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The Marvelous Land of Oztby L. Frank Baum

Chapter 13. A Highly Magnified History

"It is but honest [PnIst] (честно) that I should acknowledge [qk'nPlIG] (признаться) at the beginning [bI'gInIN] (начале) of my recital [rI'saItl] (рассказа) that I was born [bLn] (родился) an ordinary ['LdInrI] (обыкновенным) Woggle-Bug," began the creature, in a frank (искренним) and friendly tone. "Knowing ['nquIN] (зная) no better, I used my arms as well as my legs for walking, and crawled [krLld] (ползал) under the edges ['eGiz] (краями) of stones [stqunz] (камней) or hid [hId] (прятался) among the roots [rHts] (корнями) of grasses ['grRsIz] (трав) with no thought beyond [bI'jPnd] (сверх) finding a few insects ['Insekts] (насекомых) smaller ['smLlq] (меньше) than myself to feed [fi:d] (питаться) upon.

"The chill [CIl] (холодные) nights [naIts] (ночи) rendered ['rendqd] (делали) me stiff [stIf] (одеревенелым) and motionless [mquS(q)nlqs] (бездвижным), for I wore no clothing, but each morning the warm [wLm] (теплые) rays [reIz] (лучи) of the sun gave me new life and restored [rI'stLd] (возвращали) me to activity [xk'tIvItI]. A horrible ['hPrqbl] (ужасное) existence is this, but you must remember it is the regular ['regjulq] (обычное) ordained [L'deInd] (уготованное судьбой) existence of Woggle-Bugs, as well as (так же как и) of many other tiny creatures ['krJtSqz] (существ) that inhabit [In'hxbIt] (населяют) the earth [E:T] (землю).

"But Destiny ['destIni] (Судьба) had singled ['sINg(q)ld] me out (выбрала меня), humble ['hAmbl] though [Dqu] I was (каким бы жалким я ни был), for a grander ['grxndq] (более великого) fate [feIt] (предназначения)! One day I crawled [krLld] (подполз) near to a country school [sku:l] (школы) house, and my curiosity [kjuqrI'Ps(I)tI] (любопытство) being excited [Ik'saItId] (возбуждено) by the monotonous [mq'nPtnqs] hum [hAm] (гулом голосов) of the students ['stjHdqnts] (учеников) within, I made bold [bquld] (насмелился) to enter ['entq] (вползти) and creep ['krJp] (проползти) along a crack [krxk] (трещины) between two boards [bLdz] (досок) until I reached the far end, where, in front of a hearth [hRT] (камином) of glowing ['glquIN] (тлеющих) embers ['embqz] (догорающих угольков), sat the master ['mQ:stq] (учитель) at his desk [desk] (столом).

"No one noticed so small a creature as a Woggle-Bug, and when I found that the hearth [hRT] (камин) was even warmer ['wLmq] (теплее) and more comfortable ['kAmftqb(q)l, 'kAmfqt-] (удобный) than the sunshine ['sAnSaIn] (солнечный свет), I resolved [rI'zPlvd] (решил) to establish [Is'txblIS] (построить) my future ['fjHCq] (будущий) home beside it. So I found a charming ['CRmIN] (прелестное) nest (гнездо) between two bricks and hid [hId] (спрятал) myself therein [Deqr'In] (в нем) for many, many months [mAnTs] (месяцев).

