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The Marvelous Land of Oztby L. Frank Baum

Chapter 12. Mr. H. M. Woggle-Bug (жук), T. E.

Now, General Jinjur -- who, you will remember, commanded the Army of Revolt -- was rendered ['rendqd] (стала) very uneasy by the escape of the Scarecrow from the Emerald City. She feared, and with good reason, that if his Majesty and the Tin Woodman joined ['dZOInd] (соединят) forces ['fLsIz] (силы), it would mean danger to her and her entire army; for the people of Oz had not yet forgotten [fq'gPtn] (не забыли) the deeds [dJdz] (подвиги) of these famous ['feImqs] (знаменитых) heroes ['hI(q)rquz] (героев), who had passed successfully [sqk'sesfqli] (успешно) through so many startling ['stRtlIN] (потрясающих) adventures [qd'ventSqz] (приключений).

So Jinjur sent post-haste [heIst] (с большой поспешностью) for old Mombi, the witch, and promised ['prPmIst] (обещала) her large rewards [rI'wLdz] (награду) if she would come to the assistance [q'sIstqns] (помощь) of the rebel ['rebl] (повстанческой) army.

Mombi was furious ['fjuqrIqs] (в ярости) at the trick Tip had played [pleId] (сыграл) upon her as well as at his escape and the theft [Teft] (похищение) of the precious Powder of Life; so she needed ['nJdId] (нуждалась) no urging ['E:GIN] (убеждении) to induce [In'djHs] (заставить) her to travel to the Emerald City to assist [q'sIst] (помочь) Jinjur in defeating [dI'fJtIN] (победить) the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, who had made Tip one of their friends.

Mombi had no sooner [sHnq] (как только) arrived [q'raIvd] (прибыла) at the royal palace than she discovered, by means of her secret ['sJkrIt] (тайной) magic, that the adventurers were starting ['stRtIN] (готовились отправиться) upon their Journey to the Emerald City; so she retired [rI'taIqd] (удалилась) to a small room high up in a tower ['tauq] (башне) and locked [lPkt] (заперла) herself in while she practised ['prxktIst] (будет применять) such arts [Rts] (умения) as she could command to prevent [prI'vent] (предотвратить) the return of the Scarecrow and his companions [kqm'pxnjqnz].

That was why the Tin Woodman presently stopped and said:

"Something very curious has happened. I ought to know by heart and every step [step] (шаг) of this Journey, yet I fear we have already lost our way."

"That is quite impossible!" protested the Scarecrow. "Why do you think, my dear friend, that we have gone astray [qs'treI] (заблудились)?"

"Why, here before us is a great field of sunflowers ['sAn"flauqz] (подсолнухов) -- and I never saw this field before in all my life."

At these words they all looked around, only to find that they were indeed surrounded by a field of tall stalks [stLks] (стеблей), every stalk [stO:k] bearing ['beqrIN] (имел) at its top a gigantic ['GaIgxntIk] (огромный) sunflower ['sAn"flauq] (подсолнух). And not only were these flowers almost ['Llmqust] (почти) blinding ['blaIndIN] (ослепительные) in their vivid ['vIvId] (ярких) hues [hjHz] (оттенках) of red and gold, but each one whirled [wE:ld] (вращался) around upon its stalk [stO:k] (стебле) like a miniature ['mIniqCq] wind-mill [mIl] (ветряная мельница), completely [kqm'plJtlI] (совершенно) dazzling ['dxmz(q)l] (ослепляя) the vision ['vIZqn] (зрение) of the beholders [bI'hquldqz] (смотрящих) and so mystifying ['mIstIfaIIN] (вводя в заблуждение) them that they knew not which way to turn.

"It's witchcraft ['wICkrRft] (колдовство)!" exclaimed Tip.

