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Свободный обмен и обсуждение идей создания цветков и корзин с цветами, изготовленных из шаров для моделирования (ШДМ).

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Темы автора dakellymon

Native American Style Basket

I was so happy to learn a new way to add flowers to a basket, in one of Sergei's instructions

Pearl White Daisies

21+ 1 extra,  Qualatex Pearl White 260Q, with Citrine Yellow centers

To my new friends on victory Day

My best red carnation, and symbolic tears, for loved ones lost, and a sincere wish for peace, to my new friends, as you observe Victory day
2 комментария  1418 просмотров vote 1

Accidental discovery

I was making one of these Ballerinas, when the air leaked out, leaving only the head, hands and arms

Simple, Affordable, Elegant

A flower in a wine glass

Little Daisies

I made a dozen little (160) flowers for my mother to hand out to the women that work at the cancer center
2 комментария  1364 просмотра vote 0

Another bouquet goes out tomorrow

Someone is buying for a friend in the hospital
14 комментариев  1208 просмотров vote 0

New Golden Daisy

My new Golden Daisy, I slid a nickel coin, so that it is pinched at the bottom of each foot
3 комментария  1456 просмотров vote 2

1 Golden Daisy

Another late night kitchen photo

Another satisfied customer of Pop's Balloons

Nikki was very happy with her balloon flowers, I inclueded a bonus "Ballerina Bear" in her friends favorite colors

Flower Heads

Flower heads to make a bouquet for an African-American woman, who's favorite colors are pink and black

8 tall twisted Daisies

7-160 white daisies spiraled around a pink daisy on a 260 in the core
2 комментария  1218 просмотров vote 3

Another interesting way to put flowers in a balloon

Here is another interesting way to put flowers inside a balloon