"Professor Nowitall is, doubtless ['dautlIs] (без сомнения), the most famous ['feImqs] (известный) scholar ['skPlq] (ученый) in the land of Oz, and after a few days I began to listen ['lIsn] (слушать) to the lectures ['lekCqz] (лекции) and discourses [dIs'kLsIz] (доклады) he gave his pupils ['pjHp(q)lz] (ученикам). Not one of them was more attentive [q'tentIv] (внимателен) than the humble ['hAmbl] (скромный), unnoticed ['An'nqutIst] (незаметный) Woggle-Bug, and I acquired [q'kwaIqd ] (приобрел) in this way a fund [fAnd] (кладезь) of knowledge ['nPlIG] (знаний) that I will myself confess [kqn'fes] (признаюсь) is simply ['sImplI] (просто) marvelous. That is why I place 'T.E.' Thoroughly Educated upon my cards [kRdz] (визитках); for my greatest ['greItIst] (величайшая) pride lies [laIz] (основывается) in the fact that the world cannot produce ['prPdju:s] (создать) another Woggle-Bug with a tenth [tenT] (десятой) part of my own culture ['kAlCq] and erudition ["erH'dISqn]."

"I do not blame [bleIm] (виню) you," said the Scarecrow. "Education is a thing to be proud of. I'm educated myself. The mess [mes] () of brains given ['gIv(q)n] (данных) me by the Great Wizard is considered by my friends to be unexcelled ['AnIk'seld] (непревзойденная)."

"Nevertheless ["nevqDq'les] (тем не менее)," interrupted ["Intq'rAptId] (прервал) the Tin Woodman, "a good heart is, I believe, much more desirable ['dIzaI(q)rqb(q)l] (желательно) than education or brains."

"To me," said the Saw-Horse, "a good leg is more desirable ['dIzaI(q)rqb(q)l] (желательна) than either."

"Could seeds [sJdz] (семена) be considered in the light of brains?" enquired the Pumpkinhead, abruptly [q'brAptli] (резко).

"Keep quiet!" commanded Tip, sternly ['stE:nlI] (строго).

"Very well, dear father," answered the obedient [q'bi:djqnt] (послушный) Jack.

The Woggle-Bug listened patiently ['peISqntli] (терпеливо) -- even respectfully [rIs'pektfulI] (почтительно) -- to these remarks [rI'mQ:ks] (замечания), and then resumed his story.

"I must have lived fully three years in that secluded [sq'klHdId] (укромном) school [sku:l] (школьного)-house hearth [hRT] (камине)," said he, "drinking thirstily ['TE:stIli] (жадно) of the ever-flowing ['flquIN] (вечно текущего) fount [faunt] (источника) of limpid ['lImpId] (прозрачного) knowledge ['nPlIG] (знания) before me."

"Quite poetical [pqu'etIkql]," commented ['kPmqntId] the Scarecrow, nodding his head approvingly [q'prHvINli]] (одобрительно).

"But one day" continued the Bug, "a marvelous circumstance ['sE:kqmstqns] (обстоятельство) occurred [q'kE:d] (произошло) that altered ['O:ltq] (изменило) my very existence and brought me to my present [preznt] (теперешней) pinnacle ['pInqkl] (вершине) of greatness ['greItnIs] (величия). The Professor discovered me in the act [xkt] (во время) of crawling ['krLlIN] (ползания) across the hearth [hRT] (камин), and before I could escape he had caught me between his thumb [TAm] (большим пальцем) and forefinger ['fLfINgq] (указательным пальцем).

"'My dear children ['CIldrqn] (дети),' said he, 'I have captured a Woggle-Bug -- a very rare [req] (редкий) and interesting ['IntrIstIN] (интересный) specimen ['spesImIn] (экземпляр). Do any of you know what a Woggle-Bug is?'

"'No!' yelled [jeld] (заорали) the scholars ['skPlqz] (ученики), in chorus ['kLrqs].

"'Then,' said the Professor, 'I will get out my famous ['feImqs] (знаменитое) magnifying ['mxgnIfaIIN] (увеличительное)-glass [glRs] and throw [Trqu] (брошу) the insect upon a screen [skri:n] (экран) in a highly-magnified condition (в сильно увеличенном состоянии), that you may all study ['stAdI] (изучить) carefully its peculiar [pI'kjHliq] (необычное) construction [kqn'strAkS(q)n] (строение) and become acquainted [q'kweIntId] (знакомы) with its habits ['hxbIts] (привычками) and manner of life.'

