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The Marvelous Land of Oztby L. Frank Baum

Chapter 9. The Scarecrow Plans [plxnz] (планирует) an escape

Tip slipped [slIpt]  away (ускользнул) from the girls and followed swiftly after the Soldier with the Green Whiskers. The invading [In'veIdIN] (окупационная) army entered ['entqd] (вошла в) the City more slowly, for they stopped to dig [dIg] (выковырять) emeralds ['em(q)rqld] (изумруды) out of the walls and paving-stones ['peIvIN-stqunz] (булыжников) with the points [pOInts] (остриями) of their knitting-needles. So the Soldier and the boy reached the palace before the news [njHz] (новость) had spread [spred] (распространилась) that the City was conquered.

The Scarecrow and Jack Pumpkinhead were still playing ['pleIIN] (играли) at quoits [kOIts] (метание колец в цель) in the courtyard when the game [geIm] (игра) was interrupted ["Intq'rAptId] (прервана) by the abrupt [q'brApt] (внезапным) entrance ['entrqns] (входом) of the Royal Army of Oz, who came flying in without his hat or gun [gAn] (ружья), his clothes in sad [sxd] (ужасном) disarray ['dIsq'reI] (беспорядке) and his long beard [bIqd] (борода) floating ['flqutIN] (плывущая) a yard [jQ:d] behind him as he ran.

"Tally ['txlI] one for me (добавь одно очко на мой счет)," said the Scarecrow, calmly "What's wrong, my man?" he added, addressing [q'dresIN] (обращаясь к) the Soldier.

"Oh! your Majesty -- your Majesty! The City is conquered!" gasped [gRspt] (произнес задыхаясь) the Royal Army, who was all out of breath.

"This is quite sudden ['sAdn] (неожиданно)," said the Scarecrow. "But please go and bar [bR] (закройте) all the doors and windows [wIndquz] (окна) of the palace, while I show [Squ] (буду показывать) this Pumpkinhead how to throw [Trqu] (бросать) a quoit [kOIt] (кольцо)."

The Soldier hastened ['heIs(q)nd] (поспешил) to do this, while Tip, who had arrived [q'raIvd] (прибежал) at his heels [hJlz] (за ним вслед), remained in the courtyard to look at the Scarecrow with wondering eyes.

His Majesty continued to throw [Trqu] (бросать) the quoits [kOIts] (кольца) as coolly ['kHli] (невозмутимо) as if no danger threatened his throne, but the Pumpkinhead, having caught sight of Tip, ambled ['xmbld] (пошел) toward the boy as fast as his wooden legs would go.

"Good afternoon, noble [nqubl] (благородный) parent ['peqrqnt] (родитель)!" he cried, delightedly [dI'laItIdli] (с радостью)." I'm glad to see you are here. That terrible Saw-Horse ran away with me."

"I suspected [sqs'pektId] (так и думал) it," said Tip. "Did you get hurt? Are you cracked [krxkt] (треснувший) at all?"

"No, I arrived [q'raIvd] (прибыл) safely ['seIfli] (благополучно) ," answered Jack, "and his Majesty has been very kind indeed to me.

At this moment the Soldier with the Green Whiskers returned, and the Scarecrow asked:

"By the way, who has conquered me?"

"A regiment ['reGImqnt] (полк) of girls, gathered ['gxDqd] (собравшихся) from the four corners ['kLnqz] (уголков) of the Land of Oz," replied the Soldier, still pale [peIl] (бледный) with fear.

"But where was my Standing Army at the time?" inquired his Majesty, looking at the Soldier, gravely ['greIvli] (многозначительно).

"Your Standing Army was running," answered the fellow ['felqu] (человек), honestly ['PnIstlI] (честно); "for no man could face the terrible weapons ['wepqnz] (оружие) of the invaders [In'veIdqz] (оккупантов)."

