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The Marvelous Land of Oztby L. Frank Baum

Chapter 11. A Nickel-Plated ['pleItId] (никелированный) Emperor

Tip awoke [q'wquk ] (проснулся) soon after dawn [dLn] (рассвета), but the Scarecrow had already risen ['rIzn] (встал) and plucked ['plAkt] (собрал), with his clumsy ['klAmzi] (неуклюжими) fingers ['fINgqz] (пальцами), a double-handful ['dAbl-'hxndful] (двойную пригоршню) of ripe [raIp] (спелых) berries ['berIz] (ягод) from some bushes ['buSIz] (кустов) near by. These the boy ate [et ] (съел) greedily ['grJdIlI] (с жадностью), finding them an ample ['xmpl] (обильный) breakfast ['brekfqst] (завтрак), and afterward the little party resumed its Journey.

After an hour's ride they reached the summit ['sAmIt] (вершины) of a hill [hIl] (холма) from whence [wens] (откуда) they espied (увидели) the City of the Winkies and noted ['nqutId] (заметили) the tall domes ['dqumz] (купола) of the Emperor's palace rising ['raIzIN] (поднимающиеся) from the clusters ['klAstqz] (групп) of more modest ['mPdIst] (скромных) dwellings ['dwelINz] (домов).

The Scarecrow became greatly animated ['xnImeItId] (оживленный) at this sight, and exclaimed:

"How delighted I shall be to see my old friend the Tin Woodman again! I hope that he rules his people more successfully [sqk'sesfqli] (с большим успехом) than I have ruled mine [maInd] (моими)!"

Is the Tin Woodman the Emperor of the Winkies?" asked the horse.

"Yes, indeed. They invited [In'vaItId] (пригласили) him to rule over them soon after the Wicked Witch was destroyed [dIs'trOId] (уничтожена); and as Nick Chopper has the best heart in all the world I am sure he has proved an excellent and able emperor."

"I thought that 'Emperor' was the title ['taItl] (титул) of a person who rules an empire ['empaIq] (империей)," said Tip, "and the Country of the Winkies is only a Kingdom ['kINdqm] (королевство)."

"Don't mention ['menS(q)n] (говори об) that to the Tin Woodman!" exclaimed the Scarecrow, earnestly ['E:nIstli] (серьезно). "You would hurt his feelings ['fJlINz] (обидел бы его) terribly ['terqb(q)li] (ужасно). He is a proud man, as he has every reason to be, and it pleases [plJzIz] (доставляет удовольствие) him to be termed [tE:md] (называться) Emperor rather than King."

"I'm sure it makes [meIks] (делает) no difference ['dIfrqns] (разницы) to me," replied the boy.

The Saw-Horse now ambled ['xmbld] (скакал) forward at a pace [peIs] (скоростью) so fast that its riders ['raIdqz] (ездоки) had hard work to stick upon its back; so there was little further ['fE:Dq] (дальнейшего) conversation ["kPnvq'seISqn] (разговора) until they drew up beside the palace steps.

An aged ['eIGd] (пожилой) Winkie, dressed in a uniform ['jHnIfLm] of silver cloth [klPT] (ткани), came forward to assist [q'sIst] (помочь) them to alight [q'laIt ] (спешиться). Said the Scarecrow to his personage:

"Show [Squ] (веди) us at once to your master ['mQ:stq] (господину), the Emperor."

The man looked from one to another of the party in an embarrassed [Im'bxrqst] way (смущенно), and finally answered:

"I fear I must ask you to wait for a time. The Emperor is not receiving [rI'sJvIN] (принимает) this morning."

"How is that?" enquired the Scarecrow, anxiously." I hope nothing has happened to him."

"Oh, no; nothing serious ['sIqrIqs] (серьезного)," returned the man. "But this is his Majesty's day for being polished ['pPlISt] (наведения глянца); and just now his august [L'gAst] (августейшая) presence ['prezns] (особа) is thickly ['TIkli] (густо) smeared [smIqd] (обмазан) with putz-pomade [pq'mRd] ()."

"Oh, I see!" cried the Scarecrow, greatly reassured ["rJq'Suqd] (успокоенный). "My friend was ever inclined [In'klaInd] (склонен) to be a dandy ['dxndI], and I suppose he is now more proud than ever of his personal ['pE:snl] (личная) appearance."