"He then brought from a cupboard ['kAbqd] (шкафа) a most curious instrument ['Instrumqnt], and before I could realize ['rIqlaIz] (понять) what had happened I found myself thrown [Trqun] (брошенным) upon a screen [skri:n] (экран) in a highly-magnified state [steIt] (состоянии) -- even as you now behold [bI'hquld] (видите) me.

"The students ['stjHdqnts] (ученики) stood up on their stools [stHlz] and craned ['kreInd] (вытянули) their heads forward to get a better view of me, and two little girls jumped upon the sill [sIl] (подоконник) of an open window where they could see more plainly.

"'Behold!' cried the Professor, in a loud voice, 'this highly-magnified Woggle-Bug; one of the most curious insects ['Insekts] (насекомых) in existence!'

"Being Thoroughly Educated, and knowing ['nquIN] (зная) what is required (требуется) of a cultured ['kAlCqd] gentleman ['Gentlmqn], at this juncture ['GANkCq] (в этот момент) I stood upright and, placing ['pleIsIN] (положив) my hand upon my bosom ['buzqm] (грудь), made a very polite [pq'laIt] (вежливый) bow (поклон). My action ['xkS(q)n] (действие), being unexpected [AnIk'spektId] (неожиданным), must have startled them, for one of the little girls perched [pE:Ct] (взобравшаяся) upon the window-sill [sIl] (подоконник) gave a scream [skrJm] (крик) and fell backward ['bxkwqd] (назад) out the window, drawing ['drLIN] (утащив) her companion [kqm'pxnjqn] with her as she disappeared.

"The Professor uttered ['Atqd] (издал) a cry of horror ['hPrq] (ужаса) and rushed away through the door to see if the poor children ['CIldrqn] (дети) were injured by the fall. The scholars ['skPlqz] (школьники) followed after him in a wild [waIld] (дикой) mob [mPb] (толпой), and I was left alone [q'lqun] (один) in the school [sku:l]-room (классе), still in a Highly-Magnified state [steIt] (состоянии) and free to do as I pleased.

"It immediately occurred [q'kE:d] (пришла в голову мысль) to me that this was a good opportunity ["Ppq'tju:nItI] (возможность) to escape. I was proud of my great size, and realized ['rIqlaIzd] (понял) that now I could safely ['seIfli] (безопасно) travel anywhere ['enIweq] (куда угодно) in the world, while my superior [sH'pI(q)rIq] (незаурядная) culture ['kAlCq] would make me a fit associate [q'squSIIt] (подходящим товарищем, коллегой) for the most learned ['lE:nId] (ученого, образованного) person I might chance [CRns] (иметь случай) to meet.

"So, while the Professor picked [pIkt] (поднимал) the little girls -- who were more frightened than hurt -- off the ground, and the pupils ['pjHp(q)lz] (ученики) clustered ['klAstqd] (столпились) around him closely ['klqusli] grouped [grHpt] (тесной группой), I calmly walked out of the school [sku:l] (школы)-house, turned a corner, and escaped unnoticed ['An'nqutIst] (незамеченным) to a grove [grquv] (роща) of trees that stood near."

"Wonderful!" exclaimed the Pumpkinhead, admiringly [qd'maIqrINli] (с восхищением).

"It was, indeed," agreed the Woggle-Bug. "I have never ceased [si:st] (прекращал) to congratulate [kqn'grxCuleIt] (поздравлять) myself for escaping [Is'keIpIN] (сбежал) while I was Highly Magnified; for even my excessive knowledge ['nPlIG] (чрезмерные знания) would have proved of little use to me had I remained a tiny, insignificant ["InsIg'nIfIkqnt] (незначительным) insect."

"I didn't know before," said Tip, looking at the Woggle-Bug with a puzzled (озадаченным) expression, "that insects ['Insekts] (насекомые) wore clothes."