"Well," said the Scarecrow, after a moment's thought, "I don't mind much the loss [lPs] (потеря) of my throne, for it's a tiresome ['taIqsqm] (утомительная) job [GPb] (работа) to rule over the Emerald City. And this crown is so heavy that it makes [meIks] (заставляет) my head ache [eIk] (болеть). But I hope the Conquerors ['kPNk(q)rqz] (Завоеватели) have no intention [In'tenS(q)n] (намерения) of injuring ['InGqrIN] (обидеть) me, just because I happen to be the King."

"I heard them, say" remarked Tip, with some hesitation ["hezI'teISn] (нерешительно), "that they intend [In'tend] (намереваются) to make a rag carpet ['rxg 'kQ:pIt] (ковер из лоскутков) of your outside and stuff their sofa-cushions (диванные подушки) with your inside [In'saId] (внутренностями)."

"Then I am really in danger," declared his Majesty, positively ['pPzqtIvlI] (с уверенностью), "and it will be wise for me to consider [kqn'sIdq] (найти, обдумать) a means to escape (способ бегства)."

"Where can you go?" asked Jack Pumpkinhead.

"Why, to my friend the Tin Woodman, who rules over the Winkies, and calls [kLlz] (называет) himself their Emperor," was the answer. "I am sure he will protect [prq'tekt] (защитит) me."

Tip was looking out the window.

"The palace is surrounded by the enemy ['enImI] (врагом)," said he "It is too late [leIt] (поздно) to escape. They would soon tear [teq] (разорвали бы) you to pieces."

The Scarecrow sighed [saId] (вздохнул).

"In an emergency [I'mE:GqnsI] (чрезвычайной ситуации)," he announced, "it is always a good thing to pause and reflect [rI'flekt] (подумать). Please excuse [Ik'skjHz] (извините) me while I pause and reflect."

"But we also are in danger," said the Pumpkinhead, anxiously." If any of these girls understand cooking ['kukIN] (готовке), my end is not far off!"

"Nonsense ['nPnsqns] (чепуха)!" exclaimed the Scarecrow. "they're too busy ['bIzI] (заняты) to cook [kuk] (готовить), even if they know how!"

"But should I remain here a prisoner ['prIznq] (военнопленным) for any length of time," protested Jack," I'm liable to spoil."

"Ah! then you would not be fit to associate [q'squSIIt] (общаться) with," returned the Scarecrow. "The matter is more serious ['sIqrIqs] (серьезное) than I suspected [sqs'pektId] (думал)."

"You," said the Pumpkinhead, gloomily ['glu:mIlI] (уныло), "are liable (можешь) to live for many years. My life is necessarily ['nesIsqrIlI] (неизбежно) short. So I must take advantage [qd'vRntIG] (пользоваться) of the few days that remain to me."

"There, there! Don't worry ['wArI] (беспокойся)," answered the Scarecrow soothingly ['sHDINli] (успокоительно); "if you'll keep quiet long enough for me to think, I'll try to find some way for us all to escape."

So the others waited in patient ['peISqnt] (терпеливом) silence while the Scarecrow walked to a corner and stood with his face to the wall for a good five [faIv] (пять) minutes ['mInIts]. At the end of that time he faced [feIst] (повернулся лицом) them with a more cheerful ['Ciqf(q)l] (веселым) expression upon his painted face.

"Where is the Saw-Horse you rode here?" he asked the Pumpkinhead.

"Why, I said he was a jewel ['GHql] (драгоценностью), and so your man locked [lPkt] (запер) him up in the royal treasury ['trqZqrI] (сокровищнице) ," said Jack.

"It was the only place I could think of your Majesty," added the Soldier, fearing ['fIqrIN] (опасаясь, что) he had made a blunder ['blAndq] (ошибку).

"It pleases [plJzIz] (нравится) me very much," said the Scarecrow. "Has the animal been fed [fed] (покормлено)?"

"Oh, yes; I gave him a heaping ['hJpIN] (с верхом) peck [pek] (1/4 бушеля) of sawdust ['sLdAst] (опилок) ."

"Excellent!" cried the Scarecrow. "Bring the horse here at once."

The Soldier hastened ['heIs(q)nd] (поспешил) away, and presently they heard the clattering ['klxtqrIN] (стук) of the horse's wooden legs upon the pavement ['peIvmqnt] (мостовой) as he was led into the courtyard.