"He is, indeed," said the man, with a polite [pq'laIt] (вежливым) bow. "Our mighty ['maItI] (могущественный) Emperor has lately ['leItlI] (недавно) caused himself to be nickel-plated ['pleItId] (никелированный)."

"Good Gracious ['greISqs] (бог ты мой)!" the Scarecrow exclaimed at hearing ['hIqrIN] (услышав) this. "If his wit [wIt] (ум) bears [beqz] (имеет) the same polish ['pPlIS] (блеск), how sparkling it must be! But show [Squ] (проведи) us in -- I'm sure the Emperor will receive us, even in his present [preznt] (теперешнем) state [steIt] (состоянии)."

"The Emperor's state [steIt] (состояние) is always magnificent [mxg'nIfIsnt] (великолепное)," said the man. "But I will venture ['venCq] (осмелюсь) to tell him of your arrival [q'raIvql] (прибытии), and will receive his commands [kq'mRndz] concerning [kqn'sE:nIN] (относительно) you."

So the party followed the servant ['sE:vqnt] (слугу) into a splendid ['splendId] (роскошную) ante ['xntI ]-room  (прихожую), and the SawHorse ambled ['xmbld] (скакал) awkwardly ['Lkwqdli] (неуклюже) after them, having no knowledge ['nPlIG] (знания) that a horse might be expected [Ik'spektId] (должна) to remain outside.

The travelers were at first somewhat awed [Ld] (были поражены) by their surroundings [sq'raundINz] (окружающей обстановкой), and even the Scarecrow seemed impressed [Im'prest] (под впечатлением) as he examined [I'gzxmInd] (изучил) the rich [rItS] (богатые) hangings ['hxNINz] (портьеры) of silver cloth [klPT] (ткани) caught up into knots [nPts] (узлы) and fastened with tiny silver axes ['xksIz] (топориками). Upon a handsome ['hxns(q)m] (красивом) center-table ['teIbl] (столе) stood a large silver oil-can (масленка), richly ['rIClI] (богато) engraved [In'greIvd] (гравированная) with scenes [sJnz] (сценами) from the past [pQ:st] (былых) adventures [qd'ventSqz] (приключений) of the Tin Woodman, Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow: the lines [laInz] (линии) of the engraving [In'greIvIN] (гравировки) being traced [treIst] (были выписаны) upon the silver in yellow gold. On the walls hung several portraits ['pLtrIts], that of the Scarecrow seeming ['sJmIN] (казалось) to be the most prominent ['prPmInqnt] (заметным) and carefully executed ['eksIkjHtId] (выполненным), while a the large painting ['peIntIN] (картина) of the famous ['feImqs] (знаменитый) Wizard of Oz, in act [xkt] (во время) of presenting [prI'zentIN] (дарения) the Tin Woodman with a heart, covered almost one entire (целый) end of the room.

While the visitors ['vIzItqz] (посетители) gazed [geIzd] (глазели) at these things in silent ['saIlqnt] (безмолвном) admiration ["xdmq'reISqn] (восхищении) they suddenly heard a loud voice in the next room exclaim [Iks'kleIm] (воскликнул):

"Well! well! well! What a great surprise!"

And then the door burst [bE:st] open (распахнулась) and Nick Chopper rushed into their midst [mIdst] (середину) and caught the Scarecrow in a close and loving ['lAvIN] (нежные) embrace [Im'breIs] (объятия) that creased [krJst] (помяли) him into many folds [fquldz] (складки) and wrinkles [rINk(q)lz] (складки).

"My dear old friend! My noble [nqubl] (благородный) comrade ['kPmrId] (товарищ)!" cried the Tin Woodman, joyfully ['GOIf(q)li] (радостно). "How delighted I am to meet you once again!"

And then he released [rI'lJst] (отпустил) the Scarecrow and held him at arms' length while he surveyed [sq'veId] (рассматривал) the beloved [bI'lAvd] (любимые), painted features ['fi:Cqz] (черты).