"Nor do they, in their natural ['nxCrql] (естественном) state [steIt] (виде)," returned the stranger ['streInGq(r)] (незнакомец). "But in the course of my wanderings ['wPndqrINz] (странствий) I had the good fortune ['fLCHn] (мне повезло) to save the ninth [naInT] (девятую) life of a tailor ['teIlq] (портного) -- tailors ['teIlqz] (портные) having, like cats [kxts] (кошки), nine [naIn] (девять) lives, as you probably know. The fellow ['felqu] (человек) was exceedingly [Ik'si:dINlI] (чрезвычайно) grateful ['greItf(q)l] (признателен), for had he lost that ninth [naInT] (девятую) life it would have been the end of him; so he begged [begd] (испросил) permission [pq'mISqn] (разрешение) to furnish ['fE:nIS] (снабдить) me with the stylish ['staIlIS] (стильным) costume ['kPstjum] I now wear. It fits [fIts] (сидит) very nicely ['naIsli] (хорошо), does it not?" and the Woggle-Bug stood up and turned himself around slowly, that all might examine [Ig'zxmIn] (осмотреть) his person.

"He must have been a good tailor ['teIlq] (портной)," said the Scarecrow, somewhat enviously ['enviqsli] (с завистью).

"He was a good-hearted ['hQ:tId] (добросердечный) tailor, at any rate [reIt] (в любом случае)," observed [qb'zE:vd] (заметил) Nick Chopper.

"But where were you going, when you met us?" Tip asked the Woggle-Bug.

"Nowhere ['nquweq] (никуда) in particular [pq'tIkjulq] (в особенности)," was the reply, "although it is my intention [In'tenS(q)n] (намерение) soon to visit [vIzIt] (посетить) the Emerald City and arrange [q'reInG] (договориться о том, чтобы) to give a course of lectures ['lekCqz] (лекций) to select [sI'lekt] (избранных) audiences ['LdIqnsIz] (слушателей) on the 'Advantages of Magnification ["mxgnIfI'keISqn] (увеличения).'"

"We are bound (направляемся) for the Emerald City now," said the Tin Woodman; "so, if it pleases [plJzIz] (угодно) you to do so, you are welcome ['welkqm] (приглашаем вас) to travel in our company."

The Woggle-Bug bowed with profound [prq'faund] (большой) grace [greIs] (грацией).

"It will give me great pleasure ['pleZq] (удовольствие)," said he "to accept [qk'sept] (принять) your kind invitation ["InvI'teISqn] (предложение); for nowhere ['nquweq] (нигде) in the Land of Oz could I hope to meet with so congenial [kqn'Gi:njql] (приятной) a company."

"That is true," acknowledged [qk'nPlIGd] (подтвердил) the Pumpkinhead. "We are quite as congenial [kqn'Gi:njql] (близки) as flies [flaIz] (мухи) and honey ['hAnI] (мед)."

"But -- pardon ['pRdn] (извините) me if I seem inquisitive [In'kwIzItIv] (назойливым) -- are you not all rather -- ahem [mhm] (гм!)! rather unusual?" asked the Woggle-Bug, looking from one to another with unconcealed ['Ankqn'sJld] (нескрываемым) interest.

"Not more so than yourself," answered the Scarecrow. "Everything in life is unusual until you get accustomed [q'kAstqmd] (привыкаешь) to it."

"What rare [req] (редкая) philosophy [fI'lPsqfI]!" exclaimed the Woggle-Bug, admiringly [qd'maIqrINli]] (с восхищением).

"Yes; my brains are working ['wE:kIN] (работают) well today [tq'deI] (сегодня)," admitted [qd'mItId] (признался) the Scarecrow, an accent ['xksqnt] (с оттенком) of pride in his voice.

"Then, if you are sufficiently [sq'fISqntli] (достаточно) rested and refreshed [rI'freSt] (освежились), let us bend (направим) our steps toward the Emerald City," suggested the magnified one.