His Majesty regarded [rI'gRdId] (осмотрел) the steed [sti:d] (коня) critically ['krItIkli] (критическим взглядом). "He doesn't seem especially graceful ['greIsf(q)l] (грациозным)!" he remarked, musingly ['mjHzINli] (задумчиво). "but I suppose he can run?"

"He can, indeed," said Tip, gazing ['geIzIN] (смотря) upon the Saw-Horse admiringly [qd'maIqrINli] (любуясь).

"Then, bearing ['beqrIN] (неся) us upon his back, he must make a dash [dxS] (прорваться) through the ranks [rxNks] (ряды) of the rebels ['reblz] (повстанцев) and carry us to my friend the Tin Woodman," announced the Scarecrow.

"He can't carry four!" objected [qb'GektId] (возразил) Tip.

"No, but he may be induced [In'djHst] (можно заставить) to carry three," said his Majesty. "I shall therefore leave [lJv] (оставлю) my Royal Army Behind. For, from the ease [Jz] (легкости) with which he was conquered, I have little confidence ['kPnfIdqns] (уверенности) in his powers ['pauqz] (способностях)."

"Still, he can run," declared Tip, laughing.

"I expected [Ik'spektId] (ожидал) this blow [blqu] (удар)" said the Soldier, sulkily ['sAlkili] (угрюмо); "but I can bear [beq] (перенести) it. I shall disguise [dIs'gaIz] myself (замаскируюсь) by cutting ['kAtIN] off (отрезав) my lovely green whiskers. And, after all, it is no more dangerous ['deInG(q)rqs] (опасно) to face those reckless ['reklIs] (безрассудные) girls than to ride this fiery ['faIqrI] (горячей), untamed [An'teImd] (необузданной) wooden horse!"

"Perhaps you are right," observed [qb'zE:vd] (заметил) his Majesty. "But, for my part, not being a soldier, I am fond [fPnd] (люблю) of danger. Now, my boy, you must mount [maunt] (сесть) first. And please sit [sIt] (садись) as close to the horse's neck as possible."

Tip climbed quickly to his place, and the Soldier and the Scarecrow managed to hoist [hPIst] (поднять) the Pumpkinhead to a seat [sJt] (место) just behind him. There remained so little space [speIs] (места) for the King that he was liable to fall off as soon as the horse started.

"Fetch [feC] (принеси) a clothesline ['klquDzlaIn] (бельевую веревку)," said the King to his Army, "and tie [taI] (свяжи) us all together. Then if one falls [fLlz] (упадет) off we will all fall off."

And while the Soldier was gone for the clothesline ['klquDzlaIn] (бельевой веревкой) his Majesty continued, "it is well for me to be careful, for my very existence is in danger."

"I have to be as careful as you do," said Jack.

"Not exactly," replied the Scarecrow. "for if anything happened to me, that would be the end of me. But if anything happened to you, they could use you for seed [si:d] (семена)."

The Soldier now returned with a long line [laIn] (веревкой) and tied [taId] (связал) all three firmly together, also lashing ['lxSIN] (привязав) them to the body of the Saw-Horse; so there seemed little danger of their tumbling ['tAmblIN] (свалятся) off.

"Now throw [Trqu] open (распахивай) the gates," commanded the Scarecrow, "and we will make a dash [dxS] (будем прорываться) to liberty ['lIbqtI] (свободе) or to death."

The courtyard in which they were standing was located [lqu'keItId] (расположен) in the center of the great palace, which surrounded it on all sides [saIdz] (сторонам). But in one place a passage ['pxsIG] (коридор, проход) led to an outer ['autq] (внешним) gateway, which the Soldier had barred [bRd] (запер) by order of his sovereign ['sPvrIn] (повелителя). It was through this gateway his Majesty proposed [prq'pquzd] (предложил) to escape, and the Royal Army now led the Saw-Horse along the passage ['pxsIG] (коридору) and unbarred ['An'bRd] (отпер) the gate, which swung [swAN] backward ['bxkwqd] (открылись) with a loud crash [krxS] (треском, грохотом).

