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The Marvelous Land of Ozt

by L. Frank Baum

Chapter 8. Gen [Gen]. Jinjur's Army of Revolt

Tip was so anxious to rejoin [rI'GOIn] (присоединиться к) his man Jack and the Saw-Horse that he walked a full [ful] (целую) half the distance to the Emerald City without stopping ['stPpIN] (не останавливаясь) to rest. Then he discovered that he was hungry and the crackers ['krxkqz] (печенье) and cheese [Ci:z] (сыр) he had provided [prq'vaIdId] (запас) for the Journey had all been eaten ['Jtn] (было съедено) .

While wondering what he should do in this emergency [I'mE:GqnsI] (положении) he came upon a girl sitting ['sItIN] (сидящая) by the roadside ['rqudsaId] (обочины дороги) . She wore a costume ['kPstjum] that struck [strAk] (поразил) the boy as being remarkably [rI'mRkqbli] (необыкновенно) brilliant ['brIljqnt] (блестящим): her silken ['sIlkqn] (шелковый) waist [weIst] (лиф) being of emerald green and her skirt [skE:t] (юбка) of four distinct ['dIstINkt] (различных) colors ['kAlqz] (цветов) -- blue in front, yellow at the left side, red at the back and purple at the right side. Fastening [fRsnIN] (скрепляли) the waist [weIst] (лиф) in front were four buttons ['bAtnz] (пуговицы) -- the top one blue, the next yellow, a third [TE:d] (третья) red and the last purple.

The splendor [splendq] (великолепие) of this dress [dres] (платья) was almost ['Llmqust] (почти) barbaric [bR'bxrIk] (варварское); so Tip was fully justified ['GAstIfaId] (оправдан) in staring ['steqrIN] (рассматривать) at the gown [gaun] (платье) for some moments ['mqumqnts] (мгновений) before his eyes were attracted [q'trxktId] (привлечены) by the pretty face above it. Yes, the face was pretty enough, he decided; but it wore an expression of discontent ['dIskqn'tent] (недовольства) coupled ['kAp(q)ld] (сешанного) to a shade [SeId] (оттенком) of defiance [dI'faIqns] (пренебрежения) or audacity [L'dxsItI ] (смелости) .

While the boy stared [steqd] (смотрел) the girl looked upon him calmly. A lunch [lAnC] (обед) basket stood beside her, and she held a dainty ['deInti] (маленький) sandwich ['sxnwIG] in one hand and a hard-boiled [bPIld] (сваренное) egg [eg] (яйцо) in the other, eating with an evident ['evIdqnt] (очевидным) appetite ['xpItaIt] that aroused [q'rauzd] (вызвал) Tip's sympathy ['sImpqTI] (сочувствие).

He was just about to ask a share [Seq] (долю, часть) of the luncheon ['lAnCqn] (обеда) when the girl stood up and brushed [brASt] (смахнула) the crumbs [krAms] (крошки) from her lap [lxp] (подола платья).

"There!" said she; "it is time for me to go. Carry that basket for me and help yourself to its contents [ 'kPntents] (содержимое) if you are hungry."

Tip seized [sJzd] (схватил) the basket eagerly ['Jgqli] (зд. быстро) and began to eat, following ['fPlquIN] (следуя за) for a time the strange girl without bothering ['bPDqrIN] (не) to ask questions ['kwesCqnz] (вопросы). She walked along before him with swift [swIft] (быстрыми) strides [straIdz] (большими шагами), and there was about her an air of decision [dI'sIZqn] (решительности) and importance [Im'pLtqns] (значительности) that led him to suspect she was some great personage.

Finally, when he had satisfied ['sxtIsfaId] (удовлетворил) his hunger ['hANgq] (голод), he ran up beside her and tried to keep pace [peIs] (не отставать) with her swift [swIft] (быстрая) footsteps ['futsteps] (походка) -- a very difficult ['dIfIkqlt] (трудный) feat [fJt] (подвиг), for she was much taller ['tLlq] (выше) than he, and evidently ['evIdqntli] (по всей видимости) in a hurry ['hArI] (торопилась).

"Thank you very much for the sandwiches ['sxndwIGIz]," said Tip, as he trotted ['trPtId] (семенил) along. "May I ask your name?"

"I am General Jinjur," was the brief [bri:f] (краткий) reply.

"Oh!" said the boy surprised. "What sort of a General?"

