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The Marvelous Land of Oztby L. Frank Baum

Chapter 10. The Journey to the Tin Woodman

Tip was well soaked [squkt] (промок до нитки) and dripping ['drIpIN] (капала) water from every angle [xNgl] (lчасти, досл. угла) of his body. But he managed to lean [li:n] (наклониться) forward and shout [Saut] (прокричать) in the ear [Iq] (ухо) of the Saw-Horse:

"Keep still, you fool [fHl] (дурак)! Keep still!"

The horse at once ceased [si:st] (прекратил) struggling ['strAglIN] (биться, бороться) and floated ['flqutId] (плавал) calmly upon the surface [s'E:fIs] (поверхности), its wooden body being as buoyant ['bOIqnt] (плавучее) as a raft [rRft] (плот).

"What does that word 'fool' mean?" enquired the horse.

"It is a term [tE:m] (выражение) of reproach [rI'prquC] (упрека)," answered Tip, somewhat ashamed [q'SeImd] (стыдясь) of the expression. "I only use it when I am angry."

"Then it pleases [plJzIz] (доставляет удовольствие) me to be able to call you a fool [fHl] (дураком), in return," said the horse. "For I did not make the river, nor put it in our way; so only a term [tE:m] (выражение) of reproach [rI'prquC] (упрека) is fit for one who becomes [bI'kAmz] (становится) angry with me for falling ['fLlIN] (за то, что я упал) into the water."

"That is quite evident ['evIdqnt] (очевидно)," replied Tip; "so I will acknowledge [qk'nPlIG] (признаю) myself in the wrong." Then he called out to the Pumpkinhead: "are you all right, Jack?"

There was no reply. So the boy called to the King "are you all right, your majesty?"

The Scarecrow groaned ['grqund] (простонал).

"I'm all wrong, somehow ['sAmhau] (зд. похоже)," he said, in a weak [wJk] (слабым) voice. "How very wet [wet] (мокрая) this water is!"

Tip was bound so tightly ['taItli] (крепко) by the cord [kLd] (веревкой) that he could not turn his head to look at his companions [kqm'pxnjqnz]; so he said to the Saw-Horse:

"Paddle ['pxdl] (греби) with your legs toward the shore [SL] (берегу)."

The horse obeyed [qu'beId] (подчинился), and although their progress ['prqugrqs] was slow [slqu] (медленное) they finally reached the opposite ['PpqzIt] (противоположный) river bank at a place where it was low enough to enable [I'neIbl] (чтобы дать возможность) the creature to scramble ['skrxmb(q)l] (взобраться) upon dry land.

With some difficulty ['dIfIkqltI] (трудностью) the boy managed to get his knife out of his pocket and cut the cords [kLdz] (веревки) that bound the riders ['raIdqz] (ездоков) to one another and to the wooden horse. He heard the Scarecrow fall to the ground with a mushy ['mASI] (мягким) sound [saund] (звуком), and then he himself quickly dismounted ['dIs'mauntId] (спешился) and looked at his friend Jack.

The wooden body, with its gorgeous ['gLGqs] (роскошной) clothing, still sat upright upon the horse's back; but the pumpkin head was gone, and only the sharpened ['SRp(q)nd] (заостренная) stick that served ['sE:vd] (служила) for a neck was visible ['vIzqbl] (видна) . As for the Scarecrow, the straw in his body had shaken ['SeIkqn] (сбилась) down with the jolting ['GqultIN] (от тряски) and packed [pxkt] itself [It'self] (спрессовалась) into his legs and the lower ['lquq] (нижней) part of his body -- which appeared [q'pIqd] (выглядела) very plump [plAmp] (пухлой) and round while his upper ['Apq] (верхняя) half seemed like an empty ['emptI] (пустой) sack [sxk] (мешок) . Upon his head the Scarecrow still wore the heavy crown, which had been sewed [squd] on (пришита) to prevent [prI'vent] (предотвратить) his losing ['lHzIN] (потерю) it; but the head was now so damp [dxmp] (сырая) and limp [lImp] (мягкая) that the weight [weIt] (вес) of the gold and jewels sagged [sxgd] (осел) forward and crushed [krASt] (раздавил) the painted face into a mass [mxs] of wrinkles [rINk(q)lz] (морщинок, складок) that made him look exactly like a Japanese ["Gxpq'ni:z] (японский) pug [pAg] (мопс) dog.