While they paused [pLzd] (остановились), hesitating ['hezIteItIN] (в нерешительности) and wondering, the Tin Woodman uttered ['Atqd] (издал) a cry of impatience [Im'peIS(q)ns] (нетерпения) and advanced [qd'vRnst] (пошел вперед) with swinging ['swININ] (размахивая) axe to cut down the stalks [stLks] (стебли) before him. But now the sunflowers ['sAn"flauqz] (подсолнухи) suddenly stopped their rapid ['rxpId] (быстрое) whirling ['wE:lIN] (вращение), and the travelers plainly saw a girl's face appear [q'pIq] (появилось) in the center of each flower. These lovely faces ['feIsIz] (лица) looked upon the astonished [q'stPnISt] (изумленных) band [bxnd] (путешественников) with mocking ['mPkIN] (насмешливыми) smiles [smaIlz] (улыбками), and then burst [bE:st] (разразились) into a chorus ['kLrqs] (хором) of merry [merI] (веселого) laughter ['lRftq] (смеха) at the dismay [dIs'meI] (страха) their appearance caused.

"Stop! stop!" cried Tip, seizing ['sJzIN] (хватая) the Woodman's arm; "they're alive! they're girls!"

At that moment the flowers began whirling ['wE:lIN] (вращаться) again, and the faces ['feIsIz] (лица) faded ['feIdId] away (исчезли) and were lost in the rapid ['rxpId] (быстрых) revolutions ["revq'lHS(q)nz] (вращениях).

The Tin Woodman dropped [drPpt] (уронил) his axe and sat down upon the ground.

"It would be heartless ['hRtlqs] (бессердечно) to chop [CPp] (рубить) down those pretty creatures ['krJtSqz] (существа)," said he, despondently [dIs'pPndqntli] (уныло). "and yet I do not know how else we can proceed [prq'si:d] (продолжать) upon our way"

"They looked to me strangely ['streInGli] (странным образом) like the faces ['feIsIz] (лица) of the Army of Revolt," mused [mjHzd] (сказал задумчиво) the Scarecrow. "But I cannot conceive [kqn'si:v] (понять) how the girls could have followed us here so quickly."

"I believe it's magic," said Tip, positively ['pPzqtIvlI] (уверенно), "and that someone ['sAmwAn] (кто-то) is playing ['pleIIN] (играет) a trick upon us. I've known [nqun] (знал) old Mombi do things like that before. Probably it's nothing more than an illusion [I'lHZqn] (иллюзия), and there are no sunflowers ['sAn"flauqz] (подсолнухов) here at all."

"Then let us shut our eyes and walk forward," suggested the Woodman.

"Excuse [Ik'skjHz] (извините) me," replied the Scarecrow. "My eyes are not painted to shut. Because you happen to have tin eyelids ['aIlIdz] (веки), you must not imagine [I'mxGIn] (думать) we are all built in the same way."

"And the eyes of the Saw-Horse are knot [nPt] (из сучков) eyes," said Jack, leaning ['lJnIN] (наклоняясь) forward to examine [Ig'zxmIn] (изучить) them.

"Nevertheless ["nevqDq'les] (тем не менее), you must ride quickly forward," commanded Tip, "and we will follow after you and so try to escape. My eyes are already so dazzled ['dxz(q)ld] (ослеплены) that I can scarcely ['skeqsli] (едва) see."

So the Pumpkinhead rode boldly ['bquldli] (храбро) forward, and Tip grasped [grRspt] (схватился за) the stub [stAb] (обрубок) tail of the Saw-Horse and followed with closed [klquzd] (закрытыми) eyes. The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman brought up the rear [rIq] (задняя сторона), and before they had gone many yards [jRdz] a joyful ['GOIf(q)l] (радостный) shout [Saut] (крик) from Jack announced that the way was clear [klIq] (свободна) before them.

Then all paused [pLzd] (остановились) to look backward ['bxkwqd] (назад), but not a trace [treIs] (следа) of the field of sunflowers ['sAn"flauqz] (подсолнухов) remained.