"I command the Army of Revolt in this war," answered the General, with unnecessary [An'nesIsqrI] (излишней) sharpness ['SRpnIs] (резкостью).

"Oh!" he again exclaimed. "I didn't know there was a war."

"You were not supposed [sq'pquzd] (не должен был) to know it," she returned, "for we have kept it a secret ['sJkrIt]; and considering [kqn'sIdqrIN] (принимая во внимание тот факт) that our army is composed [kqm'pquzd] (состоит) entirely of girls," she added, with some pride, "it is surely a remarkable [rI'mRkqbl] (удивительная) thing that our Revolt is not yet discovered."

"It is, indeed," acknowledged [qk'nPlIGd] (подтвердил) Tip. "But where is your army?"

"About a mile [maIl]  from here," said General Jinjur. "The forces ['fLsIz] (силы) have assembled [q'sembld] (собрались) from all parts [pRts] (частей) of the Land of Oz, at my express [Iks'pres] (специальной) command. For this is the day we are to conquer His Majesty the Scarecrow, and wrest [rest] (вырвем) from him the throne. The Army of Revolt only awaits [q'weIts] (ожидает) my coming to march upon the Emerald City."

"Well!" declared Tip, drawing ['drLIN] (делая) a long breath, "this is certainly a surprising [sq'praIzIN] (неожиданная) thing! May I ask why you wish to conquer His Majesty the Scarecrow?"

"Because the Emerald City has been ruled by men long enough, for one reason," said the girl.

"Moreover [mL'rquvq] (более того), the City glitters ['glItqz] (сияет) with beautiful gems [Gemz] (драгоценными камнями), which might far better be used for rings [rINz] (кольца), bracelets ['breIslIts] and necklaces ['neklqsIz] (ожерелья); and there is enough money in the King's treasury ['trqZqrI] (казне) to buy [baI] (купить) every girl in our Army a dozen [dAzn] (дюжину) new gowns [gaunz] (платьев). So we intend [In'tend] (намереваемся) to conquer the City and run the government ['gAvnmqnt] (правительство) to suit [sjHt] ourselves [auq'selvz] (как считаем нужным)."

Jinjur spoke these words with an eagerness ['JgqnIs] (горячностью) and decision [dI'sIZqn] (решимостью) that proved she was in earnest ['E:nIst] (говорила серьезно).

"But war is a terrible thing," said Tip, thoughtfully ['TLtf(q)li] (задумчиво).

"This war will be pleasant," replied the girl, cheerfully.

"Many of you will be slain [sleIn] (убиты)!" continued the boy, in an awed [Ld] (со страхом) voice.

"Oh, no", said Jinjur. "What man would oppose [q'pquz] (противостоять) a girl, or dare [deq] (посмеет) to harm [hRm] (причинить) her? And there is not an ugly ['AglI] (некрасивое) face in my entire Army."

Tip laughed [lRft] (засмеялся) .

"Perhaps you are right," said he. "But the Guardian of the Gate is considered a faithful ['feITf(q)l] (верный) Guardian, and the King's Army will not let the City be conquered without a struggle ['strAgl] (борьбы)."

"The Army is old and feeble ['fJbl] (слаба)," replied General Jinjur, scornfully ['skLnfqli] (презрительно). "His strength [streNT] (мощь) has all been used to grow whiskers (бакендарды), and his wife [waIf] (жена) has such a temper ['tempq] (характер) that she has already pulled [puld] (вырвала) more than half of them out by the roots [rHts] (корни). When the Wonderful Wizard reigned [reInd] (правил) the Soldier with the Green Whiskers was a very good Royal Army, for people feared the Wizard. But no one is afraid of the Scarecrow, so his Royal Army don't count for much in time of war."

After this conversation ["kPnvq'seISqn] (разговора) they proceeded [prq'sJdId] (шли дальше) some distance in silence, and before long reached a large clearing ['klIqrIN] (поляна) in the forest where fully four hundred ['hAndrqd] (сотни) young women were assembled [q'sembld] (собрались). These were laughing and talking ['tLkIN] (разговаривали) together as gaily ['geIlI] (весело) as if they had gathered ['gxDqd] (собрались) for a picnic ['pIknIk] instead of a war of conquest ['kPNkwest] (захватническая).