But, alas [q'lxs] (увы)! the face of the Scarecrow and many portions ['pLS(q)nz] (части) of his body bore [bL] (носили) great blotches ['blPCIz] (пятна) of putz-pomade [pq'mRd] (); for the Tin Woodman, in his eagerness ['JgqnIs] (горячем желании) to welcome ['welkqm] (приветствовать) his friend, had quite forgotten [fq'gPtn] (забыл) the condition of his toilet ['tOIlIt] and had rubbed [rAbd] (втер) the thick [TIk] (толстый) coating ['kqutIN] (слой) of paste [peIst] from his own body to that of his comrade ['kPmrId] (товарища).

"Dear me!" said the Scarecrow dolefully ['dqulfqli] (печально). "What a mess [mes] (беспорядок) I'm in!"

"Never mind, my friend," returned the Tin Woodman," I'll send you to my Imperial [Im'pI(q)riql] (императорскую) Laundry ['lLndrI] (прачечную), and you'll come out as good as new."

"Won't I be mangled ['mxNg(q)ld] (меня разве не прогладят катком для белья) ?" asked the Scarecrow.

"No, indeed!" was the reply. "But tell me, how came your Majesty here? and who are your companions [kqm'pxnjqnz]?"

The Scarecrow, with great politeness [pq'laItnIs] (вежливостью), introduced [Intrq'djHst] (представил) Tip and Jack Pumpkinhead, and the latter ['lxtq] (второй) personage seemed to interest the Tin Woodman greatly.

"You are not very substantial [sqb'stxnSql] (прочный), I must admit [qd'mIt] (признать)," said the Emperor. "but you are certainly unusual, and therefore worthy ['wE:DI] (достоин) to become a member ['membq] (членом) of our select [sI'lekt] (избранного) society [sq'saIqtI] (общества)."

"I thank your Majesty, said Jack, humbly ['hAmblI] (скромно).

"I hope you are enjoying [In'GOIIN] (находишься в) good health [helT] (здравии)?" continued the Woodman.

"At present [preznt] (в данный момент), yes;" replied the Pumpkinhead, with a sigh; "but I am in constant ['kPnstqnt] (постоянном) terror ['terq] (ужасе) of the day when I shall spoil."

"Nonsense ['nPnsqns] (чепуха)!" said the Emperor -- but in a kindly ['kaIndlI] (добрым), sympathetic ["sImpq'TetIk] (сочувственным) tone. "Do not, I beg of you, dampen ['dxmpqn] (мочи) today's sun with the showers [Sauqz] (ливнями) of tomorrow [tq'mPrqu] (завтрашнего дня). For before your head has time to spoil you can have it canned [kxnd] (законсервировать), and in that way it may be preserved [prI'zE:vd] (сохраняться) indefinitely [In'defInItli] (неопределенно долго)."

Tip, during this conversation ["kPnvq'seISqn] (разговора), was looking at the Woodman with undisguised ['AndIs'gaIzd] (нескрываемым) amazement, and noticed that the celebrated ['selqbreItId] (прославленный) Emperor of the Winkies was composed [kqm'pquzd] (состоял) entirely of pieces of tin (олова), neatly ['nJtli] (аккуратно) soldered ['sPldqd] (спаянные) and riveted ['rIvqtId] (склепанные) together into the form of a man. He rattled [rxtld] (дребезжал) and clanked [klxNkt] (гремел) a little, as he moved, but in the main [meIn] (большей частью) he seemed to be most cleverly ['klevqli] (искусно) constructed [kqn'strAktId] (сконструирован), and his appearance was only marred ['mRd] (испорчена) by the thick [TIk] (толстым) coating ['kqutIN] (слоем) of polishing ['pPlISIN]-paste [peIst] () that covered him from head to foot.

The boy's intent [In'tent] (пристальный) gaze [geIz] (взор) caused the Tin Woodman to remember that he was not in the most presentable [prI'zentqbl] (презентабельном) condition, so he begged [begd] (попросил) his friends to excuse [Ik'skjHz] (извинить) him while he retired [rI'taIqd] (удалился) to his private ['praIvIt] (личную) apartment [q'pRtmqnt] (комнату) and allowed [q'laud] (позволил) his servants ['sE:vqnts] (слугам) to polish ['pPlIS] (отполировать) him. This was accomplished [q'kAmplISt] (сделано) in a short time, and when the emperor returned his nickel-plated ['pleItId] (никелированное) body shone [Squn] (блестело) so magnificently [mxg'nIfIsqntli] (великолепно) that the Scarecrow heartily ['hQ:tili] (искренне) congratulated [kqn'grxCVleItId] (поздравил) him on his improved [Im'prHvd] (улучшенной) appearance.