Tip would have laughed [lRft] (рассмеялся бы) -- had he not been so anxious about his man Jack. But the Scarecrow, however damaged ['dxmIGd] (поврежденный), was all there, while the pumpkin head that was so necessary ['nesIsqrI] (нужна) to Jack's existence was missing ['mIsIN] (пропала); so the boy seized [sJzd] (схватил) a long pole [pqul] (шест) that fortunately ['fLtSnItli] (к счастью) lay near at hand and anxiously turned again toward the river.

Far out upon the waters ['wLtqz] (воде) he sighted ['saItId] (заметил) the golden hue [hjH] (цвет) of the pumpkin, which gently ['Gentli] (мягко) bobbed [bPbd] (качалась) up and down with the motion ['mquSqn] (движением) of the waves [weIvz] (волн). At that moment it was quite out of Tip's reach, but after a time it floated ['flqutId] (подплыла) nearer ['nIqrq] (ближе) and still nearer until the boy was able to reach it with his pole [pqul] (шестом) and draw [drL] (подтянул) it to the shore [SL] (берегу). Then he brought it to the top of the bank, carefully wiped [waIpt] (стер) the water from its pumpkin face with his handkerchief ['hxNkqCIf] (платком), and ran with it to Jack and replaced [rI'pleIst] (вернул) the head upon the man's neck.

"Dear me!" were Jack's first words. "What a dreadful ['dredf(q)l] (ужасный) experience! I wonder if water is liable to spoil pumpkins?"

Tip did not think a reply was necessary ['nesIsqrI] (необходим), for he knew that the Scarecrow also stood in need of his help. So he carefully removed [rI'mHvd] (вынул) the straw from the King's body and legs, and spread [spred] (разложил) it out in the sun to dry. The wet [wet] (сырая) clothing he hung over the body of the Saw-Horse.

"If water spoils [spOIlz] (портит) pumpkins," observed [qb'zE:vd] (заметил) Jack, with a deep sigh, "then my days are numbered ['nAmbqd] (сочтены)."

"I've never noticed that water spoils [spOIlz] (портит) pumpkins," returned Tip; "unless the water happens ['hxpqnz] (оказывается) to be boiling ['bOIlIN] (кипящей). If your head isn't cracked [krxkt] (треснула), my friend, you must be in fairly good condition."

"Oh, my head isn't cracked [krxkt] (треснула) in the least," declared Jack, more cheerfully.

"Then don't worry ['wArI] (волнуйся)," retorted [rI'tLtId] (ответил) the boy. "Care (забота) once killed a cat [kxt] (кошку)."

"Then," said Jack, seriously ['sI(q)riqsli] (серьезно), "I am very glad indeed that I am not a cat."

The sun was fast drying ['draIIN] (сушило) their clothing, and Tip stirred [stE:d] (шевелил) up his Majesty's straw so that the warm [wLm] (теплые) rays [reIz] (лучи) might absorb [qb'zLb] (поглотить) the moisture ['mOIsCq] (влагу) and make it as crisp [krIsp] (свежей) and dry as ever. When this had been accomplished [q'kAmplISt] (было сделано) he stuffed the Scarecrow into symmetrical [sI'metrIkql] shape [SeIp] (форму) and smoothed [smHDd] out (разгладил) his face so that he wore his usual ['jHZuql] (обычное) gay [geI] (веселое) and charming ['CRmIN] (очаровательное) expression.