"Now," said Tip to the horse, "you must save us all. Run as fast as you can for the gate of the City, and don't let anything stop you."

"All right!" answered the Saw-Horse, gruffly ['grAfli] (хриплым голосом), and dashed [dxSt] (рванул) away so suddenly that Tip had to gasp [gRsp]  for breath (хватать ртом воздух) and hold firmly to the post he had driven ['drIvqn] (вбил) into the creature's neck.

Several of the girls, who stood outside guarding ['gRdIN] (охраняя) the palace, were knocked [nPkt] over (сбиты) by the Saw-Horse's mad [mxd] (бешеным) rush [rAS] (напором). Others ran screaming ['skrJmIN] (крича) out of the way, and only one or two jabbed ['Gxbd] (стали тыкать) their knitting-needles frantically ['frxntIkli] (неистово) at the escaping [Is'keIpIN] (убегающих) prisoners ['prIz(q)nqz] (военнопленных). Tip got one small prick [prIk] (укол) in his left arm, which smarted ['smRtId] (вызывал жгучую боль) for an hour afterward; but the needles had no effect [I'fekt] upon the Scarecrow or Jack Pumpkinhead, who never even suspected [sqs'pektId] (догадывались) they were being prodded ['prPdId] (колют) .

As for the Saw-Horse, he made a wonderful record ['rekLd] () upsetting [Ap'setIN] (перевернув) a fruit [frHt] (с фруктами) cart [kRt] (тележку), overturning ['quvqtE:nIN] (отпрокинув) several meek [mi:k] (кроткие) looking men, and finally bowling ['bqulIN] (прокатившись) over the new Guardian of the Gate -- a fussy ['fAsI] (нервная) little fat [fxt] (толстая) woman appointed [q'pOIntId ] (назначенная) by General Jinjur.

Nor did the impetuous [Im'petjuqs] (стремительный) charger ['CRGq] (конь) stop then. Once outside the walls of the Emerald City he dashed [dxSt] (несся) along the road to the West with fast and violent ['vaIqlqnt] (мощными) leaps [lJps] (скачками) that shook the breath out of the boy and filled the Scarecrow with wonder.

Jack had ridden ['rIdn] (скакал) at this mad [mxd] (безумной) rate [reIt] (скоростью) once before, so he devoted [dI'vqutId] (направил) every effort ['efqt] (усилие) to holding ['hquldIN] (держать), with both hands, his pumpkin head upon its stick, enduring [In'djuqrIN] (перенося) meantime ['mJntaIm] (тем временем) the dreadful ['dredf(q)l] (ужасную) jolting ['GqultIN] (тряску) with the courage of a philosopher [fI'lPsqfq].

"Slow [slqu] (замедли) him up! Slow him up!" shouted the Scarecrow. "My straw is all shaking ['SeIkIN] (сбивается) down into my legs."

But Tip had no breath to speak, so the Saw-Horse continued his wild [waIld] career [kq'rIq] (продолжал дико нестить) unchecked ['An'Cekt] (беспрепятственно) and with unabated ['Anq'beItId] (неослабевающей) speed [spJd] (скоростью) .

Presently they came to the banks [bxNks] (берегам) of a wide river, and without a pause the wooden steed [sti:d] (конь) gave one final ['faInl] (последний) leap [lJp] (скачок) and launched [lLnCt] (забросил) them all in mid [mId] () -air.

A second ['sekqnd] (секунду) later ['leItq] (спустя) they were rolling ['rqulIN] (катились), splashing ['splxSIN] (распространяя брызги) and bobbing ['bPbIN] (всплывая и погружаясь) about in the water, the horse struggling ['strAglIN] (пытался) frantically ['frxntIkli] (неистово) to find a rest for its feet and its riders ['raIdqz] (ездоки) being first plunged [plAnGd] (погружались) beneath [bI'ni:T] (под) the rapid ['rxpId] (быстрым) current ['kArqnt] (течением) and then floating ['flqutIN] (всплывали) upon the surface [s'E:fIs] (поверхность) like corks [kLks] (пробки).

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