"That nickel-plate [pleIt] (никелировка) was, I confess [kqn'fes] (признаюсь), a happy ['hxpi] (удачная) thought," said Nick; "and it was the more necessary ['nesIsqrI] (необходима) because I had become somewhat scratched [skrxCt] (поцарапан) during my adventurous [qd'venCqrqs] (опасных) experiences [Iks'pI(q)riqnsIz] (приключений). You will observe [qb'zE:v] (заметите) this engraved [In'greIvd] (выгравированную) star [stR] (звезду) upon my left breast [brest] (с левой стороны груди). It not only indicates ['IndIkeIts] (указывает) where my excellent heart lies [laIz] (лежит), but covers ['kAvqz] (прикрывает) very neatly ['nJtli] (искусно) the patch [pxtS] (заплатку) made by the Wonderful Wizard when he placed that valued ['vxljHd] (ценный) organ ['Lgqn] in my breast [brest] (грудь) with his own skillful ['skIlf(q)l] (умелыми) hands."

"Is your heart, then, a hand-organ ['Lgqn]?" asked the Pumpkinhead, curiously.

"By no means," responded the emperor, with dignity ['dIgnIti] (достоинством). "It is, I am convinced [kqn'vInst] (убежден), a strictly ['strIktlI] (строго) orthodox ['LTqdPks] (ортодоксальное) heart, although somewhat larger ['lRGq] (больше) and warmer ['wLmq] (теплее) than most people possess [pq'zes] (обладают)."

Then he turned to the Scarecrow and asked:

"Are your subjects ['sAbGIkts] (подданные) happy ['hxpi] (счастливы) and contented [kqn'tentId] (довольны), my dear friend?"

"I cannot say," was the reply. "For the girls of Oz have risen ['rIzn] (подняли) in revolt and driven ['drIvqn] (изгнали) me out of the emerald City."

"Great Goodness ['gudnIs] (боже мой)!" cried the Tin Woodman, "What a calamity [kq'lxmIti] (беда)! They surely do not complain [kqm'pleIn] (жалуются) of your wise and gracious ['greISqs] (доброе) rule?"

"No; but they say it is a poor rule that don't work both ways [weIz] ()," answered the Scarecrow; "and these females ['fJmeIlz] (женщины) are also of the opinion [q'pInjqn] (мнения) that men have ruled the land long enough. So they have captured my city, robbed [rPbd] (украли) the treasury ['trqZqrI] (сокровищницу) of all its jewels, and are running things to suit [sjHt] themselves (как им вздумается)."

"Dear me! What an extraordinary [Ik'strLd(q)n(q)ri] (странная) idea!" cried the Emperor, who was both shocked [SPkt] (шокирован) and surprised.

"And I heard some of them say," said Tip, "that they intend [In'tend] (намереваются) to march here and capture ['kxpCq] (захватить) the castle and city of the Tin Woodman."

"Ah! we must not give them time to do that," said the Emperor, quickly; "we will go at once and recapture ['ri:'kxpCq] (отвоюем) the Emerald City and place the Scarecrow again upon his throne."

"I was sure you would help me," remarked the Scarecrow in a pleased voice. "How large an army can you assemble [q'semb(q)l] (собрать)?"

"We do not need an army," replied the Woodman. "We four, with the aid [eId] (помощью) of my gleaming ['glJmIN] (блестящего) axe, are enough to strike [straIk] (наводить) terror ['terq] (ужас) into the hearts [hQ:ts] (сердца) of the rebels ['reblz] (повстанцев)."

"We five," corrected [kq'rektId] (поправил) the Pumpkinhead.

"Five?" repeated [rI'pJtId] (повторил) the Tin Woodman.

"Yes; the Saw-Horse is brave [breIv] (храбрый) and fearless ['fIqlIs] (бесстрашный)," answered Jack, forgetting [fq'getIN] (забыв о) his recent ['ri:snt] (недавней) quarrel ['kwPrql] (ссоре) with the quadruped ['kwPdruped] (четвероногим).