"Thank you very much," said the monarch, brightly ['braItli] (весело), as he walked about and found himself to be well balanced ['bxlqnst] (уравновешенный). "There are several distinct ['dIstINkt] (явных) advantages [qd'vRntIGIz] (преимуществ) in being a Scarecrow. For if one has friends near at hand to repair [rI'peq] (чинить) damages ['dxmIGIz] (повреждения), nothing very serious ['sIqrIqs] (серьезное) can happen to you."

"I wonder if hot [hPt] (яркий, жаркий) sunshine ['sAnSaIn] (солнечный свет) is liable (может) to crack [krxk] (растрескать) pumpkins," said Jack, with an anxious ring [rIN] (ноткой) in his voice.

"Not at all -- not at all!" replied the Scarecrow, gaily ['geIlI] (весело)." All you need fear, my boy, is old age [eIdZ] (возраст). When your golden youth [ju:T] (юность) has decayed [dI'keId] (досл. сгниет) we shall quickly part company (расстанемся) -- but you needn't look forward to it; we'll discover the fact ourselves [auq'selvz] (сами), and notify ['nqutIfaI] (известим) you. But come! Let us resume [rI'zju:m] (продолжим) our journey. I am anxious to greet [grJt] (поздороваться) my friend the Tin Woodman."

So they remounted [rI'mauntId] (вновь сели на) the Saw-Horse, Tip holding ['hquldIN] (держался) to the post, the Pumpkinhead clinging ['klININ] (держался) to Tip, and the Scarecrow with both arms around the wooden form of Jack.

"Go slowly, for now there is no danger of pursuit [pq'sjHt] (преследования)," said Tip to his steed [sti:d] (коню).

"All right!" responded the creature, in a voice rather gruff [grAf] (хриплым).

"Aren't you a little hoarse [hLs] (охрип: игра слов - horse - лошадь, hoarse - охрипший)?" asked the Pumpkinhead politely.

The Saw-Horse gave an angry prance [prRns] (скачок) and rolled one knotty ['nPtI] (сучковатый) eye [aI] (глаз) backward ['bxkwqd] (назад) toward Tip.

"See here," he growled [grauld] (проворчал), "can't you protect [prq'tekt] (защитить) me from insult ['InsAlt] (оскорблений)?"

"To be sure!" answered Tip, soothingly ['sHDINli] (успокоительно). "I am sure Jack meant [ment] (не имел в виду) no harm [hRm] (плохого). And it will not do for us to quarrel ['kwPrql] (ссориться), you know; we must all remain good friends."

"I'll have nothing more to do with that Pumpkinhead," declared the SawHorse, viciously ['vISqsli] (зло). "he loses ['lu:zIz] (теряет) his head too easily to suit [sjHt] (подходить) me."

There seemed no fitting ['fItIN] (подходящего) reply to this speech, so for a time they rode along in silence.

After a while the Scarecrow remarked:

"This reminds [rI'maIndz] (напоминает) me of old times [taImz] (временах). It was upon this grassy ['grQ:sI] (покрытом травой) knoll [nqul] (холме) that I once saved Dorothy from the Stinging ['stININ] (жалящих) Bees [bJz] (пчел) of the Wicked Witch of the West."

"Do Stinging ['stININ] (жалящие) Bees [bJz] (пчелы) injure ['IndZq] (вредят, портят) pumpkins?" asked Jack, glancing ['glRnsIN] (смотря) around fearfully ['fIqf(q)li] (испуганно).

"They are all dead, so it doesn't matter," replied the Scarecrow." And here is where Nick Chopper destroyed [dIs'trOId] (уничтожил) the Wicked Witch's Grey [greI] (серых) Wolves [wulvz] (волков) ."

"Who was Nick Chopper?" asked Tip.

"That is the name of my friend the Tin Woodman, answered his Majesty. And here is where the Winged Monkeys captured and bound us, and flew away with little Dorothy," he continued, after they had traveled ['trxv(q)ld] (проскакали) a little way farther.

"Do Winged Monkeys ever eat pumpkins?" asked Jack, with a shiver ['SIvq] (дрожью) of fear.