They were divided [dI'vaIdId] (разделены) into four companies ['kAmpqniz] (роты), and Tip noticed that all were dressed in costumes ['kPstjHmz]  similar ['sImIlq] (похожие) to that worn [wLn] (который носила) by General Jinjur. The only real difference ['dIfrqns] (отличие) was that while those girls from the Munchkin country had the blue strip [strIp] (полоску) in front of their skirts [skE:ts] (юбки), those from the country of the Quadlings had the red strip [strIp] (полоску) in front; and those from the country of the Winkies had the yellow strip in front, and the Gillikin girls wore the purple strip in front. All had green waists [weIsts] (лифы), representing ["reprI'zentIN] (символизирующие) the Emerald City they intended [In'tendId] (намеревались) to conquer, and the top button [bAtn] (пуговица) on each waist [weIst] (лифе) indicated ['IndIkeItId] (указывала) by its color which country the wearer ['weqrq] (владелец) came from. The uniforms ['jHnIfLmz]  were Jaunty ['GLntI] (изящные, стильные) and becoming [bI'kAmIN] (шли им к лицу), and quite effective [I'fektIv]  when massed [mxst] (собранные) together.

Tip thought this strange Army bore [bL] (носили) no weapons ['wepqnz] (оружие) whatever; but in this he was wrong. For each girl had stuck [stAk] (заткнула) through the knot [nPt] (узел) of her back hair two long, glittering ['glItqrIN] (блестящие) knitting-needles (спицы).

General Jinjur immediately mounted ['mauntId] (взошла на) the stump [stAmp] (пенек) of a tree and addressed [q'drest] (обратилась) her army.

"Friends, fellow-citizens ['felqu'sItIz(q)nz] (сограждане), and girls!" she said; "we are about to begin [bI'gIn] (вот-вот начнем) our great Revolt (восстание) against the men of Oz! We march to conquer the Emerald City - to dethrone [dI'Trqun] (свергнем с трона) the Scarecrow King -- to acquire [q'kwaIq] (захватим) thousands ['Tauz(q)ndz] (тысячи) of gorgeous ['gLGqs] (великолепных) gems [Gemz] (драгоценностей) - to rifle ['raIfl] (разграбим) the royal treasury ['trqZqrI] (казну) -- and to obtain [qb'teIn] (получим) power ['pauq] (власть) over our former ['fLmq] (бывшими) oppressors [q'presqz] (угнетателями)!"

"Hurrah [hu'rR]!" said those who had listened; but Tip thought most of the Army was too much engaged [In'geIGd] (заняты) in chattering ['CxtqrIN] (болтовней) to pay attention to the words of the General.

The command to march was now given ['gIv(q)n] (дан), and the girls formed [fLmd] themselves into four bands [bxndz] (отряда), or companies ['kAmpqniz] (роты), and set off with eager ['i:gq] (энергичным) strides [straIdz] (шагом) toward the Emerald City.

The boy followed after them, carrying ['kxrIIN] (неся) several baskets ['bRskIts] (корзинок) and wraps [rxps] (свертков) and packages ['pxkIGIz] (пакетов) which various ['veqrIqs] (различные) members ['membqz] (участники) of the Army of Revolt had placed in his care. It was not long before they came to the green granite ['grxnIt] walls of the City and halted ['hLltId] (остановились) before the gateway.

The Guardian of the Gate at once came out and looked at them curiously, as if a circus ['sE:kqs] (цирк) had come to town [taun] (город). He carried a bunch [bAnC] (связку) of keys [kJz] (ключей) swung [swAN] (висящую) round his neck by a golden chain [CeIn] (цепи); his hands were thrust [TrAst] (засунуты) carelessly ['keqlIsli] (небрежно) into his pockets ['pPkIts] (карманы), and he seemed to have no idea at all that the City was threatened by rebels ['reblz] (повстанцами). Speaking pleasantly to the girls, he said:

"Good morning, my dears [dIqz] (дорогуши)! What can I do for you?"

"Surrender [sq'rendq] (сдавайся) instantly ['Instqntli] (немедленно)!" answered General Jinjur, standing before him and frowning ['fraunIN] (хмурясь) as terribly ['terqb(q)li] (ужасно) as her pretty face would allow [q'lau] (позволило) her to.

"Surrender [sq'rendq] (сдаваться)!" echoed ['ekqud] (повторил) the man, astounded [qs'taundId] (изумленно). "Why, it's impossible. It's against the law [lL] (закона)! I never heard of such a thing in my life."