"We can't," said Tip. "The Saw-Horse has broken a leg, so he can't bend his steps. And there is no wood around to make him a new limb [lIm] (конечность) from. And we can't leave [lJv] (оставить) the horse behind because the Pumpkinhead is so stiff [stIf] (тугой) in his joints that he has to ride."

"How very unfortunate [An'fLCnIt] (незадача)!" cried the Woggle-Bug. Then he looked the party over carefully and said:

"If the Pumpkinhead is to ride, why not use one of his legs to make a leg for the horse that carries ['kxrIz] (везет) him? I judge ['GAG] (полагаю) that both are made of wood."

"Now, that is what I call real cleverness ['klevqnIs] (ум)," said the Scarecrow, approvingly [q'prHvINli]] (одобрительно). "I wonder my brains did not think of that long ago [q'gqu] (давным давно)! Get to work, my dear Nick, and fit the Pumpkinhead's leg to the Saw-Horse."

Jack was not especially pleased with this idea; but he submitted [sqb'mItId] (покорился) to having his left leg amputated ['xmpjuteItId] (ампутирована) by the Tin Woodman and whittled ['wItld] down (обстругана) to fit the left leg of the Saw-Horse. Nor was the Saw-Horse especially pleased with the operation ["Ppq'reISqn], either; for he growled [grauld] (ворчал) a good deal [dJl] (долго) about being butchered ['buCqd] (подвергнут пыткам)," as he called it, and afterward declared that the new leg was a disgrace [dIs'greIs] (позор) to a respectable [rIs'pektqbl] (почтенного) Saw-Horse.

"I beg you to be more careful in your speech," said the Pumpkinhead, sharply [SRpli] (резко). "Remember, if you please, that it is my leg you are abusing [q'bjHzIN] (оскорбляешь)."

"I cannot forget [fq'get] (забыть) it," retorted [rI'tLtId] (ответил) the Saw-Horse, "for it is quite as flimsy ['flImzI] (хрупкая) as the rest of your person."

"Flimsy ['flImzI] (хрупкий)! me flimsy!" cried Jack, in a rage [reIdZ] (ярости). "How dare [deq] (смеешь) you call me flimsy?"

"Because you are built as absurdly [qb'sE:dlI ] (нелепо) as a jumpingjack ['GAmpIN'Gxk] (дёргающаяся фигурка на ниточке (игрушка))," sneered [snIqd] (усмехнулся) the horse, rolling ['rqulIN] (закатывая) his knotty ['nPtI] (сучковатые) eyes in a vicious ['vISqs] manner (злобно). "Even your head won't stay [steI] (не сидит) straight, and you never can tell whether you are looking backwards ['bxkwqdz] (вперед) or forwards ['fO:wqdz] (назад)!"

"Friends, I entreat [In'trJt] (умоляю) you not to quarrel ['kwPrql] (ссориться)!" pleaded ['plJdId] (попросил) the Tin Woodman, anxiously." As a matter of fact, we are none of us above criticism ['krItIsIzm]; so let us bear [beq] (терпеливее относиться) with each others' faults [fLlts] (недостаткам)."

"An excellent suggestion [sq'GesCqn] (предложение)," said the Woggle-Bug, approvingly [q'prHvINli]] (одобрительно). "You must have an excellent heart, my metallic [mI'txlIk] friend."

"I have," returned Nick, well pleased. "My heart is quite the best part of me. But now let us start upon our Journey.

They perched [pE:Ct] (посадили) the one-legged [legd] (-ногого) Pumpkinhead upon the Saw-Horse, and tied [taId] (привязали) him to his seat [sJt] (сиденью) with cords [kLdz] (веревками), so that he could not possibly ['pPsqblI] () fall off.

And then, following ['fPlquIN] the lead [lJd] (идя вслед за) of the Scarecrow, they all advanced [qd'vRnst] (двинулись) in the direction of the Emerald City.

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