More cheerfully, now they proceeded [prq'sJdId] (продолжили) upon their Journey; but old Mombi had so changed [CeInGd] (изменила) the appearance of the landscape ['lxndskeIp] (местности) that they would surely have been lost had not the Scarecrow wisely ['waIzli] (мудро) concluded [kqn'klHdId] (пришел к мысли) to take their direction from the sun. For no witch-craft [krRft] (колдовство) could change [CeInG] (изменить) the course of the sun, and it was therefore a safe [seIf] (надежный) guide [gaId] (проводник).

However, other difficulties ['dIfIkqltiz] (трудности) lay before them. The Saw-Horse stepped into a rabbit ['rxbIt] (кроличью) hole and fell to the ground. The Pumpkinhead was pitched [pICt] (подброшен) high into the air, and his history would probably have ended at that exact [Ig'zxkt] (самый) moment had not the Tin Woodman skillfully ['skIlfqli] (умело) caught the pumpkin as it descended [dI'sendId] (падала) and saved it from injury ['InGqrI] (повреждений).

Tip soon had it fitted to the neck again and replaced [rI'pleIst] (снова поставил) Jack upon his feet. But the Saw-Horse did not escape so easily. For when his leg was pulled [puld] (вытащена) from the rabbit ['rxbIt] (кроличей) hole it was found to be broken short off, and must be replaced [rI'pleIst] (заменена) or repaired [rI'peqd] (отремонтирована) before he could go a step [step] (шаг) farther.

"This is quite serious ['sIqrIqs] (серьезно)," said the Tin Woodman." If there were trees near by I might soon manufacture ["mxnju'fxkCq] (изготовить) another leg for this animal; but I cannot see even a shrub [SrAb] (куста) for miles [maIlz] (мили) around."

"And there are neither ['naIDq] (ни) fences ['fensIz] (заборов) nor houses in this part of the land of Oz," added the Scarecrow, disconsolately (печально).

"Then what shall we do?" enquired the boy.

"I suppose I must start my brains working ['wE:kIN] (работать)," replied his Majesty the Scarecrow; "for experience has taught [tLt] (научил) me that I can do anything if I but take time to think it out."

"Let us all think," said Tip; "and perhaps we shall find a way to repair [rI'peq] (отремонтировать) the Saw-Horse."

So they sat in a row [rqu] (ряду) upon the grass and began to think, while the Saw-Horse occupied ['PkjupaId] (занимал) itself [It'self] (себя) by gazing ['geIzIN] (глядя) curiously upon its broken limb [lIm] (конечность).

"Does it hurt?" asked the Tin Woodman, in a soft, sympathetic ["sImpq'TetIk] (сочувственным) voice.

"Not in the least," returned the Saw-Horse; "but my pride is injured to find that my anatomy [q'nxtqmI] is so brittle ['brItl] (хрупкая)."

For a time the little group [grHp] (группа) remained in silent ['saIlqnt] (безмолвное) thought. Presently the Tin Woodman raised [reIzd] (поднял) his head and looked over the fields [fJldz] (поля).

"What sort of creature is that which approaches [q'prquCIz] (приближается к) us?" he asked, wonderingly ['wAndqrINli] (с удивлением).

The others followed his gaze [geIz] (направление взгляда), and discovered coming toward them the most extraordinary [Ik'strLd(q)n(q)ri] (странный) object [qb'Gekt] they had ever beheld [bI'held] (видели). It advanced [qd'vRnst] (приближался) quickly and noiselessly ['nOIzlqsli] (бесшумно) over the soft grass and in a few minutes ['mInIts] (минут) stood before the adventurers and regarded [rI'gRdId] (смотрел на) them with an astonishment [qs'tPnISmqnt] (удивлением) equal ['i:kwql] (равным) to their own.

The Scarecrow was calm [kRm] (спокоен) under all circumstances ['sE:kqmstqnsIz] (обстоятельствах).

"Good morning!" he said, politely.