"Still, you must surrender [sq'rendq] (сдаться)!" exclaimed the General, fiercely ['fIqsli] (свирепо). "We are revolting [rI'vqultIN] (поднимаем восстание)!"

"You don't look it," said the Guardian, gazing ['geIzIN] (глядя) from one to another, admiringly [qd'maIqrINli] (с восхищением).

"But we are!" cried Jinjur, stamping ['stxmpIN] (топая) her foot, impatiently [Im'peISqntli] (нетерпеливо) ; "and we mean to conquer the Emerald City!"

"Good gracious ['greISqs] (боже правый)!" returned the surprised Guardian of the Gates; "what a nonsensical [nPn'sensIkql] (бредовая) idea! Go home to your mothers, my good girls, and milk [mIlk] (доите) the cows [kauz] (коров) and bake [beIk] (пеките) the bread [bred] (хлеб). Don't you know it's a dangerous ['deInG(q)rqs] (опасная) thing to conquer a city?"

"We are not afraid!" responded the General; and she looked so determined [dI'tE:mInd] (решительно) that it made the Guardian uneasy.

So he rang [rxN] (позвонил в) the bell [bel] (колокольчик) for the Soldier with the Green Whiskers, and the next minute ['mInIt] was sorry ['sPrI] (пожалел) he had done so. For immediately he was surrounded by a crowd [kraud] (толпой) of girls who drew the knitting-needles from their hair and began jabbing ['GxbIN] (тыкать) them at the Guardian with the sharp points [pOInts] (концами) dangerously ['deInG(q)rqsli] (опасно) near his fat [fxt] (толстых) cheeks [CJks] (щек) and blinking [blINkIN] (мигающих) eyes.

The poor man howled [hauld] (взмолился) loudly ['laudli] (гроко) for mercy ['mE:si] (пощаде) and made no resistance [rI'zIstqns] (сопротивление) when Jinjur drew the bunch [bAnC] (связку) of keys [kJz] (ключей) from around his neck.

Followed by her Army the General now rushed to the gateway, where she was confronted [kqn'frAntId] (столкнулась с) by the Royal Army of Oz -- which was the other name for the Soldier with the Green Whiskers.

"Halt [hLlt] (стойте)!" he cried, and pointed his long gun [gAn] (ружье) full [ful] (прямо) in the face of the leader ['lJdq].

Some of the girls screamed [skrJmd] (завизжали) and ran back, but General Jinjur bravely ['breIvli] (храбро) stood her ground and said, reproachfully [rI'prquCf(q)li] (с осуждением):

"Why, how now? Would you shoot [Su:t] (стрелять в) a poor, defenceless [dI'fenslIs] (беззащитную) girl?"

"No," replied the soldier. "for my gun [gAn] (ружье) isn't loaded ['lqudId] (заряжено)."

"Not loaded?"

"No; for fear of accidents ['xksId(q)nts] (несчастные случаи). And I've forgotten [fq'gPtn] (забыл) where I hid [hId] (спрятал) the powder and shot [SPt] (дробь) to load [lqud] (заряжать) it with. But if you'll wait a short time I'll try to hunt [hAnt] them up (разыскать их)."

"Don't trouble ['trAb(q)l] (утруждайте) yourself," said Jinjur, cheerfully. Then she turned to her Army and cried:

"Girls, the gun [gAn] (ружье) isn't loaded ['lqudId] (заряжено)!"

"Hooray [hu'reI] (ура) ," shrieked [SrJkt] (завопили) the rebels ['reblz] (повстанцы), delighted at this good news [njHz] (новость), and they proceeded [prq'sJdId] (продолжили) to rush [rAS] (нападение) upon the Soldier with the Green Whiskers in such a crowd [kraud] (толпой) that it was a wonder they didn't stick the knitting-needles into one another.

But the Royal Army of Oz was too much afraid of women to meet the onslaught ['PnslLt] (нападение). He simply ['sImplI] (просто) turned about and ran with all his might through the gate and toward the royal palace, while General Jinjur and her mob [mPb] (банда) flocked [flPkt] (ринулись толпой) into the unprotected ['Anprq'tektId] (незащищенный) City.

In this way was the Emerald City captured without a drop [drPp] (капли) of blood [blAd] (крови) being spilled [spIld] (пролитой). The Army of Revolt had become an Army of Conquerors ['kPNk(q)rqz] (завоевателей)!

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