  It was a big hit at the party.

One of the bottom bubbles popped when we got there.  I have to remember to bring a pump and some balloons of the same color used in the piece, so that I can do repairs.


a really cool stuff!


Thank you Kinskey. It was a big hit at the party.  I have been refining my bouquets and have found these six petal flowers, (which I learned from Sergei) and this style of basket, hold together very well.  They last longer than some of the fancier flowers.  

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I really like your sofa. I have a sofa is home for many children.

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кто о чем)))


Thanks, did you happen to notice there is a bouquet of Leschanov flowers in the middle of it?

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Of course, I saw it. 


Just checking.  Smile

I like these flowers because they last for several days. This style basket holds up well too. But the bottom row of bubbles takes a beating and I have had a number of them pop.  I am going to try getting some plastic plates to set under the basket.  Then when the people slide it across the table, it won't be dragging the balloons.


Next time you are playing with your new basket program, I would like to see some baskets that are 7 bubbles high.  This seems to be a good size for me to use on these bouquets.  

нужно добавить функцию превести для всего народа кто не владеет английским

это точно)))


Google translate, it's free and tranlates the top 70 languages. That's if you care to see what I have to say.  You can go on just about any site in the world and tramlate to Russian..

да это понятно что в GOOgle  можно перевести но многие на браузере опера, это надо копировать вставлять в Google переходить с одного места в другое не совсем удобно когда ты в чате находишся на Fesbooke очень удобно общаться там сразу в коментариях есть перевод с любого языка и не скачеш по Google


Thank you for the info,  My Facebook name is "dakellymon" I would be happy to talk with anyone there.