"I do not know; but you have little cause [kLz] (причины) to worry ['wArI] (беспокоиться), for the Winged Monkeys are now the slaves of Glinda the Good, who owns ['qunz] (владеет) the Golden Cap that commands [kq'mRndz] (пользуется) their services ['sE:vIsIz] (услугами)," said the Scarecrow, reflectively [rI'flektIvli] (задумчиво).

Then the stuffed monarch became lost in thought recalling [rI'kLkIN] (вспоминая о) the days of past [pQ:st] (прошлых) adventures [qd'ventSqz] (приключений). And the Saw-Horse rocked [rPkt] (зд. скакала) and rolled over the flower-strewn [strHn] (усыпанным) fields [fJldz] (полям) and carried its riders ['raIdqz] (ездоков) swiftly upon their way.

* * * * * * * * *

Twilight ['twaIlaIt] (сумерки) fell, bye [baI] and bye [baI] (), and then the dark shadows ['Sxdquz] (тени) of night. So Tip stopped the horse and they all proceeded [prq'sJdId] to dismount ['dIs'maunt] (спешились).

"I'm tired out," said the boy, yawning ['jLnIN] (зевая) wearily ['wIqrIlI] (устало); "and the grass is soft and cool [kHl] (прохладная). Let us lie [laI] (ляжем) down here and sleep until morning."

"I can't sleep," said Jack.

"I never do," said the Scarecrow.

"I do not even know what sleep is," said the Saw-Horse.

"Still, we must have consideration [kqn"sIdq'reISqn]  for (проявить уважение к, считаться с) this poor boy, who is made of flesh [fleS] (плоти) and blood [blAd] (крови) and bone [bqun] (кости), and gets [gets] tired (устает)," suggested the Scarecrow, in his usual ['jHZuql] (обычной) thoughtful ['TLtf(q)l] (задумчивой) manner. "I remember it was the same way with little Dorothy. We always had to sit [sIt] (сидеть) through the night while she slept [slept] (спала)."

"I'm sorry ['sPrI] (извините)," said Tip, meekly ['mJkli] (кротко), "but I can't help it. And I'm dreadfully ['dredf(q)li] (ужасно) hungry, too!"

"Here is a new danger!" remarked Jack, gloomily ['glu:mIlI] (мрачно). "I hope you are not fond [fPnd] (не любишь) of eating pumpkins."

"Not unless they're stewed [stjHd] (тушеные) and made into pies ['paIz] (пироги)," answered the boy, laughing. "So have no fears ['fIqz] (страх) of me, friend Jack."

"What a coward ['kauqd] (трус) that Pumpkinhead is!" said the Saw-Horse, scornfully ['skLnfqli] (презрительно).

"You might be a coward ['kauqd] (трус) yourself, if you knew you were liable to spoil!" retorted [rI'tLtId] (возразил) Jack, angrily ['xNgrIli] (сердито).

"There! -- there!" interrupted ["Intq'rAptId] (прервал) the Scarecrow; "don't let us quarrel ['kwPrql] (ссориться). We all have our weaknesses ['wJknIsIz] (слабости), dear friends; so we must strive [straIv] (стараться) to be considerate [kqn'sIdqrIt] (проявлять уважение) of one another. And since this poor boy is hungry and has nothing whatever to eat, let us all remain quiet and allow [q'lau] (позволим) him to sleep; for it is said that in sleep a mortal ['mLtl] (смертный) may forget [fq'get] (забыть) even hunger ['hANgq] (голод)."

"Thank you!" exclaimed Tip, gratefully ['greItf(q)li] (с благодарностью). "Your Majesty is fully as good as you are wise -- and that is saying a good deal [dJl] (многое)!"

He then stretched [streCt]  himself (растянулся) upon the grass and, using ['jHzIN] (используя) the stuffed form of the Scarecrow for a pillow ['pIlqu] (подушки), was presently fast asleep [q'sli:p] (уснул).

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