The stranger ['streInGq(r)] (незнакомец) removed [rI'mHvd] (снял) his hat with a flourish ['flArIS] (), bowed very low, and then responded: "Good morning, one and all. I hope you are, as an aggregation ["xgrI'geISqn ] (скопление), enjoying [In'GOIIN] (отличаетесь) excellent health [helT] (здоровьем). Permit [pq'mIt] (позвольте) me to present [preznt] (предъявить) my card [kRd] (карточку)."

With this courteous ['kE:tjqs] (вежливой) speech it extended [Ik'stendId] (протянул) a card [kRd] (карточку) toward the Scarecrow, who accepted [qk'septId] (принял) it, turned it over and over, and handed ['hxndId] (передал) it with a shake [SeIk] (покачиванием) of his head to Tip.

The boy read aloud [q'laud] (вслух):

"MR. H. M. WOGGLE-BUG (жук), T. E."

"Dear me!" ejaculated [I'GxkjuleItId] (воскликнул) the Pumpkinhead, staring ['steqrIN] (глядя) somewhat intently [In'tentli] (внимательно).

"How very peculiar [pI'kjHliq] (странно)!" said the Tin Woodman.

Tip's eyes were round and wondering, and the Saw-Horse uttered ['Atqd] (издал) a sigh and turned away its head.

"Are you really a Woggle-Bug?" enquired the Scarecrow.

"Most certainly, my dear sir [sE:] (сэр)!" answered the stranger ['streInGq(r)] (незнакомец), briskly ['brIskli] (отрывисто). "Is not my name upon the card [kRd] (карте)?"

"It is," said the Scarecrow. "But may I ask what 'H. M.' stands [stxndz] for (значит)?"

"'H. M.' means Highly Magnified," returned the Woggle-Bug, proudly [praudli] (гордо).

"Oh, I see." The Scarecrow viewed [vjHd] (окинул взглядом) the stranger ['streInGq(r)] critically ['krItIkli] (критически). "And are you, in truth, highly magnified?"

"Sir [sE:] (сэр)," said the Woggle-Bug, "I take you for a gentleman ['Gentlmqn] of judgment ['GAGmqnt] (рассудительность) and discernment [dI'sE:nmqnt] (проницательность). Does it not occur [q'kE:] (не кажется) to you that I am several thousand ['Tauz(q)nd] (тысяч) times [taImz] (раз) greater ['greItq] (больше) than any Woggle-Bug you ever saw before? Therefore it is plainly evident ['evIdqnt] (очевидно) that I am Highly Magnified, and there is no good reason why you should doubt [daut] (сомневаться в) the fact."

"Pardon ['pRdn] (извините) me," returned the Scarecrow. "My brains are slightly mixed [mIkst] (смешались) since I was last laundered ['lLndqd] (выстиран). Would it be improper [Im'prPpq] (неудобно) for me to ask, also, what the 'T.E.' at the end of your name stands [stxndz] for (означает)?"

"Those letters express [Iks'pres] (выражают) my degree [dI'gri:] (ученую степень)," answered the Woggle-Bug, with a condescending ["kPndI'sendIN] (снисходительной) smile. "To be more explicit [Iks'plIsIt] (ясно), the initials [I'nIS(q)lz] (инициалы) mean that I am Thoroughly Educated (основательно образованный)."

"Oh!" said the Scarecrow, much relieved [rI'lJvd] (с облегчением).