The Tin Woodman looked around him in a puzzled way, for the Saw-Horse had until now remained quietly ['kwaIqtli] (молча) standing in a corner, where the Emperor had not noticed him. Tip immediately called the odd [Pd] (странно)-looking creature to them, and it approached [q'prquCt] (подошел) so awkwardly ['Lkwqdli] (неуклюже) that it nearly ['nIqli] (чуть не) upset [Ap'set] (опрокинул) the beautiful center-table ['teIbl] (стол) and the engraved [In'greIvd] (гравированную) oil-can (масленку).

"I begin [bI'gIn] (начинаю) to think," remarked the Tin Woodman as he looked earnestly ['E:nIstli] (внимательно) at the Saw-Horse, "that wonders ['wAndqz] (чудеса) will never cease [si:s] (прекратятся)! How came this creature alive?"

"I did it with a magic powder," modestly ['mPdIstli] (скромно) asserted [q'sE:tId] (сказал) the boy. "and the SawHorse has been very useful ['ju:sf(q)l] (полезный) to us."

"He enabled [I'neIb(q)ld] (помог) us to escape the rebels ['reblz] (повстанцев)," added the Scarecrow.

"Then we must surely accept [qk'sept] (принять) him as a comrade ['kPmrId] (товарища)," declared the emperor. "A live Saw-Horse is a distinct ['dIstINkt] () novelty ['nPvqltI] (новинка), and should prove an interesting ['IntrIstIN] (интересный) study ['stAdI] (предмет изучения). Does he know anything?"

"Well, I cannot claim [kleIm] (похвасться) any great experience in life," the Saw-Horse answered for himself. "but I seem to learn [lE:n] (учусь) very quickly, and often it occurs [q'kE:z] (кажется) to me that I know more than any of those around me."

"Perhaps you do," said the emperor; "for experience does not always mean wisdom ['wIzdqm] (мудрость). But time is precious Just now, so let us quickly make preparations ["prepq'reIS(q)nz] (приготовления) to start upon our Journey.

The emperor called his Lord [lLd] High Chancellor ['CRnsqlq] (лорд-канцлера) and instructed [In'strAktId] (дал указание) him how to run the kingdom ['kINdqm] (королевством) during his absence ['xbsqns] (отсутствия). Meanwhile ['mJn'waIl] (тем временем) the Scarecrow was taken apart [q'pRt] (разобран) and the painted sack [sxk] (мешок) that served ['sE:vd] (служил) him for a head was carefully laundered ['lLndqd] (выстиран) and restuffed [rI'stAft] (вновь набит) with the brains originally [q'rIGInqlI] (первоначально) given ['gIv(q)n] (данными) him by the great Wizard. His clothes were also cleaned [klJnd] (почищены) and pressed [prest] (выглажены) by the Imperial [Im'pI(q)riql] (императорскими) tailors ['teIlqz] (портными), and his crown polished ['pPlISt] (отполирована) and again sewed [squd] (пришита) upon his head, for the Tin Woodman insisted [In'sIstId] (настаивал на том, что) he should not renounce [rI'nauns] (отказываться от) this badge [bxG] (символа) of royalty ['rOIqltI] (королевской власти). The Scarecrow now presented [prI'zentId] (представлял из себя) a very respectable [rIs'pektqbl] (респектабельную) appearance, and although in no way addicted [q'dIktId]  to vanity ['vxnIti] (совершенно не был тщеславным) he was quite pleased with himself and strutted ['strAtId] (ходил с важным видом) a trifle ['traIfl] (немного) as he walked. While this was being done Tip mended ['mendId] (починил) the wooden limbs [lImz] (конечности) of Jack Pumpkinhead and made them stronger ['strPNq] (крепче) than before, and the Saw-Horse was also inspected [In'spektId] (осмотрен) to see if he was in good working ['wE:kIN] (рабочем) order.

Then bright and early ['E:li] (рано) the next morning they set out upon the return Journey to the emerald City, the Tin Woodman bearing ['beqrIN] (нес) upon his shoulder ['Squldq] (плече) a gleaming ['glJmIN] (сияющий) axe and leading ['lJdIN] the way (шел впереди), while the Pumpkinhead rode upon the Saw-Horse and Tip and the Scarecrow walked upon either side to make sure that he didn't fall off or become damaged ['dxmIGd] (поврежден).

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