Tip had not yet taken his eyes off this wonderful personage. What he saw was a great, round, buglike ['bAglaIk] (похожее на жука) body supported [sq'pLtId] (поддерживаемое) upon two slender legs which ended in delicate ['delIkIt] (хрупкими) feet -- the toes [tquz] (пальцы ног) curling ['kE:lIN] (загибались) upward. The body of the Woggle-Bug was rather flat [flxt] (плоское), and judging ['GAGIN] (судя) from what could be seen of it was of a glistening ['glIs(q)nIN] (блестящего) dark brown [braun] (коричневого) color upon the back, while the front was striped [straIpt] (полосатый) with alternate [Ll'tE:nIt] (чередующимися) bands [bxndz] (полосками) of light brown and white, blending ['blendIN] (смешиваясь) together at the edges ['eGiz] (краях). Its arms were fully as slender as its legs, and upon a rather long neck was perched [pE:Ct] (сидела) its head -- not unlike ['An'laIk] (очень похожая на) the head of a man, except [Ik'sept] (за исключением того) that its nose ended in a curling ['kE:lIN] (загнутая вверх) antenna [xn'tenq ], or "feeler ['fi:lq] (усик)," and its ears from the upper ['Apq] (верхних) points [pOInts] (кончиков) bore [bL] (имели) antennae [xn'tenJ ] that decorated ['dekqreItId] (украшали) the sides [saIdz] (стороны) of its head like two miniature ['mIniqCq], curling ['kE:lIN] (загнутые) pig [pIg] (поросячие) tails [teIlz] (хвостики). It must be admitted [qd'mItId] (признать) that the round, black [blxk] (черные) eyes were rather bulging ['bAlGIN] (навыкате) in appearance; but the expression upon the Woggle-Bug's face was by no means (отнюдь не) unpleasant [An'pleznt] (неприятное).

For dress [dres] (одежда) the insect wore a dark-blue swallowtail ['swPlqu'teIl] coat [kqut] (фрак) with a yellow silk lining ['laInIN] (подкладкой) and a flower in the button [bAtn]-hole (бутоньерке); a vest [vest] (жилет) of white duck [dAk] (парусины) that stretched [streCt] (обтягивал) tightly ['taItli] (туго) across the wide body; knickerbockers ['nIkqbPkqz] (бриджи) of fawn [fLn]-colored ['kAlqd] (желтовато-коричнево цвета) plush [plAS] (плис), fastened at the knees [nJz] (колен) with gilt [gIlt] (позолоченными) buckles [bAklz] (пряжками); and, perched [pE:Ct] (сидела) upon its small head, was jauntily ['GLntIlI] (небрежно) set a tall silk hat.

Standing upright before our amazed [q'meIzd] (изумленными) friends the Woggle-Bug appeared [q'pIqd] (казался) to be fully as tall as the Tin Woodman; and surely no bug in all the Land of Oz had ever before attained [q'teInd] (достигал) so enormous [I'nLmqs] (огромного) a size.

"I confess [kqn'fes] (сознаюсь)," said the Scarecrow, "that your abrupt [q'brApt] (внезапное) appearance has caused me surprise, and no doubt [daut] (несомненно) has startled my companions [kqm'pxnjqnz]. I hope, however, that this circumstance ['sE:kqmstqns] (обстоятельство) will not distress [dIs'tres] (не огорчит) you. We shall probably get used to you in time."

"Do not apologize [q'pPlqGaIz] (извиняйтесь), I beg of you!" returned the Woggle-Bug, earnestly ['E:nIstli] (горячо). "It affords [q'fLdz] (даставляет) me great pleasure ['pleZq] (удовольствие) to surprise people; for surely I cannot be classed [klRst] (отнесен к разряду) with ordinary ['LdInrI] (обычных) insects ['Insekts] (насекомых) and am entitled [In'taItld] (имею право на) to both curiosity [kjuqrI'Ps(I)tI] (любопытство) and admiration ["xdmq'reISqn] (восхищение) from those I meet."

"You are, indeed," agreed his Majesty.

"If you will permit [pq'mIt] (позволите) me to seat [sJt] myself (сесть) in your august [L'gAst] (королевском) company," continued the stranger ['streInGq(r)] (незнакомец), "I will gladly ['glxdli] (с радостью) relate [rI'leIt] (поведаю) my history, so that you will be better able to comprehend ["kPmprI'hend] (понять) my unusual -- may I say remarkable [rI'mRkqbl] (удивительную)? -- appearance."

"You may say what you please," answered the Tin Woodman, briefly ['brJfli] (кратко).

So the Woggle-Bug sat down upon the grass, facing ['feIsIN] (лицом к) the little group [grHp] (группе) of wanderers ['wPndqrqz] (странников), and told them the following ['fPlquIN] (следующую) story:

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